Know your worth and stick to it.

Once they know that they can get away with degrading you, they will lose all respect for you. They won’t see you as loyal, they’ll see you as stupid! You can do better. Love yourself. Set boundaries and standards and stick to them.

You don’t have to comprise your standards, morals, and respect, for someone who can’t meet them. Think of anything of value and high quality in life. If someone can’t afford that high quality item, it’s not going to lower its value just so that person can afford it. No! That person will have to do what it takes to get what they want, whether it’s a house or anything of great value.

You’re worth more than any material thing so, DO NOT SETTLE! If someone is really serious about you, they will do what it takes to honor you, respect you, love you, and commit to you! You don’t have to settle for anything less just to keep someone around. Sometimes people don’t know how to handle a person of value so when they get someone, they misuses them! For instance. Take someone who don’t keep up their property.

They throw trash on their lawn and they’re overall sloppy. If you give them a mansion, they aren’t going to suddenly keep the mansion up! They will trash that mansion and bring its value down. The mansion will still be a mansion, but its value will decrease because the wrong occupant lives there. You may have the wrong occupant living in your heart!

The wrong occupant may be tied to your soul! 🥴 This person’s spirit is destructive and they are bringing you down! Get out of your feelings and get rid of them! Your value doesn’t go up based on whether you are in a relationship! Your value goes up and stays up when you know your worth and you refuse to settle for ANYTHING less, than what you deserve! ❤️

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