Born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. I've loved to write since grade school. I am a Biblical Counselor, Chef, and self published author of the books titled, “One For The Reason Of Love” and “Betrayed With A Kiss.”

God keep my mind focused, my heart guarded, and my motives pure. Help me to stay in my own lane, so that I can make sure that my life is straight, and that it glorifies you. Protect me from the snares of the enemy. Keep me from walking into temptations trap. 

Forgive my sins. Take any worries that I have away, especially those regarding things I can’t change. Thank you for empowering me to change the things I can change, and thank you for wisdom, that has taught me to let go of anything beyond my control and trust you with it. You’re a good God. Help me to be faithful over the gifts you have given me. Let my gifts glorify you. 

Anyone or anything set to turn me away from you, I ask you to permanently remove from my life. I don’t have time to entertain anything that’s not of you. Keep me on the straight and narrow, so that I will please and honor only you. In Jesus name. Amen. 

If someone wants to walk out of your life, let them go! It could be the best thing that ever happened to you. Holding on to the wrong person can keep you from the right one, or even delay your blessings. Let them move out of your way, so that you can see clearly. Sometimes, the very person you’re holding on to is your biggest distraction.

Don’t be a person who tries to make everyone or even one person love you. You can’t make anyone treat you right, love you, or be loyal to you. Accept the fact that a part of growing is accepting the fact that you will grow apart from some people. Some of these people will be friends or family members. Not everyone can go where God is taking you.

So, if they leave, bid them farewell, and continue to keep on keeping on. What God has for you, is for you, whether it’s a relationship, job, healing and wholeness, financial breakthrough, or whatever you need. God is the Source. Everything else is a resource. Depend on no one but God alone, and remember, if God is all you have, you have EVERYTHING, that you need. ❤️

Read my book, “How to let go and let God.”

Some people don’t stay in a relationship out of love, they stay because they’re in fear. Fear of being alone. Fear of starting over. Fear of losing something. Fear of the unknown, or even the future, to name a few.

Love has nothing to do with fear. 1 John 4:18 (GNT) “There is no fear in love; perfect love drives out all fear. So then, love has not been made perfect in anyone who is afraid, because fear has to do with punishment.” If you are being held hostage by your own fears, it’s time to overcome those “what if’s” and those negative thoughts, and replace them with the thoughts God has for you. God has said, “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” ~ Jeremiah 29:11

Stop holding on to people who mean you no good, out of fear of who you think you’ll become outside of them. Put your complete faith in God, and know that He got you. Never put a person in the position to be Lord over your life. That position belongs to God. Power belongs to God.

If He can love the real you, so can you. The only way to receive God’s best for you is to let go of what you consider, the best that you can do. Read my book, “How to let go and let God.”

Get out of your feelings and get to work.

Your focus is a major key in life. Your focus can either make you or break you. It can either open doors or close doors. It can create a stepping stool or it will be a stumbling block. It’s all about your perception. 

It takes wisdom to see clearly, because not everything you see with your eyes is the truth. Sometimes you must look at things from a spiritual point of view. You can’t be in your feelings about who did this, or who didn’t do that, or how you’re at a disadvantage, or how life isn’t fair… All of these things may be true, but what are you going to do about it? Are you going to let the odds stacked against you, stop you from doing what you were created to do?

Stop making excuses as to why you can’t do something. Stop blaming other people for your shortcomings, failures, or disappointments. Never allow people or a situation to dictate how far you can go in life. The greatest achievers in life believed they could, and so, they became. Not everything will go your way all the time, but you can’t get in your feelings about it. 

Sulking in your feelings is a waste of time. Learn the lesson and grow. You must learn how to fail, before you can win, and what I mean by that is, you must learn how to handle failures successfully. Don’t allow a fail to make you a loser, especially a sore loser. It doesn’t matter what the loss is. 

Take that experience as a learning opportunity and win! 

So, today marks one year since I decided to make working out a part of my lifestyle instead of something I did to reach a certain weight. Before I began making this lifestyle change I had spent my life working out, hitting a plateau, and then giving up because my body would pause at an undesired weight. I would think to myself, what’s the use? I might as well not work out at all if I’m never going to be the size I want to be.

My perspective changed exactly a year ago, because I began to be more interested in my overall health rather than just a number on the scale. I can count the times I’ve been on a scale in the past year, on one hand. Before this lifestyle change, I’d do it often and sometimes I’d want to fling the scale out of the window because it would be stuck on the same number that it was a month, or two, or even six months before.

Anyway, I no longer care about that magical number that I once felt would take many of my woes away. I’ve learned to be happy with who I am and doing what I can to stay healthy. The number on the scale doesn’t define me, God does! So, I’ve learned to be happy with progression, whether it’s very noticeable or barely, because it’s still progress. As long as I’m moving forward, I’m moving in the right direction.

A year later and I feel good! Pants that were once tight, are now loose. I can see more of my curves. Other people can see a difference, and guess what? The weight loss is mostly in inches! If I only went by the scale, I’d be sad and frustrated, because I’ve only lost ten pounds, but I’ve lost mad inches!

I’m proud of myself, as I celebrate my progress! This is motivation to keep going no matter how slow progress seems. Little changes today will make a big difference tomorrow. So, cheers! 🥂 Here’s to everyone who’s making progress, be it fast or slow! Whether you’re on a weight loss journey, career, or whatever your personal goals are! May God continue to fuel you with everything you need for the task ahead, and may you remember that this race isn’t given to the swift, but to the one who endures to the end! ❤️ God bless.

Father, I pray that you comfort the hearts of those who are full of worry from the troubles of this world or personal issues they face in every day life. Lord, help them to rest their minds by giving their troubles to you. Jesus, we trust you. You are Lord over all, and your Kingdom never ends! You reign forever. You’re bigger God. Bigger than anything and everything life throws at us. We put our hope in you. We thank you that the war is already won. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord. We do not walk in fear. We walk by faith and complete love. We are free, delivered, victorious, and powerful. We are a people who shall not want because You take care of every one of our needs. We plead the blood of Jesus over our minds, our lives, and our family, to include the entire body of Christ. We declare 1 Peter 2:9 over our lives. “But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.” We’re not afraid of tomorrow because we know you’re there. We thank you for knowing the beginning and the end and everything in between. No matter where we are in life God, you are there. Thank you for mercy. Thank you for grace. Thank you for favor, but most importantly, thank you for your love. Your love keeps us, even when we can’t keep ourselves. Your love protects, covers, restores, heals, empowers, frees, delivers and so much more! If we had a thousand tongues we couldn’t thank you enough. We take the focus off ourselves and give you the glory, Lord. You deserve to be magnified. You deserve the praise. You are God, and you reign forever. Have your way in our lives. Take a seat on the throne of our hearts. We turn our cares over to you. In Jesus name. Amen. 🙏🏾

Tonight’s prayer:

Lord, give me the motivation to do everything that I need to do. Don’t let me get caught up in one area and start slacking in another. Be my strength and inspiration. You’ve already equipped me with everything I need for the task ahead. Help me to put that power into practice. Your word says, ”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Help me to prioritize my life. Keep me focused on the bigger picture and not just a small aspect of it, or whatever it is I may be going through. You are bigger than my problems. I thank you that all things are working for my good. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

I might step on some toes, but here goes…

Sometimes it’s not the enemy… it’s you, but blaming the enemy keeps YOU from being accountable for your actions, and it keeps YOU comfortable in your mess. Now, that mess could mean anything. It could be YOUR own ways, a lack of faith, living with a victims mentality, and so many other things people are comfortably struggling with. You would think that struggling is uncomfortable, but some people have gotten so accustomed to it that it has become their way of life. They blame the enemy for showing up to the fight, but they don’t take accountability for being unprepared. Instead, they just lay there and take the punches and complain, when God has equipped them with everything they need to fight their battles.

This battle is not for the faint of heart, and Jesus said, we each have to carry our cross. If you claim to be a child of God, stop living with a defeated mindset. As long as YOU continue to live with a defeated mindset, you’ll continue to lose, because in your mind, your situations or what you see has already won… You better come out of that and get back in the game. Stop taking punch, after punch, after punch and put on the whole armor of God and fight back.

God doesn’t have any cowardly soldiers. Get out of YOUR feelings! I purposely capitalized YOU and YOUR because when you choose to blame people, or even the enemy for your lack of faith, success, or anything else you feel you lack in your life, it’s not really about them, it’s about you. Everything else should be a non factor, because you should be confident in who you are and whose you are. The enemy only have the power you give him.

Take your power back by getting out of your feelings. At some point you must learn to let go… Quit comfortably struggling and get my new book, “How to let go and let God.” Click below! ❤️

Self check: You good?

We really have to guard our hearts because if we don’t, we will miss the opportunity to bless others. Sometimes, we can get so wrapped up in what we go through, that we allow what’s going on outside, to get inside of us, but God is calling us higher. Just because we’re hurting, doesn’t mean we should hurt others. Just because we’re going through the fire, doesn’t mean we should put others through hell. You know what Jesus said the two greatest commandments are? 

First, “Love the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul and all your mind.” And the second one is, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” – Matthew 22:37-39. So before we get offended or go around with our defenses up, ready to snap on anyone we feel is trying us; remember, it’s our duty as God’s people, to be a light to others. How can the world tell us apart if we’re out here acting a fool and doing things from our feelings, when we should be doing things out of love. Remember, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

You never know what people are going through. Try to act out of understanding instead of reacting out of hurt, fear or anger. Never miss the opportunity to be a light. You may be thinking, what about me? What about what I’m going through. 

Who’s going to be there to support or comfort me while I go through? Can I be honest with you? When you pour into others, God will pour into you. God will sustain you and He will send the right people to bless you, His way. So, let’s make a pact, to be mindful about how we treat others. 

You may not be doing okay, but don’t ruin it for others. God is watching what you do while you’re going through, just as He watches what you do after your breakthrough. Let’s love one another, with the love of God, and while you’re at it, check out my book, ‘How to let go and let God’ on Amazon. Love you. Ttyl.