I can’t stand the rain. (A poem by Shubricca L Bell)

Cuddle weather without a boo to cuddle with, is like a blunt with no fie-

like a stove with no eye-

like American, no pie-

I can’t even lie-

I’m not the type to be in my feelings, but the sound of the rain-

against my window pane-

only adds the fuel to the flame-

Fire up that Mary Jane-

hell, it’s goin’ burn anyway-

Wait, is this a safe space?-

cuz I’m tired of this shit-

and having enough options to fill a room may be entertaining, but it’s still not enough to fill a heart of loneliness-

you’re probably like, “How could that be?”-

Well, a room’s big, but a heart’s deep-

the flesh is shallow-

but two souls makes one complete-

I’m going on, and on, and on, like Badu-

and the only thing I am getting is a “May God bless you”-

well can that list of blessings consist of a husband? I don’t want another boy “friend”-

Tired of inhaling all my feelings, I just want to breathe again-

Tired of going with the flow, when the flow ain’t even real-

they do the most for your attention, but they’re not giving you something you can feel-

I’m tired of spooning with my pillow, but I won’t compromise my worth-

just for anyone to lay beside, but damn… this rain’s a reminder that the truth hurts-

and the truth is… I CAN’T STAND THE RAIN.

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