Teachers would say, “Keep your eyes on your paper.” God is saying, “Keep your eyes on your journey.” Don’t worry about how fast others get through their test. Stay focused, that’s how YOU get through it. You can’t see the road ahead of you if you’re looking at the one beside you or behind you. It’s not about when you arrive. What matters most is that you complete the mission. This is not a competition of speed, it’s a race of endurance. #stayfocused #goodmorning

Proverbs 4:25, 27 (CEV)

“Keep looking straight ahead, without turning aside.”
“Don’t make a mistake by turning to the right or the left.”

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you compare and complain about certain areas of your body not meeting the world’s standards? Do you criticize yourself more than you celebrate the person you are? What do you really think about yourself? Do you truly accept yourself, or do you only accept yourself with a filter, designer fashion and all the things of the world that people covet?
Do you dislike your imperfections because the media’s filled with perfectionist? Do you think that it doesn’t really matter what you think?
Let me tell you something my dear friend. Your struggle to love yourself will remain a burden to you if you continue to try to live up to the world’s standards of who’s acceptable. If you look in the mirror and only see that model on social media, how will you ever see yourself?
If you’re only seeing other people, their relationships, accomplishments, or possessions, when will you ever see how blessed you are?
When will you see your true beauty? When will you see how good you’ve got it? Do me a favor. Every time you want to complain about not having what you or the world considers the best of something, thank God that you have what you have, instead.
Gratefulness is a major key to inner peace and self love. If you can’t change something about yourself, embrace it, because some people change what they think was their problem, only to find out that their issues are more than skin deep.
It’s rarely about what’s on the surface, and more about what’s in your heart. It’s time to adjust your crown. The world expects you to maintain a house, maintain a six or seven figure job, raise perfect kids, marry well, be a socialite, have the perfect face and a snatched waist, oh let’s not forget a nice bottom.
Wait, while you’re at it, put on a cape and be sure to save the day… EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
It’s too much, sis…
You’re trying to keep up with what other people require of you. No wonder you hate yourself… You have no peace because you’re hearing everyone else’s voices. Tell your mind, “Peace be still.” It’s time to quiet your mind so that you hear the voice of the only ONE who truly matters.
He thinks you’re all that, even when you’re a hot mess. He loves you so much that even when you didn’t know Him, He died for you. He calls you blessed. He calls your children, their children and their children blessed. He says, you’re powerful.
He calls you many great things, but what matters most is He calls you by name, and says, you are His! He loves you! Imperfections and all. Perfection is an illusion.
Embrace your realness and then love it, because God does! Trying to keep up with the world standards of what you should look like and who you should be isn’t being a superhero. Embracing who you are and loving how and who God created you to be, now that’s a real super power! Adjust your crown. Love you! 🥰
Remember, having it all means being grateful for what you’ve got. 🙏🏾
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Problems, no matter how bad they are, are temporary, but the love God has for you is forever! You’ll get through this! Psalm 30:5 (NHEB) says, “For his anger is but for a moment. His favor is for a lifetime. Weeping may stay for the night, but joy comes in the morning.” Hang in there. God already knew what you’d face long before the issue arrived. If He didn’t stop it, then He will cause it to work for the good. It doesn’t mean that the bad that’s happened or is happening to you is good, it means that in the midst of the bad, we serve a good God who has thoughts of good and not evil for our lives. He has promised to give us hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). So, if you’ve found yourself in a situation that you don’t understand, or if you find yourself questioning God as to why; just know that problem is small compared to our God, and if God is for us WHO can be against us? (Romans 8:31)
The difficulties are the moment of truth, when our faith is tested in the fire. It’s easy to praise God when everything’s going OUR WAY, but what about when we’re uncomfortable, betrayed, facing a health or financial issue, facing loss or tragedy, used and abused, oppressed, detested and rejected? What do we do then? I’ll tell you what we do. We praise God through it. You don’t stay in it, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, even if you’re physically in it, your mind and spirit will help bring you out. Your focus is everything, and everything else that tries to take your focus off Jesus Christ, is a distraction. Remember who and whose you are when you’re in it, and that’s what’s going to bring you out of it. ❤️ I love you, but God love you more, and He got you! Remember that, and keep your head up. The force inside of you is far greater than anything this life throws at you!

One way that God has shown His love for us, is by giving us the gift of free will. While it may sometimes feel like a blessing and a curse, we cannot deny the fact that free will is an act of love. It is a blessing to have a choice of what we want to do; however, God has told us beforehand that there are blessings and curses that comes as a direct result of our choices. Some people will argue, if it’s free will, why do we get punished for making choices outside the will of God? A person with human logic cannot understand this, but a person with understanding of who God is, can. 

The Word of God says, in Galatians 6:8, “Those who live only to satisfy their own sinful nature will harvest decay and death from that sinful nature. But those who live to please the Spirit will harvest everlasting life from the Spirit.” Sin cannot produce eternal life, but the blood of Jesus can! All we have to do is go to God and accept His forgiveness that comes through Jesus Christ. Hebrews 9:22 (ESV), “Indeed, under the law almost everything is purified with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins.”

In the garden of Eden God told Adam and Eve that disobedience would bring death. He could have made us be obedient and submissive to Him, but that’s not love, and God is the definition of love. Love doesn’t make you do the right thing, it inspires you to do the right thing. Love doesn’t mislead you, but love tells you the truth, no matter how bad it hurts. The Bible tells us in James 1:14-15, “Temptation comes from our own desires, which entice us and drag us away. These desires give birth to sinful actions. And when sin is allowed to grow, it gives birth to death.” 

So, we must make wise choices in life. Choices that leads to life, health, love, prosperity and the favor of God. We must exude the fruits of the Holy Spirit. These things will bring favorable results. Will it always be easy? Of course not! But this is where God’s grace comes in. 

If we go to God and ask for His help, He will help us! God knows what we’re capable of doing by ourselves and what we cannot. The thing is, sometimes we are capable of making the right decisions in life, but we don’t. Instead, we serve our feelings, or other people or even an image that we try to keep up. When we do this, we must hold ourselves accountable for the outcome. Blessings comes inside the will of God and curses comes as a result of sin. Sin feels good now, but the price never feels good, later. You actually get cheated! Being obedient to God doesn’t always feel good upfront, but the payoff is worth it in the end, so, we have to make a choice. God said, in Deuteronomy 11:26-28, “Look, today I am giving you the choice between a blessing and a curse! You will be blessed if you obey the commands of the LORD your God that I am giving you today. But you will be cursed if you reject the commands of the LORD your God and turn away from him and worship gods you have not known before.” 

Our choices determines our course. What you do today will determine your tomorrow. If you want success tomorrow, you must start today. This great life you’ve envisioned for yourself won’t just fall in your lap, you must work for it. If you want your life to get better, begin to make better choices in life, in your health, in your thoughts, in your relationships and in your battles. Your faith determines your actions!

There’s a saying, “Choose your battles wisely.” Not everything that’s easy is right, and not everything that’s difficult is not of God. Sometimes, God is in the midst of the difficulties, because He’s trying to prune you. He wants us to make the right decisions so that we can be blessed and rise to new levels. He wants us to trust Him more than we trust our feelings. 

So, as you go about your day, make choices that you can live with later. Don’t make a decision that will hurt you down the road. Make decisions that will heal you, today! Make decisions that will bring success, in whatever way that definition means to you. Make decisions in which the end results will be love, joy, peace and eternal life, in Jesus name. ❤️

It’s all about your mindset and your focus. Negativity and complaining will keep you stuck and depressed. Learn to tune out the distractions. Don’t settle for what’s always been because it’s always been that way! Be a visionary! God is able to help you, but look to Him. The Word tells us, We can do all things through Christ. (See Philippians 4:13)

Think positive and work towards a positive change and you will get positive results. It’s all about faith and action. You must be willing to do something you or anyone else in your family/circle has ever done, if you want a different result in life. Be the first in your family to break a generational curse. Be the first in your circle to become a philanthropist. Set the tone. Whatever you desire in life, begins with you. “God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.” – 2 Timothy 1:7

So, what are you going to do. We’re already equipped with everything we need for a godly life, that’s God’s Word. (See 2 Peter 1:3) You want change, it begins with you. Don’t sit on the sidelines and watch other people fulfill their destiny. Get in the field. Don’t be afraid of falling or getting dirty. God has your back. Just remember to keep Him at the forefront of everything you do, and you will succeed.

Proverbs 16:3 (CEV)
Share your plans with the Lord, and you will succeed.

Shift your focus.

Some of us have been in toxic situations so long that we think it’s normal. We learn to cope with it because we believe things won’t get better for us. We pray, we cry, we fight, we quote scripture, we even walk away sometimes, but when things get rough we go right back. We go right back to that toxicity, because it’s a part of us! No matter how much you pray, cry and quote scripture, that unhealthy attachment to whatever it is, WILL NOT go away until you release it mentally.

If you don’t believe me, read Exodus. The children of Israel had been crying out for God to deliver them out of slavery. When He did, their physical address may have changed, but mentally they were still slaves. When they began to go through some things, they wanted to go back to that trauma! Why? Because it was comfortable, meaning that they knew what to expect.

We do the same things in relationships or other areas of our lives. We are afraid to start over with a new person because of the risk of going through what we went through with an ex, so what do we do? We go back or stay with that toxic person because we know them and in our minds it’s easy to deal with something or someone when you know what you’re getting, than it is to start something and be unsure of what you’re getting yourself into.
Want to know the thing that’s holding you back? Fear… When it boils down to it, fear is the root of your problem. You fear uncertainty. You fear being alone. You fear being hurt. You fear rejection. You fear that you can’t do better. You have to release fear, in order to gain your freedom and power.

We must learn to be uncomfortable sometimes. We can’t be afraid of being hurt. We can’t be afraid of falling. Just because you fall, doesn’t mean you have failed. The Bible says, “Even if good people fall seven times, they will get back up. But when trouble strikes the wicked, that’s the end of them.” – Proverbs 24:6 (CEV)

Keep getting up. It’s like a baby learning to walk. They stumble and fall. They cry and reach for their parents to help them, but you want to know what else they do, they focus. If a baby can focus on doing what it takes to get from point A to point B, guess what? So can you! It’s time to stop crawling in sin, in dead end relationships, in dead end jobs, in unhealthy connections, in toxic environments, in fear and struggle; and it’s time to walk in the freedom and power of the Holy Spirit! It’s time to walk in purpose! It’s time to walk in love and not our feelings! It’s time to truly walk by faith and not by sight. Shift your focus back to what truly matters, because the distractions doesn’t matter. They are designed to keep you from reaching your destiny, but God!

God is right here, like a parent who’s teaching their baby to walk. He is encouraging you, smiling down on you, loving you and is there to catch you when you fall. Don’t be afraid to let go of whatever it is that’s holding you back. You were created for so much more! Press towards the mark! Stand up and walk. Focus on God and let faith be your guide. Tell fear, “You no longer have a room here, in Jesus name.” Amen. 🙏🏾

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This pandemic has showed us many things, but the most important thing it has showed us is that God is our source, love is the most important thing in this life, death is inescapable and we are all in this together.

God has showed us that He is our provider! Come hell or high water, He is God; yesterday, today and forever. God is faithful. He is showing us that His Word stands the test of time. He doesn’t falter when we go through difficulties, and neither should you! God is our strength! My family and I started this year off rocky, but our cup has overflowed more than normal, during this pandemic! 🙌🏾 It’s only by the grace and mercy of God! Certain things we had been through before is evident that God is a promise keeper! Not that we’ve doubted, but when I tell you that I can attest to Him doing exceedingly, abundantly, above all me and my family could ever ask or think, God has! Sometimes, fear tries to creep in, because when you’re not used to so many things going right, you begin to look for something to go wrong, but I bind that way of thinking to hell in Jesus name! I receive every good thing God has for me and my family and I receive it with a confident joy because I know that it’s not me or anyone else making this possible, but the hand of God! I trust Him! God has showed my family and I that no matter what uncertainties are ahead, He is our source. My family and I have not had one single worry during this pandemic. Again, we trust God. We take the necessary precautions to remain safe, but we walk by faith and not by sight. As I mentioned before, death is inescapable. One day we will all make that transition. This pandemic has shown us that nothing in this life is certain and we should spend our days loving each other, cherishing those special moments, being united and most importantly seeking God. This pandemic has humbled the world. May each of us come out better and never be the same again.

Special prayers to those who have lost loved ones due to Covid-19. May God comfort your hearts and minds and give you a peace that surpasses all understanding. We never know the day or hour any of us will be called home, but for those who are in Christ, death is not our end. Your family or friend did not die alone, God was still by there side, as He is now. Your loved one is now in the presence of love Himself and they have inexpressible joy, forever. In Jesus name. Amen. 🙏🏾❤️

Romans 8:38-39 New International Version (NIV)

38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Some people keep running into the same problems because they continue to carry the same problems… Let it go.

If it seems like trouble follows you everywhere you go, then you might want to check your baggage. IJS…

So, where is this “baggage” stored? It’s stored in your mind. Everything we do, begins with our mind. This is why it’s so important to have the right mindset. A free mindset, that is not bound by past experiences, present situations or future uncertainties. We should have a focused mindset. A mindset that’s focused above and not beneath (see Colossians 3:2).

Some of the baggage we’re carrying around is not necessary for our journey, it’s dead weight and is only weighing us down. Too much baggage will not only slow you down, but it will stop you! So, you must learn to pack light and choose what you pack, wisely. Some life experiences needs to be packed for wisdom and strength. The experiences that leaves you fearful, bitter, weak and confused, has to go!

2 Timothy 1:7, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” Thanks to God, our Father, we have every tool we need to live a purposeful life. There’s no need for extra baggage, especially the kind of baggage that keeps us stagnant while the world around us continues to move.

Hebrews 12:1-2
“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.”

It’s time to throw off the baggage that’s keeping you from running YOUR race. The past has served its purpose, now it’s time to walk in purpose! For more insight, get your copy of my book, “Betrayed with a kiss,” by clicking the link below… ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Sometimes, our plans and God’s will are very different. We may plan our lives one way, but God knows how to get us to where we need to be within His will. Even if we go left when we’re supposed to go right, or if we keep going where we’re supposed to stop, God’s navigation system knows how to get us exactly where we’re supposed to be.

This can be frustrating, because sometimes our will and God’s plans for us clash and leaves us anxious, disappointed, hurt and confused. Why? Because our way of thinking without Christ being the center of our thoughts, will always come back to bite us on the behind. When we make our plans, we need to make sure that God has checked off on it. F6E18742-B448-4C1D-BDB6-A778E518AD52
We also need to make sure that we prepare for what we plan for. A person can plan on taking a vacation, but if they don’t have a destination booked, if they don’t pack, or plan a way to and from that destination, and actually go to that destination, then you’re just a person with a plan.

A plan is nothing without preparation.

So, we can’t just say, “I will do this, that and the third, if we haven’t counted the cost. Many times we don’t count the cost when making plans. We just see how great the outcome is in our heads, and we run with that thought, when all along God is on something else. There are many times you may be on one accord with the will of God for your life, but maybe, you’ve gone about it the wrong way. See, God doesn’t want what was supposed to be your blessing, to turn into your burden.

We may see the end result of our desires in our minds; which consists of success, a family, good health, or whatever your heart desires. Seldom do we think about the steps it takes to get there. So we may be thinking about a husband, but God may be thinking about the steps you need to take in order to become a wife, because we become wives long before we walk down the isle. Maybe you need to work on your patience; Lord knows you will need it in a marriage. Maybe you need to deal with some emotional issues. God will allow us to go through certain things, and oftentimes we became frustrated because again, we are focused on the end result. We want to jump to the end, without going through. So we become upset with God because He’s not responding in our timing. Listen, you must count it all joy, like the Bible tells us! The things you go through are working within you and leading you to where God purposed you to be, but you must make peace with God’s will. You make peace by realizing He knows what’s best and trusting Him in everything. We must trust His no, just as much as we celebrate His yes!

It’s all about letting our will for our lives go, and embracing God’s plan for our lives.

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You can accomplish anything you want to, you just have to believe it so much that you actually start doing it! Listen, believing is only half the battle, to becoming your best self, you must take action as well.
In order to change your position, you must change yourself, and in order to change yourself, you must first transform your mind. You can’t think the same way you did ten, twenty years ago, if you’re a person who’s constantly evolving spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. If you’re a person who has million dollar dreams, but a nickel and dime mindset, then that million dollar dream will be just that, a dream. Don’t be a person with a dream and no initiative. Personal success takes both. The only way to accomplish our personal goals is to work towards them. Come on! You can do it!
The road to success is difficult sometimes. There will be many sacrifices, hard work and dedication that will come into play. You may lose some people, but better people will come along and the sacrifices, hard work and dedication will pay off. Don’t be so anxious to accomplish things so quickly, remember, Ecclesiastes 9:11, “The race is not to the swift, Nor the battle to the strong, Nor bread to the wise, Nor riches to men of understanding, Nor favor to men of skill; But time and chance happen to them all.” This mean that your time to shine or accomplish the dreams God placed in your heart will come according to God’s timing and not our own. We will all have our set backs and life will happen to us, but we must endure it all if we want to come out on the other side of the things we go through. God knows how to make all things come together! Past experiences and current situations aren’t enough to stop God’s future plans for your life, so don’t lose hope. I know that sometimes it may feel as though every time you take two steps forward, you get knocked three steps back, but remember, your personal success is measured by your progress and not the progression of others. Don’t worry about what other people have going on, because that’s how you lose focus, and that’s how you lose hope, and these things will cause you to forget how incredibly blessed you are. Comparison is a joy thief. Focus on you!