Ephesians 6:10-18 tells us how to stand firm in the Lord by being equipped with the full armor of God. The very first thing this scripture tells us to do is to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. It’s imperative that we draw strength from God and rely on His power that’s at work in us, rather than leaning on our own understanding, which many times is derived from the way we feel and has no real basis of truth, which leads me to the very first part of our armor; the belt of truth. What is a belt used for? To hold things up or keep them in place.

Basically our belt is our security. The TRUTH, is our security. Jesus said in John 14:6, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Did you catch that?

JESUS aka the LIVING WORD OF GOD, is the TRUTH! God’s Word is true. Stand on it, no matter where you are in life, and no matter what you go through! Don’t allow what you choose to compromise on, cause you to also compromise the truth. If you compromise the truth, you’re living a lie.

Sure, we all want healthy loving relationships, where we’re compassionate and understanding; but if we have to compromise our truth (who we are in Christ), in order to be accepted or feel loved by others, then we’re going about things the wrong way. You will never have to compromise who you are in Christ to attain real love. God is the perfect definition of love. Don’t feel guilty for being obedient to God. Stand your ground.

You’re not being unreasonable when you refuse to compromise on the Word of God. You’re not being arrogant when you boldly declare the truth! You’re not being ignorant when you refuse to accept anything less than God’s best for your life. Before Jesus healed the two blind men, He asked them if they believed He could heal them. When they opened up their mouth and declared their belief, Matthew 9:29 says that Jesus said, “According to your faith let it be done to you.”

You know what this means?

It means that your faith sets the course of your life. If you believe little, then you will never know your full potential, but if you believe big, God will do exceedingly abundantly above all you could ask or think! Don’t feel like you ever have to compromise the TRUTH! Stand on the Word. People are either going to love or hate you for it, but don’t be moved by how people feel about you.

Be compassionate, be understanding, and love without limits… COMPROMISE!… but never compromise the TRUTH! Your peace of mind and spiritual man depends on it!

Comparison cripples purpose. I’m going to say it again for the people in the back… 🗣🗣🗣COMPARISON CRIPPLES PURPOSE! If a person is too busy comparing someone’s else’s strengths to their personal weaknesses, how is the scale balanced? If a person is too busy dissecting someone else’s life, how can they get their own life together or walk in their God given purpose?

Oftentimes when we compare our life to others, we do it on an unbalanced scale. For instance: Jill is a natural born singer. She practically came out of the womb singing and has been in talent competitions since she was two years old, later it gained her a decent following base on social media, and now that she’s 18, she has a record deal and it appears as though she’s living the life. Kara is also a natural born singer who has been in talent competitions since the age two. She was also a baby model, and as she grew she became a promotional model for commercials, and by six, she had a regular role in a television series.

Kara is now 18, and is known all over the world for her singing and acting roles. If Jill compared her life to Kara’s, instead of counting her blessings, she’d see that they both have the same talent, but she’d wonder why things worked out better for Kara, when she’s been working just as hard. She’d wonder why it took her eighteen years to get a record deal, and Kara got her first gig at the age two. Jill wouldn’t be comparing their lives on a balanced scale, because although they both can sing, Kara’s also an actor, and because of the early exposure to the entertainment industry that she’d had as a baby, it has gained her much success. Kara also worked hard for her success, and it cost her years of childhood that she couldn’t enjoy.

Jill on the other hand, had a fulfilling childhood, and also worked hard to compete in talent shows, but she didn’t have the same exposure as Kara. It took her longer to get discovered. From a pessimist point of view, they’d only see that Kara has it made, and that they’ve worked hard all these years and don’t have anything compared to what Kara has. They’d look at Kara’s house, salary, and other material things and get depressed. An optimist on the other hand would first count their blessings, instead of compare.

They’d understand that life is meant to be a journey, and not a competition. They’d be thankful that their hard work is paying off, even if it took longer than it takes others. They’d understand Ecclesiastes 9:11 which says, “I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.” In other words, this scripture is saying just because you’re the best at something, it doesn’t mean you’ll be in a high position or attain success quickly. Life happens! 🤷🏾‍♀️

The story above is just an analogy, because sometimes it’s not what a person knows, it’s who they know, but the same principle applies. You really don’t know the sacrifice. Oftentimes we see a person’s glory, without knowing their story. I believe that if we had a peep into some of the people’s lives that we compare our lives to, we’d thank God more for what we have and complain less about what we don’t. You don’t have what it takes to live their life, because it’s THEIR LIFE (journey) to live, not yours, and vice versa.

We all have a price to pay for the life we want, whether we have to give up something to make room for something else, or even give up someone, who’s been holding us back from becoming who we’re meant to be. Becoming oneself takes sacrifice! Comparing your journey to others will only upset and depress you! You don’t know what a person had to sacrifice to become who they are, so count your blessings, focus on your strengths, and know your true value. I can guarantee you that you’ll be much happier with who you are, and where you are in life if you do these things.

Lastly, don’t let things be your goal. The real goal is Heaven! Be blessed. ❤️

Jamie Lynn Welch is a well known attorney from Savannah Georgia, who earned her master of laws degree in 2006. Since then Jamie has built a reputable law firm in the south, but is well known throughout the entire southeastern region of the country as the number one go to attorney for handling criminal and human rights cases. When other attorneys turned down a case, they’d refer the client to Jamie, but not before explaining to the client that it would cost a pretty penny. Jamie was fearless but also about justice. Her passion for law comes from seeing her best friend killed at age 16, and the killer beating the murder charge.

Since then she’d vow to make a difference in the world by helping to establish justice for all. Her current client, reminded her so much of her best friend before her life was taken. Both girls dated young men from well to do families. Jamie’s best friend was killed by her boyfriend’s father. He would come on to her when his son wasn’t around.

It began with compliments on how beautiful she was, then he began to make sexual comments that made her feel awkward. She told her boyfriend but he didn’t believe her. They broke up and a few days later, the dad called her to apologize, and told her that he explained everything to his son. He pretended his son wanted her to come over so that they could reunite. When she got there, the son wasn’t there.

The father said his son had went to the store and he’d be right back. He offered her a soda and she accepted. Some time after drinking the soda, she started to feel light headed so she excused herself and went to the bathroom, where she called Jamie. She told Jamie what was going on, and that shortly after drinking the soda her ex boyfriend’s father had given her, she didn’t feel too well. Jamie told her that she was coming to get her, but her best friend insisted that she was okay to drive home since it was only ten minutes away.

Jamie told her to keep the phone on speaker because she didn’t trust the father, and she wanted to talk to her friend as she drove home. Her friend said okay. Then the father came and knocked on the door and asked if everything was ok. Jamie’s friend said yes, and came out of the bathroom. Jamie was still on the phone, but didn’t say a word.

She had muted her phone so that the father wouldn’t know. Jamie heard the father tell her friend that maybe she should lay down until his son came home. She insisted that she leave instead. Then she heard her friend yell, “Get your hands off of me.” At that point, Jamie hopped in her car and began to make her way over there.

Then Jamie heard the father offer her friend a generous amount of money for sex, if she kept her mouth closed. Her friend turned him down, and ran out of the house. She was crying and then it sounded like she was trying to scream, but her mouth was covered. Jamie called the police. They arrived there at the same time.

The father pretended that he hadn’t seen Jamie’s friend in days, and that he had been in his home office working all evening. He convinced the police that Jamie was delusional, and he made up a story that Jamie and her friend tried to steal from him, and that his son found out and dumped Jamie’s friend. He told the police that Jamie and her friend may have came up with a sick story, to get him locked up, so that they could burglarize his home. The police asked him if he filed a police report when the girls so called tried to steal from him. He said it wasn’t necessary.

So after talking with the father a couple more minutes, the police apologized for disturbing him, and they told Jamie to go home. Two days later Jamie’s friend body was found inside her car that had been driven into a lake. The autopsy report showed that her death was caused by violent asphyxia. There were also evidence that she’d been sexually assaulted and a qualitative test revealed she was under the influence of the drug Rohypnol. Young Jamie was devastated but channeled all her grief into something positive.

Her current client was molested by her foster father. The client tried to kill him in his sleep, so Jamie’s hands was full with this case. Her client’s boyfriend was good to her, and thought it would be in the best interest to get his girlfriend the best lawyer for the case, which was of course Jamie. His parents didn’t mind paying for it, because they knew the girl was a good, smart kid, with a bright future ahead, and that she wasn’t a murder. The abuse led her to almost commit murder, by slitting his throat.

When Jamie’s client committed the act, her foster dad immediately passed out from shock, but he didn’t die. Her client then called her boyfriend who asked his parents for advice, and his parents convinced her to call the police, and tell the truth about the abuse, and what she’d done; so she did. Her boyfriend and his parents came over to support her, but she was locked up upon arrival. Her boyfriend’s parents paid her bail, and now she’s out on bond preparing for trial. Jamie couldn’t help but get so angry at times, thinking of this young girl and her best friend that suffered sexual abuse.

Jamie wanted revenge for her best friend, for her client and anyone who has ever experienced that pain. She found herself so angry at times, but knew she had to separate her personal feelings from the present facts. She knew that it was better to get justice than revenge. Revenge takes people to the same low place as their perpetrator. So she found herself talking to God often.

She wanted to represent Christ, but her feelings often got in the way. God spoke through her mother often and one day her mother said, “As much as you love your best friend, there is a young girl in your presence who needs God, more than she needs anything. It’s impossible to give this case the attention it deserves, if you’re only thinking of yourself. I know that you want to do this to give all victims of sexual abuse hope, but you need to do it the right way, by listening, getting a clear understanding and doing what’s just and fair. You can’t think clear when you’re angry.

You can’t hear from God if you stay angry. All you’ll know is rage. You must trust that God will avenge. You do your part to represent this young lady with a clear conscience. Let go of that anger and forgive.

If you don’t, you will go into that courtroom with more accusations than facts, and you will let that young lady down, along with everyone else, to include yourself. Remember why you became a lawyer and allow God to use you not only to win this case, but win this young lady’s soul to Christ.” From that day on, God put this scripture in Jamie’s spirit. She personalized Ezekiel 36:26, “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.” She asked God to soften her heart and to give her a fresh anointing.

“If you work as unto the Lord, you can be sure that He will work on your behalf, and His good and perfect will, will be done,” her mom often said. So, everyday that she prayed, and looked to God, she got a new revelation, and became closer to Him than ever before. Eventually the case was won, but the bigger victory was the strengthening of her relationship with God. She learned to control what she could, and give God what she couldn’t. She also learned that the greatest win in life, was the winning of lost souls.

Everyday since, she’s marveled at how God used something that caused her so much anger and bitterness, to help her learn to forgive, love and find her way completely back to him. “This case set the course of many people’s destiny, especially mine,” Jamie said in an interview. Not many people knew the depth of what she was saying. It had nothing to do with where she was headed in this life, but where she was going in the next. Jamie’s client was removed from that foster home, and into her boyfriend’s parents care.

At her welcome home party, she thanked Jamie for bringing her home, and Jamie simply said, “No thank you, for bringing me home.” The young girl didn’t know what Jamie was saying, but Jamie could hear the Holy Spirit welcoming her back to the Kingdom of God. Jamie learned that sometimes uncomfortable situations are necessary, in order to lead us back to Him. God doesn’t care about comfort zones, He cares about our salvation. When we realize that He is the God of all comfort (2 Corinthians 1:3), then we take comfort in Him, regardless of what we go through.
1 Corinthians 16:14
Let all that you do be done in love.

Love gave us free will, to choose to love or hate. He gave us the choice to trust him and be obedient to his Word, or to trust our feelings and take matters into our own hands. Whatever path we choose, we can be sure that his love for us is unfailing. Jesus died for us when we were his enemies. He loved us even when we didn’t have it all together. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a family like that?  He never gives up on us, and his mercy is new every day! Everyday we have a choice to trust the God who created us, or to trust what feels good at the moment. There is no gray area when it comes to being a child of God. Either you belong to him, or you don’t. We all know the consequences of sin, and the final result is death, but Jesus came to reverse the curse. As believers, when we leave this life, we will pass into life everlasting. This walk isn’t forced on us, we chose faith over fear. We choose to live by what we know in our heart, mind and soul, and not what the world tells us makes sense. As for me, I’ve tried him, and I know that God is faithful. I’ve taken matters into my own hands before, and have done things outside of Gid’s will, and I screwed up every time. Thank God for his grace! I finally understand what Paul means in 2 Corinthians 12:9, that his grace is sufficient! I choose to use my free will, to live for God, through Christ, simply because he’s God, and there is NO ONE, like him! His faithfulness doesn’t have anything to do with how many times I fall, and that’s what motivates me to get back up and keep pressing towards the mark, again like Paul! God’s always there for us as his children (that’s favor), and he’s promised he will always be, even until the end of the world! Now who wouldn’t serve a God like that?

There is nothing more frustrating than being locked out… Today I experienced this frustration first hand and what made it even more frustrating was that I had the key in my hand. The key had no problem sliding into the door but it was very stubborn when it came to turning and unlocking.”Lord I trust that you are going to open this door and we won’t have to call a lock smith.” We started searching for things to help us open the locked door like a credit card and I was even pondering would the bottom of my bath and body works lotion be strong enough to slide in the crack of the door and unlock it. 😑 I didn’t have much to work with in my purse. When I first got the key (about two months ago) we tested it to make sure that it would work and it was fine. My mom looked in the truck to see if there was any WD40 but it wasn’t any so…. She used the next best thing she had found in the truck…Cutter (Insect Repellent)…. 😄 Ok maybe it wasn’t the next best thing but hey we gave it a shot, or a spray! 😁 That’s right she sprayed the key that was lodged inside the door with Cutter and then with all her might she turned the key and said “You might break but I’m gonna give it all I’ve got.” And with faith and a little more effort the door was opened. 😊 This reminded me that sometimes in life you can have what YOU think is the right key (success, friends, money, material things) and that may work for you for a little while but, there comes a time in life when what we have become complacent with will no longer work for us and at that moment we will begin to search for another way of fulfillment. Something’s in life comes with keys to get you to where you need to be but most things come by faith. (Read Hebrews 11) The good news is that with Christ all things are possible. He can use anything and anybody! There will be times that you have nothing but your faith and you will have to push harder to get through life. This will make you wiser and stronger. There is an old saying that “it’s not what you know but who you know.” Do you know him? 🙂

We currently have a black Tetra in our fish aquarium. We’ve had “Fiesty” for about two years now. I remember when I bought Fiesty, this fish was always a fighter from the beginning. It appeared that as I was holding the bag, he was trying to run into my hand as if he was fighting to get out. Even on the way home he kept swimming into my cousin’s hand and her lap in a way as if he was hitting her. It was weird you probably would have had to see it to believe it but because of the fight in this fish I named him Fiesty. I bought four other fish for my daughters and they all named their fish as well. Whenever my kids would observe the fish it appeared that Fiesty was bullying the other fish by eating most of the food and chasing the other fish around. Not long after the other fish begin to die quickly. Soon there was only Fiesty and another fish. I seen for myself how Fiesty would come to the top and eat the food and the other fish would try to come and eat but Fiesty would chase the fish away. I remember one time we had to go out of town and we had to leave the fish unattended for a week. I thought about them everyday and hoped that they wouldn’t die. We were excited to get home and see that they were alive and well. After a while the other fish died… I bought three more fish and one of them was being chased day and night by another fish and I guess it got tired of living in agony so it died as well as another. My kids became frustrated with Fiesty and blamed him for all of our fish dying. I told them to leave him alone because he is a survivor and if he has came this far then he deserves to live. Today my mother and I was talking about the Lord and she referred to my fish in an analogy of how God looks at us. He looks past our faults and short comings and he still takes care of us. The same as I do with our fish. Although Fiesty is a bully I don’t look at what is obvious, I look at what he really is and that’s a survivor. God looks at us as MORE THAN CONQUERORS! Plenty of fish has come and gone but he is still here, he is not perfect but he depends on me to buy food for him, feed him and clean his fish tank. Even when I was gone for a week he didn’t give up and die, he held on. The same with us. Sometimes we wonder, “Lord where are you?” But he is right there. We just have to keep trusting and believing. Just like I was constantly thinking of my fish when I was out of town, God is always thinking of us!🙂 “The race is not given to the swift but to he who endures until the end.” ⬅️ Ecclesiastes 9:11. Keep the faith my brothers and sisters. Don’t be like some of my fish that gave up too quickly because they were tortured by their circumstances. Sometimes you may even stand alone but remember Ecclesiates 9:11. Don’t look at what is visible to the eye of man because God sees so much more in you!😊 Your current situation is NOT your final destination!💕 Love you all.

I love watching the sunset whether I’m driving home from a busy day, sitting on the patio getting some peace of mind or sharing the view at the beach with loved ones. The sunset always reminds me to take time to find the beauty in life. The most beautiful things in life can’t be bought, God gave it to us for free. I marvel at all of his creation from the sand on the beach to the birds in the air. He said it best in Genesis. “It was very good.” Watching the sunset is one of the very good things that I love about life. Watching it is like a reward to me. No matter how my day has been or what I am going through, it makes me appreciate the priceless things in life like the gift of life, love, family, nature and peace of mind. Watching the sunset is my mini getaway/vacation and although I may gaze upon it for a brief moment, I’m completely captured in time.

Today has been a really trying day for me. It all started with a text message from USPS regarding the package that I have yet to receive. Yes this is the same package that I was frustrated about last week. I was actually good and not worried about the packages and I said “Lord I put it in your hands and I trust that the packages will come.” To make a long story short my items has been going back and forth from the sorting facility to the post office where I lived several months ago. I changed my address with USPS but my items aren’t being forwarded to me instead they’re floating around to only God knows where. I will not bore you with details about my whole day but basically it all started with that text that triggered anger and I was frustrated the whole day. By evening I began to calm down and I thought about Peter. As long as Peter had his focus on Jesus he was fine but, as soon as the wind and the waves came he took his focus off Jesus and looked at the circumstances around him. I was reminded that I am a lot like Peter. God had already given me peace and I was content with receiving my package whenever it came. But when I received the text message  saying that it was sent to my old address and that it was undeliverable, I became frustrated because I don’t understand why the post office isn’t using my new address that I updated with USPS to forward my items to me. Clearly the enemy knows what to do to tick us off… I had to repent and ask God to give me peace. I also had to thank him because I already had asked him to take care of this matter and I know he is but… Circumstances… I just pray that God keep my eyes on him so I can pay attention to him and not be distracted by the storms around me. Matthew 14:22-33. I have so much more to be thankful for and some people don’t even have a shelter for anything to be forwarded to them so, like that old gospel song say “I won’t complain.”🙂