The book of Ruth shows us first hand how being faithful over a few can make us rulers over many. Ruth was faithful to her mother n law Naomi even after losing her husband. When Naomi begin her journey back to Judah, Ruth was determined to go with her even when Naomi protested. Ruth left the Moabite people behind along with the gods that they served and declared that she would serve our one true God. Ruth was faithful and worked diligently in the fields daily picking up stalks and grain that was left behind. Boaz noticed her and decided that she would work in his field. There was even times that he created work for her. (I’m sure that all kind of women were furious but you can’t be mad at God’s favor.) To make a long story short this rich man Boaz married this poor humble woman who didn’t think that she was too good to pick up straw left behind in the fields. She was faithful over the few and God saw it. There are some of us who refuse to go out and pick up straw. (Work at a fast food place or clean the restrooms at a hospital or housekeeping at a hotel etc.) Some would rather sleep with Tom, Dick and Harry for money to see how far they will get whether it’s in the streets or in a business. Some would rather get their money on a stage dancing butt naked for all to see because they refuse to be humiliated by working in the fields picking up straps. You have to be careful of what you want and how you present yourself. Anybody can throw you a dollar and call you their ho but a real man is going to see the real you when you are at your lowest. He is going to admire your hard work and your humility and your love and faithfulness to God and your family and he is going to make you his queen because you proved yourself different than most. To make a long story short Ruth was the great grandmother of David and we all know how great King David was! God has a blessing on your life and not only yours but your descendants! You may have to be humble and prove to God that you are faithful over picking up straw before you get your own company. Don’t rush it and don’t sell yourself short trying to trick a man out of his money. Be diligent and work hard and the right man will find you.

Have you ever met someone that is full of wishes but no faith? They’ll sound something like this, “I wish my husband would be more like that, I wish my yard was as big as theirs or I wish my job was as easy as yours.” Full of wishes… But no faith… You have to be careful of what you speak into the atmosphere. There is a reason that you don’t have what the next person has. God has given you grace for what you are able to handle. Don’t be envious of what others have because you don’t know what shoes they had to walk in to get to where they are. It bothers me when religious people treat God as if he’s a genie ready to give them what they want at their command. Then they get mad at him when he doesn’t do it right away and so they lose hope. He is GOD! The great IAM! When he decides that you are ready to have what you are asking for then you will get it. God is a spirit and those who worship him must do it in spirit and in truth. Being religious will get you no where…. Why would he give you a mansion when you are not even faithful with your apartment. It’s time to stop being religious and develop a RELATIONSHIP with God. You have to be careful what you wish for because other spirits (not of God) are listening as well and if you aren’t careful they will deceive you by giving you exactly what you wished for and bamboozle you into thinking that what you received was of God but in fact it is a scheme of the enemy. Trust you me that eventually you will pay the price for whatever it is you have allowed those spirits to place in your life. It might look good and feel good but in the end it’s not worth it. Why do you think there’s so many miserable rich people? They have everything the world has to offer except the one who offered himself for the world! Enough of treating God like a genie in a bottle and only talking to him when you need something. We as children of God must walk by faith and not by sight and remember that faith without works is dead. (James 2:17) If you want more then do better. God has equipped us with everything good thing that we need.

I woke up this morning and after partaking in a powerful prayer I am believing God for something supernatural particularly in my career and financial areas. I’m believing God for something so big that everyone will know that God has his hands in it. “Today is going to be a good day,” I declared it! It wasn’t even an hour when I was notified by my bank that a withdrawal was made from my checking account that I did not authorize. I already knew supernaturally what was going on… For a few minutes I lost focus. That quick. I was only looking in the natural and I begin to go back and forth with my bank and the company that took money out of my account. Somebody was putting my money back! The company said that it could take 30 days before I see a refund. 😑 “You mean to tell me it took you all of one second to charge my account without my permission but it takes up to 30 days before you can give it back?” I had to remind myself again what was happening supernaturally. I had prayed and am believing God for something so big that the enemy is trying to distract me. It’s so easy to get side tracked even when we know what is going on. I still don’t know the exact day that I’ll get my money back but I prayed and I know that I will get it back. Besides that money is only small change compared to the overflow that I’m coming into. If you seem to be constantly under attack like me then I have two words for you. “Stay Focused!” You are headed in the right direction. These distractions are only that… Distractions… Stay focused and if you do slip and fall don’t give up because what God has for you, no devil in hell can stop.

We currently have a black Tetra in our fish aquarium. We’ve had “Fiesty” for about two years now. I remember when I bought Fiesty, this fish was always a fighter from the beginning. It appeared that as I was holding the bag, he was trying to run into my hand as if he was fighting to get out. Even on the way home he kept swimming into my cousin’s hand and her lap in a way as if he was hitting her. It was weird you probably would have had to see it to believe it but because of the fight in this fish I named him Fiesty. I bought four other fish for my daughters and they all named their fish as well. Whenever my kids would observe the fish it appeared that Fiesty was bullying the other fish by eating most of the food and chasing the other fish around. Not long after the other fish begin to die quickly. Soon there was only Fiesty and another fish. I seen for myself how Fiesty would come to the top and eat the food and the other fish would try to come and eat but Fiesty would chase the fish away. I remember one time we had to go out of town and we had to leave the fish unattended for a week. I thought about them everyday and hoped that they wouldn’t die. We were excited to get home and see that they were alive and well. After a while the other fish died… I bought three more fish and one of them was being chased day and night by another fish and I guess it got tired of living in agony so it died as well as another. My kids became frustrated with Fiesty and blamed him for all of our fish dying. I told them to leave him alone because he is a survivor and if he has came this far then he deserves to live. Today my mother and I was talking about the Lord and she referred to my fish in an analogy of how God looks at us. He looks past our faults and short comings and he still takes care of us. The same as I do with our fish. Although Fiesty is a bully I don’t look at what is obvious, I look at what he really is and that’s a survivor. God looks at us as MORE THAN CONQUERORS! Plenty of fish has come and gone but he is still here, he is not perfect but he depends on me to buy food for him, feed him and clean his fish tank. Even when I was gone for a week he didn’t give up and die, he held on. The same with us. Sometimes we wonder, “Lord where are you?” But he is right there. We just have to keep trusting and believing. Just like I was constantly thinking of my fish when I was out of town, God is always thinking of us!πŸ™‚ “The race is not given to the swift but to he who endures until the end.” ⬅️ Ecclesiastes 9:11. Keep the faith my brothers and sisters. Don’t be like some of my fish that gave up too quickly because they were tortured by their circumstances. Sometimes you may even stand alone but remember Ecclesiates 9:11. Don’t look at what is visible to the eye of man because God sees so much more in you!😊 Your current situation is NOT your final destination!πŸ’• Love you all.