Trouble getting your flesh in check? No worries. This prayer is for you.

God, my flesh and my spirit are always in conflict, because my flesh is in cahoots with this world, and my spirit longs for the righteousness of you. My fleshly side is selfish, and wants what it wants, and will go to great lengths to get what it desires, and I realize that’s dangerous. I don’t want to do your Will, my way, God. It’s not possible to do that, because I’d really be catering to myself, and my natural desires. I realize that I need deliverance from myself.

The desires of our flesh is temporary, and will die with our bodies, but the spirit is eternal. Teach me to focus on the things that are eternal, instead of worrying about the things that this world believes is praise worthy. Teach me, so that I have an understanding. Lead me so that I won’t follow my own ways down a destructive path. Give me the wisdom to choose your way, even when I’m tired, when I can’t see a way through, and especially during those times when you seem far away and I feel all alone.

I know you’re always near me, your Spirit is in me, you go before me, and your loving grace surrounds me. I’m in desperate need of seeing things from your point of view, God. Making my own decisions based on the realities of this life, has not yielded favorable results, but that has not stopped your favor on my life, and for that, I’m grateful. You are so good to me and I want to honor you with my whole life. I want to love people, genuinely, the way that you’ve taught us to love.

I want to give selflessly, without requiring anything in return. I want to be so filled with your spirit, that I don’t ever stress about anything, because I know that your grace is sufficient at all times. Teach me how to feel, without operating in my feelings. Help me to exercise the patience you’ve given me, instead of taking the convenient way out of things. Forgive me for every time that I’ve done what I wanted, instead of waiting and being obedient to you.

Give me the strength to live my life according to your Will. Give me the self discipline to walk according to your ways. I want your Will for me, more than I want my plans for me. In Jesus name. Amen.

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  1. desirayl says:

    Beautiful prayer.


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