If it’s hard for you to get over them, do this. 👇🏾

🚫 Delete their phone number.
🚫 Don’t check their social media pages
🚫 Don’t spend your days wondering what went wrong!
✅ Focus on strengthening your relationship with God, and finding/walking in your purpose.
✅ Get a hobby, perfect your craft, or do something positive that impacts your community and the world around you. Spend time with people who do love you.
✅ Focus on self care. (Make time for YOU) Go to a spa. Read a book. Get counseling. Workout and eat better. Set goals, and begin to work towards them. Buy yourself something nice, just because, you deserve it! Treat yourself to dinner, a movie, or even a weekend getaway. Remember taking care of your mind, body, and spirit, is crucial to being your best self. Gotta have balance.

Pour everything into yourself that you were being drained of in a previous situation/relationship. When you begin to focus on what’s truly important, your mindset shifts, and you only have room for growth and positive energy. You won’t even be attracted to what you used to like, because you no longer walk according to that mindset. It’s all about having the right focus and staying focused, because it will be futile to do the self work required to be your best self, just to get distracted and fall back into a pattern of bad habits.

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