I woke up this morning and after partaking in a powerful prayer I am believing God for something supernatural particularly in my career and financial areas. I’m believing God for something so big that everyone will know that God has his hands in it. “Today is going to be a good day,” I declared it! It wasn’t even an hour when I was notified by my bank that a withdrawal was made from my checking account that I did not authorize. I already knew supernaturally what was going on… For a few minutes I lost focus. That quick. I was only looking in the natural and I begin to go back and forth with my bank and the company that took money out of my account. Somebody was putting my money back! The company said that it could take 30 days before I see a refund. 😑 “You mean to tell me it took you all of one second to charge my account without my permission but it takes up to 30 days before you can give it back?” I had to remind myself again what was happening supernaturally. I had prayed and am believing God for something so big that the enemy is trying to distract me. It’s so easy to get side tracked even when we know what is going on. I still don’t know the exact day that I’ll get my money back but I prayed and I know that I will get it back. Besides that money is only small change compared to the overflow that I’m coming into. If you seem to be constantly under attack like me then I have two words for you. “Stay Focused!” You are headed in the right direction. These distractions are only that… Distractions… Stay focused and if you do slip and fall don’t give up because what God has for you, no devil in hell can stop.

What is life? Many people have pondered this question. Not many have discovered the answer. Although it is a lot like a football game, it is definitely not a game. In life we are the running back and the football we hold is everything that we hold onto on a daily basis, whether it’s our career, family, finances, sanity, love, happiness, burdeneds…. These things are hard to manage by ourselves. It can get pretty ruff out here in this field of life so we must suit up! Ephesians 6:11 Put on the whole armor of God so that you may be able to stand against the devil schemes. I believe we can play either offense or defense depending on how you look at the game. If you look at life as if you’re trying to reach your goal but you have to fight through many obstacles to get there then you are on the offense. If you look at life as if you will do everything in your power to keep the enemy from scoring any person (deceiving them), including yourself then you are on the offense! Either way we are on the same team just playing different positions. All of us should be looking out for one another but I believe the person that does it the most is the ones God has designated as our Shepherds and overseers. I’d like to think of God as our coach. He is ultimately in charge of our team. When Jesus ascended into heaven he left us his Holy Spirit, the Β quarterback because he has given us everything we need to run this game of life. He passes us the ball and we are the running back at that point. We can run with faith until the end knowing that Jesus is with and within us and the good news is that when feel overwhelmed and make the mistake of forgetting that he is with us, we can go to him and give him the ball… Jesus (the receiver), who wore all our burdens on the cross and won the victory for us over 2000 years ago! Isn’t this exciting! He touchdown for us even before we were formed in our mothers womb! If only we could see that God has set in place Angels who play the position of our defense tackle, linebackers etc. You get my drift. Let me just say that I am reading football for dummies as I’m typing this because I don’t watch football enough to know this stuff. Anyways I just wanted to give you all something to think about today before we all gather with family and friends to watch the game. Happy Super Bowl 50!

There is nothing more frustrating than being locked out… Today I experienced this frustration first hand and what made it even more frustrating was that I had the key in my hand. The key had no problem sliding into the door but it was very stubborn when it came to turning and unlocking.”Lord I trust that you are going to open this door and we won’t have to call a lock smith.” We started searching for things to help us open the locked door like a credit card and I was even pondering would the bottom of my bath and body works lotion be strong enough to slide in the crack of the door and unlock it. πŸ˜‘ I didn’t have much to work with in my purse. When I first got the key (about two months ago) we tested it to make sure that it would work and it was fine. My mom looked in the truck to see if there was any WD40 but it wasn’t any so…. She used the next best thing she had found in the truck…Cutter (Insect Repellent)…. πŸ˜„ Ok maybe it wasn’t the next best thing but hey we gave it a shot, or a spray! 😁 That’s right she sprayed the key that was lodged inside the door with Cutter and then with all her might she turned the key and said “You might break but I’m gonna give it all I’ve got.” And with faith and a little more effort the door was opened. 😊 This reminded me that sometimes in life you can have what YOU think is the right key (success, friends, money, material things) and that may work for you for a little while but, there comes a time in life when what we have become complacent with will no longer work for us and at that moment we will begin to search for another way of fulfillment. Something’s in life comes with keys to get you to where you need to be but most things come by faith. (Read Hebrews 11) The good news is that with Christ all things are possible. He can use anything and anybody! There will be times that you have nothing but your faith and you will have to push harder to get through life. This will make you wiser and stronger. There is an old saying that “it’s not what you know but who you know.” Do you know him? πŸ™‚

We currently have a black Tetra in our fish aquarium. We’ve had “Fiesty” for about two years now. I remember when I bought Fiesty, this fish was always a fighter from the beginning. It appeared that as I was holding the bag, he was trying to run into my hand as if he was fighting to get out. Even on the way home he kept swimming into my cousin’s hand and her lap in a way as if he was hitting her. It was weird you probably would have had to see it to believe it but because of the fight in this fish I named him Fiesty. I bought four other fish for my daughters and they all named their fish as well. Whenever my kids would observe the fish it appeared that Fiesty was bullying the other fish by eating most of the food and chasing the other fish around. Not long after the other fish begin to die quickly. Soon there was only Fiesty and another fish. I seen for myself how Fiesty would come to the top and eat the food and the other fish would try to come and eat but Fiesty would chase the fish away. I remember one time we had to go out of town and we had to leave the fish unattended for a week. I thought about them everyday and hoped that they wouldn’t die. We were excited to get home and see that they were alive and well. After a while the other fish died… I bought three more fish and one of them was being chased day and night by another fish and I guess it got tired of living in agony so it died as well as another. My kids became frustrated with Fiesty and blamed him for all of our fish dying. I told them to leave him alone because he is a survivor and if he has came this far then he deserves to live. Today my mother and I was talking about the Lord and she referred to my fish in an analogy of how God looks at us. He looks past our faults and short comings and he still takes care of us. The same as I do with our fish. Although Fiesty is a bully I don’t look at what is obvious, I look at what he really is and that’s a survivor. God looks at us as MORE THAN CONQUERORS! Plenty of fish has come and gone but he is still here, he is not perfect but he depends on me to buy food for him, feed him and clean his fish tank. Even when I was gone for a week he didn’t give up and die, he held on. The same with us. Sometimes we wonder, “Lord where are you?” But he is right there. We just have to keep trusting and believing. Just like I was constantly thinking of my fish when I was out of town, God is always thinking of us!πŸ™‚ “The race is not given to the swift but to he who endures until the end.” ⬅️ Ecclesiastes 9:11. Keep the faith my brothers and sisters. Don’t be like some of my fish that gave up too quickly because they were tortured by their circumstances. Sometimes you may even stand alone but remember Ecclesiates 9:11. Don’t look at what is visible to the eye of man because God sees so much more in you!😊 Your current situation is NOT your final destination!πŸ’• Love you all.

I love watching the sunset whether I’m driving home from a busy day, sitting on the patio getting some peace of mind or sharing the view at the beach with loved ones. The sunset always reminds me to take time to find the beauty in life. The most beautiful things in life can’t be bought, God gave it to us for free. I marvel at all of his creation from the sand on the beach to the birds in the air. He said it best in Genesis. “It was very good.” Watching the sunset is one of the very good things that I love about life. Watching it is like a reward to me. No matter how my day has been or what I am going through, it makes me appreciate the priceless things in life like the gift of life, love, family, nature and peace of mind. Watching the sunset is my mini getaway/vacation and although I may gaze upon it for a brief moment, I’m completely captured in time.

Today has been a really trying day for me. It all started with a text message from USPS regarding the package that I have yet to receive. Yes this is the same package that I was frustrated about last week. I was actually good and not worried about the packages and I said “Lord I put it in your hands and I trust that the packages will come.” To make a long story short my items has been going back and forth from the sorting facility to the post office where I lived several months ago. I changed my address with USPS but my items aren’t being forwarded to me instead they’re floating around to only God knows where. I will not bore you with details about my whole day but basically it all started with that text that triggered anger and I was frustrated the whole day. By evening I began to calm down and I thought about Peter. As long as Peter had his focus on Jesus he was fine but, as soon as the wind and the waves came he took his focus off Jesus and looked at the circumstances around him. I was reminded that I am a lot like Peter. God had already given me peace and I was content with receiving my package whenever it came. But when I received the text message Β saying that it was sent to my old address and that it was undeliverable, I became frustrated because I don’t understand why the post office isn’t using my new address that I updated with USPS to forward my items to me. Clearly the enemy knows what to do to tick us off… I had to repent and ask God to give me peace. I also had to thank him because I already had asked him to take care of this matter and I know he is but… Circumstances… I just pray that God keep my eyes on him so I can pay attention to him and not be distracted by the storms around me. Matthew 14:22-33. I have so much more to be thankful for and some people don’t even have a shelter for anything to be forwarded to them so, like that old gospel song say “I won’t complain.”πŸ™‚

Sometimes the pressures of life can come banging on our door early in the morning like an unwanted guest. Usually when this happens you may go about with a stale face like you’ve been sucking on a lemon all morning. Lighten up, this too shall pass. I will be the first to admit that sometimes I dread being an adult. Oh the good old days when I was a child and I only had to worry about the Buggie Monster, or doing my chores so that I could go outside and then I’d have nightmares about my brother drinking my kool-aid. Now the Buggie Monster has been replaced with bills, my chores has been replaced with too many things to do and not enough time and my nightmares has been replaced with getting off work only to come home and sleep then dream about work just to get up and go to work again. πŸ˜‘ Tuesday was definitely my Monday but that all changed by the afternoon and my frown turned upside down and a smile crept through and then a laugh! No I didn’t win the lottery but I got something that’s priceless instead. Someone came along and lightened my load by simply making me laugh. After I laughed I felt a thousand times better and my problems seemed like a small thing to a giant! Afterwards I told myself “See, you need to lighten up! Everything will be ok! What are you worrying for?” (Matthew 6:25-34) Sometimes we want to be alone when life throws us it’s many challenges but during that time we need to embrace our family and friends and focus on what’s more important. The people that are close to you don’t want to see you down and I guarantee if you surround yourself with people close to you then you’ll feel better. Even if you’re good at hiding what you’re going through somehow they know when something is wrong and without asking you a thing they’ll do something to take a load off and a lot of times it’s doing something as simple as making you laugh!πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚ Thank God for family and friends! Here’s to you guys for reminding us that life is to grand to sweat the small stuff, cherish the people around you, take a load off and lighten up. ☺️

If you want to read a book that teaches us about the consequences of our actions then a great place to start is in the bible with the book of Genesis, Chapter 3 to be exact. We all know the story and if you’re unfamiliar then take a couple of minutes out of your day and read it. Isn’t it odd that whenever we get into any kind of trouble that we always play the blame game. Even as toddlers. “Little Timmy, why did you take Suzie’s doll?” And in his little 3 year old voice he’ll say “Darren took my truck so I took Suzie’s doll.” Even though it was wrong for Darren to take Timmy’s truck, that still doesn’t justify Timmy taking Suzie’s doll. We all have to pay for our actions and for every action there’s a reaction. Sometimes it seems like everyone else can get away with murder but if we so much as look at someone the wrong way then we’re in trouble. Thank God for his mercy. We have to give an account for our actions. A lot of bad choices we make comes from our emotions and we act on that impulse and sadly we reap the consequences. But God is faithful and even in our mess he turns it into a message. God gives us fair warning about everything and he also gives us a choice to do it the right way or the way that seems right to us. Even when we do it our way and reap the not so great reward of our actions he is still right there helping us to get back on track with a heart full of compassion. 😊 He knows that many of us are knuckle heads and it may take several falls for us to learn how to walk. Don’t get discouraged my friends just pick yourself up, dust off and learn from your mistakes and try again. It is no surprise to God when we fall. He knew us before we were woven in our mother’s womb. We just have to get past the point of blaming him for what we as humans have control over. We have created every problem that the world face, not God. He has shown us how to fix the problem and the simplest way is through Love. We have to stop playing the blame game and take responsibility for our actions. So my dear friends I just want to encourage you that no matter what consequence you’re facing at the present remember God is always merciful and he proved it while we were yet in sin he sent his only begotten son, Jesus. 😍

Ever feel like the above picture? Trying to juggle life can be both exciting and stressful at times. We’re trying to study for final exams on only an hour of sleep because we work a full time job not to mention Jr. just went to sleep at 5am the same time the alarm went off for you to make your husband a cup of coffee, straighten his tie and kiss him before he’s off to work. “I just need some time to myself. “Not right now baby, mama is using the potty.” ” Sorry that I can’t make the football game son, daddy has to work.” How many times we’ve said these things not realizing how it affects our loved ones? Don’t get me wrong, every now and then we need to set aside some “me” time for ourselves. There is nothing wrong with some peace and quiet every now and then to collect our thoughts. A vacation is definitely helpful as well. All I’m saying is never be too busy to be bothered by loved ones. I know personally that I’m happy to get a break whenever my kids go out of town with their grandmother but five minutes after they leave I be like a sick puppy by the door waiting for them to come back. 🐢 We have to cherish our kids, our spouse, parents, relatives and close friends even when their a headache. They need us and depend on us for something that only we can give. There will come a day that our kids will grow up and we’ll miss the days that they use to bother us. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but we don’t live forever either so, cherish every moment and never be too busy to be bothered. 😘