Preparation is one of the most if not the most important step in any situation. Think about it. A boxer just don’t get into a ring to fight without preparation. He trains first by getting in the ring and practicing, he also works out to build his strength and endurance. He even study his opponent so that he is PREPARED.

A couple don’t up and get married without getting to know each other and putting in time to understand who each other are. They have to make sure that they are compatible and that each of their needs will be fulfilled in that relationship along with many other things. If they just hop into a marriage not knowing each other then it will be a disaster.

In our walk with Christ we have to prepare ourselves. We have to pray, study God’s word and obey. Yes we will make mistakes but that’s where preparation comes in. Don’t waddle in your mistakes continue to prepare yourself so that next time you will be wiser and know how to avoid that situation.

Proverbs 22:3 says, “The prudent see danger and takes refuge, but the simple keeps going and pay the penalty.”

Ouch! How many people other than myself has behaved in a simple minded manner?🙋🏾 I know that I have. Sometimes I kept behaving that way until I had enough of making that crappy bed and having to lay in it. It was not comfortable.

So now I prepare myself before I do anything, whether it’s grocery shopping, getting my work clothes together for the week or whatever. I make preparation.

What are some things that you are seeking or striving to attain in life and how are you making preparations to accomplish these things?

I remember the Holy Spirit speaking to me and saying, “your current situation is not your destination.” I was going through something at the time but I had no idea of the hell and high water that I was about to face.

Only a few days after that it felt as if my word was beginning to cave in. I had made plans, set goals and I had visions of doing great things. Nothing seemed to be going my way. It felt as if I kept having bad breaks and what was bad went to worse.

Throughout this test God’s provision for my life kept me. It could have been a lot worse and I could have went without but God provided an overflow for my family.

I resigned from a job that I had in December 2015 that I had no chance of advancement in and I moved in faith knowing that my next move would be God approved. I had made a lot of ungodly choices at that job and although I was trying to move forward I was linked with spirits that were comfortable being complacent and being connected to those spirits had me revisiting some things that God had delivered me from and yet I was not set free from those things.

I was like the children of Isreal. God brought them from Egypt and delivered them from being oppressed by pharaoh but even after they were delivered they went back to serving false gods and desiring to be in Egypt again because they were not set free. They paid the price for their rebellion too and not even Moses got to step foot into the promised land. He saw it but he died before he reached it.

I have found myself praying to God that I don’t mess up the vision that he has for my life. I know that I behave like the children of Isreal sometimes but I am not giving up on God’s purpose for my life. I would rather totally disconnect myself from people that thwart my walk with Christ by remaining complacent while I’m reaching for greatness. Even if I have to start over and start alone I have God and he is all I need. I won’t give up. I was distracted briefly but I thank God for that test because now I’m stronger for that experience and I won’t dare give up. My goals and plans are still in action and has not lost a beat only because the grace of God. My current situation is not my destination but preparation, for God’s glory to be revealed in my life. God did not give up on me so I won’t give up on him. I want to encourage you to keep going. It will get hard, you will have to stand alone, you may even have to cry but don’t give up. You’re almost there. God bless you and keep you. I love you. Please, DON’T GIVE UP!

I believe that Dory was on to something in Finding Nemo. Too many times in life we go around with our heads down or we even feel like giving up when things aren’t going the way that we’ve planned. I know how hard it is but just keep swimming as Dory said. I know it seems like you’ve been under the water forever and you feel like you’re going to drown at any given moment but keep swimming. You’ve been holding your breath longer than you’ve planned but the more you swim the closer you’ll get to that breakthrough, keep going! You may have to face some sharks and you may even have to be placed in some lonely and uncomfortable situations but keep going, you’re almost there. If you do what you can. God will do the rest. Just keep swimming, you’re almost there. ☺️

Have you ever been somewhere that you’re not completely sure how you even got there? For instance a job. You know that you applied and went through the interview process etc. and that’s how you got the job but ten years down the road you are wondering what happened? Maybe you were supposed to have your own business or doing something else with your life but instead you just keep going to that job that has had you stuck in that same position for ten years with the same people that seems to be stuck there as well. “Steady going but never moving.” This can be very frustrating especially when we proclaim to be Children of God and some are forever learning but never coming into the knowledge of truth.(2 Timothy 3:7) Some of us depend on our pastors and bishops for too much. The bible says to study to show “thyself”approved. (2 Timothy 2:15) A lot of Christians are too lazy to read the bible and pray so they’ll go to others for all the answers and that’s where the forever learning but never coming into the knowledge of truth comes in. Have you ever been in the company of a room full of idiots and all of a sudden you begin to feel dumb? Remove yourself from that situation. Those people are there to keep you from growing. If you know that one plus one equals two but everyone else in the room are convincing you that it’s zero because you forgot to look at it this way or that way then kindly excuse yourself from such ignorance. People we need to wake up. It’s no wonder that so many Christians are led astray. People will capitalize off your ignorance. If you are truly a Child of God then seek God. Try the spirit by the spirit. If something does not line up with the word of God don’t dismiss it. Don’t believe everything you hear or see because some people will led you straight to hell. Look to the hills from which cometh your help knowing that your help comes from God, the maker of heaven and earth. Seek God first and stop putting your confidence in people.

Love “it” enough to let go….

Sometimes we put our all into our jobs even to the point of where we are unknowingly putting “it” before our families or we give material things more value and place over our lives more than we value ourselves. Sometimes we even love our friends, children or spouse so much that we spend so much time and energy making sure that they’re happy and comfortable that we end up burned out, sad and uncomfortable. We put ourselves in situations that propels everybody and everything else forward while we are stuck in a quick sand of strongholds.

Let “it” go…

I know that it’s hard to say no when all your life you’ve been the ambassador to YES. Yes I’ll loan you that $500.00 knowing you’ll never see that $500.00 again. Yes I’ll watch your kids tonight, knowing dang well that it took her 3 days to come pick up her kids the last time. Yes I’ll work double shift three days in a row, knowing that you told little Johnny that you would be at his baseball game no matter what.

Let “it” go.

Sometimes we don’t even realize how much damage “it” is causing in our lives because we’ve become so accustomed to being abused. Sometimes we are being used and abused and we think it’s all in the name of love but hear me loud and clear when I tell you that it’s time to love “it” enough to let it go. When I say let go it doesn’t mean walk away from every situation. I’m not saying quit your job or leave your spouse but what I am saying is that you need to do some soul searching on your end and find out what it is that’s keeping you bound to being hurt and short ended over and over again and YOU need to let “it” go. God has given us power over these strongholds that attaches themselves to us and they will never let go unless we stop holding on to “it.”

That “it” is very comfortable and it is very hard to let “it” go but, God cannot place what he has in store for you into your life with that “it” in the way.

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone so that you can live in purpose. You’ve been holding on to “it” too long and it’s been of no good to you. It’s time to love “it” enough to let “it” go….

Scripture reading: 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

Somebody once said  it ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to… With that in mind what are you saying about yourself? A lot of times people claim to be this or that but their actions or their words don’t match up with who they say they are. People are going to call it how they see it and not how you say it. If you say that you’re a doctor then before you are placed in the position to work in someone’s hospital they’ll want to see your credentials. Your words don’t mean 2 cent without that degree. The same goes for Christians.. If you claim to be a child of God but on your Facebook page your name is “Wetter than a Ocean Banks,” and you’re half naked on all your photos then… 👀🤔🙄 Ah, Houston we have a problem. People are going to automatically think a certain way about you and they aren’t going to pay you any attention when you try to minister to them because they’ve already made up in their minds that you’re a “thot” and you have no credibility. We have to do better in the way of making sure that our lifestyle is matching up with what we’re speaking. Remember Actions speak louder than words.

Scripture reading: 1 Corinthians 10:31

Don’t feel bad dog. Poor thing. His owner gets him all excited about who’s this good boy and all the while it’s him. He probably wants to meet this good boy and give him a paw shake because he hears nothing but good things about this “Good boy.” Here he is greeting his owner every day at the door and holding his pee for hours until his owner gets home, only for this “Good Boy” to get all the credit. I don’t know why but I just kind of got upset too. Anyways, how many of us find ourselves worrying about the wrong things? My advice to you and our K9 friend is don’t care yourself to death… Think about those words carefully. I’m not saying don’t care but I am saying don’t care so much that you begin to worry or that it kills you.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what our friends think, or if we made our parents proud, how does social media portray us or will someone accept us? When we become wrapped up in someone else idea of who we are, we lose our identity and the very thing that sets us apart from everyone else. The fact of the matter is that we hate to let people down, even if that means compromising how we feel or what we believe. We hate to let them down because of FEAR… Fear that we won’t be accepted, appreciated and loved. This is why it’s so hard for teens dealing with peer pressure. They want to be a part of the crowd and socially accepted so they say yes even if they know it’s a bad idea. Adults are peer pressured as well. It may not be on the same scale as a teen but sometimes it’s an even larger scale. Sometimes we put the pressure on ourselves. We see how big “The Jones” house is and how perfect their lawn is and the greenery is out of this world! The next thing you know we’re swimming in dept trying to keep up with the Jones’s. Then we find out that the Jones grass is out of this world but so is their minds! They’re all looney. Their whole family is like a family out of a crazy movie where everything has to be perfect. They never let their baby outside to play in the dirt and here you are with Todd Jr. and Randy and they’re not only playing in the dirt but rolling around in it. They’ve poured water in the dirt and made and tried a mud pie at least twice. The Jones look at you from across the lawn and shake their heads in disgust. Even the 11 month old baby Jones takes his paci out of his mouth and shakes his head. You try to hurry and dust your kids off but they were having so much fun and that’s when you realize. You don’t have what it takes to be a Jones but, that’s ok. You would rather be true to yourself instead of being true to someone else’s idea of who you should be. I think it’s time that we realize that we’re the good boy, girl, lady or man. Be happy with your love handles or your big nose or your crooked toe. Don’t kill yourself trying to be someone else. There are far more important issues at hand than caring about what someone else thinks of you. How do you feel about yourself? Are you keeping it 100 with you or with everyone else? If you’re only keeping it real with everyone else then you’re living a lie…We need to worry more about our purpose in life and pleasing God because pleasing people will get you in a hell of a lot of trouble.

John 21: 15-17

Words take root within your heart as every seed you’ve planted grows-

Choked by thorns and thistles of many was once a lovely rose-

Weeds sprouting out of nowhere but everywhere by people who has broken into your life source-

Only to get you off course-

Trying to steal away your purpose until your empty in a room that’s filled with remorse-

Check your inventory.

Your heart is your storeroom and whatever is in it will come out-

What are you selling on the storefront of your tongue or has it sold you out?-

Check your inventory.

Are you speaking life into your warehouse or do you receive things as they come?-

Are you checking your labels for The WORD of GOD, are you concerned with where they come from?-

Check your inventory.

Whether you’re conscious of it or not, the stock room is there-

Whether you’re conscious of it or not whatever you’re speaking it’s there-

Whether you’re conscious of it or not your life is a direct reflection of your words-

Whether you’re conscious of it or NOT your heart take root of things you’ve heard-

Check your inventory.

Are you walking in the preparation of the gospel of peace?-

Or are you living a life of chaos and defeat?-

Check your inventory.

When you randomly speak, listen to yourself. You’re not randomly speaking. Those words come straight off the shelves of your heart. Be careful what you say today because you will have to eat those words tomorrow whether they are bitter or sweet.

Scripture reading: Proverbs 18:21

I hope that this poem that I’ve wrote blesses you in a way that you no longer let anything fall from your lips. I hope you have the audacity to speak life, health, hope, love and prosperity into your life. Check your inventory. Much love. 🙂