I learned a long time ago that when you go looking for trouble, you find it. It’s something about the intent behind a person’s actions… the truth of that intent always reveal itself in the results. If you say one thing with your mouth, but mean something completely different in your heart, whatever is in your heart  will manifest as a result of your energy, and not necessarily your words. 

Proverbs 23:7

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. “Eat and drink!” he says to you, But his heart is not with you.

It’s so important for us to be aware of what we store in our hearts. The cause will have an effect. If a person is harboring negativity in their hearts, they are not only taking negative energy everywhere they go, but they will become a magnet for negativity. Check this out… even if that person is unaware that they’re carrying negativity inside themselves! So, we must not only be woke to the things going on around us, but we must be woke to the things going on inside of us. 

What we carry on the inside is eternal, so let’s make sure it’s beneficial to us in spirit, mind, and our body. Let’s also make sure that it’s beneficial for others. Let’s walk in love, positivity, and the light of Christ. Let’s make sure that we have pure motives, and there are no hidden agendas. Most importantly, let our actions glorify God, and not ourselves.

I don’t know about you, but I’m praying that my actions are honest before God. I want God to see me as honest, meaning my works and my words match what’s in my heart. After all a person’s heart reveals their truth. I’m doing a self evaluation and taking inventory tonight. Whatever is in my heart that’s taking up space, contaminated, outdated, and keeping me from receiving what God has in store for me, I’m tossing it out right now in Jesus name.

Where I’m going, there’s only room for love, joy, peace, prosperity, and positivity! I plan to not only carry this energy, but share it in all its authenticity! It’s a new day on the inside of me, because something new, has happened within me. In Jesus name. Amen.

Isaiah 43:19

“For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.”

Pray before you speak in anger. If you be still and allow God to move on your behalf, you’ll be amazed by how God chooses to bless you. The person you may be impatient with could be the person who shows you the kindness and compassion you need to smile again. That petty issue that you’re upset about, could be a misunderstanding, and if you remain humble for God, and listen to His voice, something beautiful can be birthed from you not giving in to your anger. It’s easy to feel and give into those feelings, whether they’re justified or not, but don’t act out of feelings alone.

Respond with truth and respond in love. Sometimes we must be silent, in order to hear God clearly. So, quiet those thoughts, words, anxieties, and learn to be still. You may help lead someone to Christ, or the person you’re upset with could have a powerful testimony you need, or you may have the patience and gentle spirit they need to get inspired and put things into proper perspective.

Everything happens for a reason. You may not know that when a situation arises that you can’t make sense out of, but know this, you will be surprised at how God moves in your life when you don’t react in anger, when you stay patient, and when you remain humble. Doing these things allows you to put yourself and your feelings aside, and allow God to not only fight on your behalf, but allow His glory to shine on you. I challenge you to be at peace the next time you want to act in anger, and watch the good that comes out of the situation. You can’t go wrong when you choose to fight the right way.

What’s the right way to fight when you’re triggered? You fight by being still. How to be still? By not giving into your anger. Don’t allow anger to control you. Control it, by letting letting it go, and allowing our Awesome God to fight for you!

Ephesians 4:26 (GNT)

“If you become angry, do not let your anger lead you into sin, and do not stay angry all day.”

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When God blesses you, show your gratitude by managing that blessing in a way that glorify His name. If you treat that blessing like it’s nothing, you’ll lose it, but if you cherish that blessing and honor God with it, God will increase you even more, because He sees how faithful you are with what you have. Let’s learn to be good and faithful stewards over the blessings God has entrusted us with! ❤️

Do what God created you to do. Don’t imitate other people, be your authentic self. When you try to do something God hasn’t called you to do, it won’t bring the same results as it does someone who is operating in their God given purpose. You will become frustrated and lose heart because you’re trying to do them, instead of doing you! Also, whatever you do in life, make sure you do it 100%.

Make sure all of your ducks are in a row. Make sure you know the facts, and make sure that you are confident in what God has called you to do. Have your business together. If your gift is bringing joy to people with your smile, then be the very best at smiling, brush your teeth, take care of your oral hygiene, because you want to be the best, at what you do! No matter your calling, don’t half step when it comes to your gift or something you’re passionate about, because going over and beyond is what sets you apart from the rest.

If you put forth half the effort, you will yield half results. Whatever you put out, comes back to you. So, no half stepping, and don’t do anything for people’s approval. Do everything as if you’re doing it for the Lord, and God will see that and elevate you!

We’re all different. We experience situations differently. One person may go through something that they consider traumatic, while another person may go through something similar and consider it, “not that bad.” Although we all experience situations from different perspectives, different backgrounds, different ways, and at different times, it’s important to understand that we also experience situations as different people. None of us are completely the same, so don’t ever downplay someone else’s pain.

Sometimes people need to hurt before they can heal. Sometimes people need to feel the fullness of the pain that they are carrying in order to release it. Don’t be insensitive and selfish, and make someone else’s pain about you. It’s not about you, it’s about them. Sometimes, people need a listening ear, and not a running mouth. 

A person may mean well when they’re trying to comfort others, but the delivery may come off wrong. They may think they’re saying something to strengthen someone going through a tough time, but if the delivery is off, they can make matters worse. We must learn to be more sympathetic to what others go through, and stop making their pain about us. Just because we go through things tough as nails, doesn’t mean the next person will. They could go through that thing and totally break down, so we must choose our words wisely, and don’t compare how well you handled a situation to how poorly they’re handling a similar situation. 

No situation is 100% the same because we are all completely different people. If someone was violated in any way, or has experienced something they consider traumatic, don’t shrug and say, “It happens,” or don’t try to excuse their pain, or downplay their feelings… Let them grieve, their way. It’s okay to allow people to go through the motions of what they’re dealing with. You don’t have to throw them a pity party, but you can listen to them. 

It doesn’t matter how you personally handled a situation, if you’re only boasting about it instead of trying to help the individual heal. Boasting and comparing your situation with theirs, makes their pain about you… again, it’s not about you. You don’t need to hate who they hate, or get revenge on the person who harmed them, but let them hurt, so that they can heal. Be a hug. Be listening ears. 

Be a prayer warrior on their behalf. Be an inspiration and a supporter, but never ever, downplay someone else’s pain. No one should ever feel like they’re in a situation alone, or if they’re somehow being overly dramatic about what they’ve been through or is going through. This is dedicated to anyone who’s going through anything. It doesn’t matter if the trauma happened yesterday or fifty years ago, do what YOU need to do to HEAL in a healthy way.

Cry if you have to. Scream if you need to. Speak with a counselor if you want to. Do what you need to do for you, and know that you are never alone. God bless you! ❤️

God is a deliverer! I pray for those who are battling addictions of any kind. Life is hard, unfair, and uncertain… but guess what? You are more than a conqueror, you’re blessed and highly favored, and you can be sure that God always has your best interest at heart! You don’t have to carry those burdens alone, there’s hope!

You don’t have to live life anxious, strung out, fearful, or defeated! Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and if you turn your worries over to Him, He will give you rest (peace). There’s a better way than numbing the temporary pains of life with temporary pleasures that can cause permanent damage to you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, if you don’t release it. You don’t have to trade one struggle for another. Let go and let God. 

The troubles that we face in this life, can’t compare to the glory that will be revealed in those who are in Christ. So, don’t lose hope. Allow God to help you. You are more than what you go through. You are more than an addict, and through Christ, you are more than a conqueror! 

In life, we experience a lot of bad things, but there’s also a lot of good. The first step to experiencing the good, is to LET GO of anything that’s doing more harm in your life than good. Give it to God by going to Him, asking for His help, and truly having the heart to release that thing that’s keeping you bound. Through Christ, you have power over any snare, generational curse, or strong holds! You don’t have to get comfortable with struggle, addictions, and defeat.

Never lose hope. We may not know everything, but there’s one thing we can be certain of. If we put our faith in God, He’s promised us hope and a future in Christ. It’s time to experience the peace that surpasses all understanding, joy that can’t be taken away, and a love like no other. “How to let go and let God,” get your copy today.  👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾


I’m going to give you a few golden nuggets (secrets) to success… It’s not found in your comfort zone and it’s definitely not found in familiar faces. You must NOT be afraid to take risks, you must be able to accept constructive criticism, and you must learn from your mistakes. Stop thinking that your success rides on the backs of people you know or grew up with, because your success is up to you, and success varies from one person to another. Success is not being rich.

There are plenty of rich people who are failing at life. Success is living a FULL life. Success is accomplishing any of the goals you’ve set for yourself, small and large. Celebrate every goal you accomplish and stop waiting to be happy until you hit the big one! When you hit the big goal, it’s definitely something to celebrate, but if you have a void in your heart, the void will continue to be there when you hit the pinnacle of your success. This is because the world’s idea of success won’t fill that void.

No outside thing can fix those inner issues. So, get right with God and learn to love and be at peace with yourself first, no matter how the world views you. The only One you need to worry about knowing you is, God. Stop working so hard to get people’s recognition, because those people only love the idea of you, and not the real you. The people who love and support you for real, knows the real you and you don’t have to step out of character, or do something dramatic to earn their love, because it’s unconditional. Last but not least, don’t be afraid to get to know new people.

A sad truth is that, most people who’ve known you a long time WON’T support you, for different reasons. You may think they owe you loyalty, but they don’t. It is what it is, focus on those who are loyal to you right now, and aren’t waiting on your “come up” to ride the wave. Most of your blessings will come from strangers. That’s just how God works. The lack of love or support from people you know, can’t stop what God is doing through you.

He put you here for a purpose, and your focus is key to fulfilling it. So, hang in there. Don’t get caught up in what’s going on in other people’s lane, stay in yours! Keep a humble spirit and a pure heart. Keep God first.

Branch out and take risks. Celebrate small success as well as the big. Find love and peace within yourself, and my friend, you’re going to be all right! Love you! ❤️ God bless. 

How did you sleep last night? Where is your focus this morning? Is your mind in the right place, or are you worried about your current situation, things that are going on in the world, or even the uncertainties of tomorrow? Are you doing too much, out of anxiety? Do you feel like “life” is all on you?

Well my dear friend, I have news for you. Although you may be faced with a situation, or you may be faced with several situations, there is only one thing that matters, your faith in Jesus! When you put your faith in God, He never disappoints, ever! He’s the God who supplies, not just one need, but all of our needs! In Psalm 23:1, David said, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” David, not only vocalized his faith, but he made a affirmation, declaration, and reminded himself of the love God has for him, all at the same time.

God has the same love for you. There’s no need to worry about tomorrow, or even today for that matter. Don’t stress yourself out trying to take on all the matters of your heart,alone. Let Jesus be your help. Allow Him to give you the peace that only His Spirit gives. Focus on the ONE who matters, because that is all that matters…. ❤️

Luke 10:40-42

40Martha was worried about all that had to be done. Finally, she went to Jesus and said, “Lord, doesn’t it bother you that my sister has left me to do all the work by myself? Tell her to come and help me!”

41The Lord answered, “Martha, Martha! You are worried and upset about so many things, 42but only one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen what is best, and it will not be taken away from her.”

So, today marks day two of me significantly reducing the time that I spend on social media. I am happy to say that yesterday I spent twenty minutes max on Facebook, and today I’ve spent, ten minutes or less. I feel great! I will say, I scrolled down my feed longer than I should have and saw something that made me cringe and that was a sign from God to immediately log off… I’ve learned to cut off anything that attacks my peace, right at the source.

Those are distractions, and let me tell you, I used to have time. I would entertain distractions out of boredom, or even for the hell of it, to be honest, but I’m learning to value my time. If it doesn’t grow me or make a positive impact in my life in some kind of way, then deuces. I don’t have time. The thing is, I would  go to Facebook to post something inspirational, but after I posted, there would be stories that Facebook post in the feed, or there would be something negative I’d see somewhere else, and eventually all the negativity and random distractions caused me to become unfocused. 

When I became unfocused, I started to feel frustrated, angry, and in some instances unsure of myself, but that didn’t last long, at all, because again, I got rid of the source of the problem. This made me think about life in general. I have no control over what Facebook automatically puts into the Feed, or what other individuals within the Facebook community posts, but I do have control over what I choose to pay attention to, or focus on. This applies in life. We have no control over people or some situations life throws our way, but we have control over our focus.

I also thought about how I go to Facebook to do something God has called me to do, but then, I get distracted by what other people have going on, most of which isn’t beneficial to me at all, and really just a waste of time. Life is the same way. We get on the straight and narrow but we get distracted by what’s going on over in the “other lane” if you will. Most of the time the distractions aren’t helpful at all, it’s just keeping us from what we’re supposed to be doing. In limiting my time on social media, I had to limit the time I’m interacting with my supporters, who I LOVE!

Normally, I’d like every comment and respond to most, but I stopped yesterday. It wasn’t because of anything they did, it’s because every time I log on to like or comment in response to my supporters, I’d scroll down to see what my “Friends” were doing, or get caught up in whatever else was on Facebook. I have let my supporters know that I’m available via messenger or even text, because I do care about them and want to help them in whatever way God leads me to, and they’ve been really understanding. They are the BOMB! I don’t know if people still say that, but whatever.

Anyway, a part of taking care of other people is first, taking care of yourself. If my head isn’t where it’s supposed to be, or if I’m seeing my distractions more than I’m focused on what God is trying to do through me, then what’s the point, right? I must stay focused on my purpose, and to do that, my mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical parts of me, MUST be at peace. 

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