Today has been a really trying day for me. It all started with a text message from USPS regarding the package that I have yet to receive. Yes this is the same package that I was frustrated about last week. I was actually good and not worried about the packages and I said “Lord I put it in your hands and I trust that the packages will come.” To make a long story short my items has been going back and forth from the sorting facility to the post office where I lived several months ago. I changed my address with USPS but my items aren’t being forwarded to me instead they’re floating around to only God knows where. I will not bore you with details about my whole day but basically it all started with that text that triggered anger and I was frustrated the whole day. By evening I began to calm down and I thought about Peter. As long as Peter had his focus on Jesus he was fine but, as soon as the wind and the waves came he took his focus off Jesus and looked at the circumstances around him. I was reminded that I am a lot like Peter. God had already given me peace and I was content with receiving my package whenever it came. But when I received the text message Β saying that it was sent to my old address and that it was undeliverable, I became frustrated because I don’t understand why the post office isn’t using my new address that I updated with USPS to forward my items to me. Clearly the enemy knows what to do to tick us off… I had to repent and ask God to give me peace. I also had to thank him because I already had asked him to take care of this matter and I know he is but… Circumstances… I just pray that God keep my eyes on him so I can pay attention to him and not be distracted by the storms around me. Matthew 14:22-33. I have so much more to be thankful for and some people don’t even have a shelter for anything to be forwarded to them so, like that old gospel song say “I won’t complain.”πŸ™‚

Sometimes the pressures of life can come banging on our door early in the morning like an unwanted guest. Usually when this happens you may go about with a stale face like you’ve been sucking on a lemon all morning. Lighten up, this too shall pass. I will be the first to admit that sometimes I dread being an adult. Oh the good old days when I was a child and I only had to worry about the Buggie Monster, or doing my chores so that I could go outside and then I’d have nightmares about my brother drinking my kool-aid. Now the Buggie Monster has been replaced with bills, my chores has been replaced with too many things to do and not enough time and my nightmares has been replaced with getting off work only to come home and sleep then dream about work just to get up and go to work again. πŸ˜‘ Tuesday was definitely my Monday but that all changed by the afternoon and my frown turned upside down and a smile crept through and then a laugh! No I didn’t win the lottery but I got something that’s priceless instead. Someone came along and lightened my load by simply making me laugh. After I laughed I felt a thousand times better and my problems seemed like a small thing to a giant! Afterwards I told myself “See, you need to lighten up! Everything will be ok! What are you worrying for?” (Matthew 6:25-34) Sometimes we want to be alone when life throws us it’s many challenges but during that time we need to embrace our family and friends and focus on what’s more important. The people that are close to you don’t want to see you down and I guarantee if you surround yourself with people close to you then you’ll feel better. Even if you’re good at hiding what you’re going through somehow they know when something is wrong and without asking you a thing they’ll do something to take a load off and a lot of times it’s doing something as simple as making you laugh!πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚ Thank God for family and friends! Here’s to you guys for reminding us that life is to grand to sweat the small stuff, cherish the people around you, take a load off and lighten up. ☺️

Well it isn’t exactly on the calendar but every day is “their” day. Who are “they”? Well I’m glad you asked. My four daughters of course. They range in age from 10 to 16 and they remind me of it everyday. From my 15 year old bribing my 10 and 11 year old to do her chores for candy or some of her chips πŸ˜‘ to them arguing over who wore who’s headband while a line pile up at the bathroom door as they tell my 16 year old to get out of the bathroom mirror taking selfies so that they can pee! πŸ˜† Oh the joys! They are overall very good kids though. They are doing very well in school, and they help out a lot around the house. Even though the house may seem out of balance at times they keep me well balanced. Sometimes I want to scream and my youngest daughter will quote a scripture to get me back on track. My 11 year old is very giving and she calms a lot of chaos in the house (even if she causes it) by always sharing and being the bigger person. My 15 year old helps out a lot and makes sure that her little sisters are doing what they are supposed to (including doing her chores) and last but not least my 16 year old who is the replica of me. She always comes to spend time with me and let me know what’s going on in her life (after she talks to her friends on the phone and finish posting selfies online). They grow up so fast and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. They remind me that I do have someone who is looking up to me and everyday that God grants me life I’m reminded that today is “Daughters day”! 😊