New Year’s prayer.

Father God, thank you for allowing me to see a new year. A new year filled with hope and new opportunities. The ride here has been rocky and uncertain at times, but your grace has been sufficient and as always, you’ve been faithful. You’ve provided me with more than enough, and I trust you with the road ahead. Thank you for last year’s lessons, it has given me wisdom to navigate the road ahead. Thank you for the dark days, it kept me looking for the silver lining. I am optimistic about the future, because you’re already there, and there’s nothing I can’t get through, as long as I have you. Thank you for your love and protection as I continue to move forward into my destiny. Thank you for those divine appointments that I’m on my way to. Thank you for ordering my steps and keeping me, even when I got discouraged and distracted. I decree and declare that this is a year of broken chains, in which you will show yourself more strong and powerful in the lives of those who trust in you. This is the year of manifestation, open doors, and transformation. I decree and declare this. Lord thank you, we made it. In Jesus name. Amen. #HappyNewYear2021

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