What Christmas means. A short story by, Shubricca L Bell (Part 1)

Lisa walked into her bathroom and turned on her shower. Then she took off her robe and hung it on the over door rack. She got into the shower and turned on her Bluetooth speaker. “Boom, boom, dun-nun-nun-dun-boom, boom,” she sang, imitating the instrumentals of Stevie Wonder’s “What Christmas means to me.” Then she began to sing as the first verse came in, “Oh yeah

“Candles burning low-

Lots of mistletoe-

Lots of snow and ice-

Everywhere we go-“

TJ, her new boyfriend of six weeks walked past the bathroom, and backed up when he heard her singing. 

He stood in the doorway for a minute, smiling, and admiring her off key tunes and silly dance moves.  “Babe,” he said. “Yeah,” Lisa said. “I have to get to work, but see you at the party?” he said. “Of course,” Lisa said, while sliding the glass door so she could get a glimpse of TJ fine chocolate self. 

“You sure that you don’t want to join me?” she said, with a slight smile and the tip of her index finger in her mouth. “As tempting as that sounds, I can’t,” he said, before coming to give her a quick peck on the lips. “But we’ll pick up where we left off tomorrow night, at my place,” he said. “Ouu, I almost love your place as much as I love you!” she said. TJ laughed, “Well the offer still stands. 

You can move in anytime you want.” “Just let me think about it, okay?” Lisa said. “No pressure. I’ll see you tomorrow night. I love you,” TJ said, before giving Lisa another peck on the lips, and turning to leave. 

“Love you too, baby. Have a great day! Knock ‘em dead,” she said. TJ turned around with a neutral facial expression. “Bad joke?” she said.

“Um yeah, that was pretty bad,” he said. “Okay, well, keep ‘em alive?” she said. TJ smiled and shook his head, “You’re so cute. Come here. One more kiss for the road,” he said, before they shared a passionate French kiss. 

“Damn,” he said, with pleasure. “Oh, no. I’ve gotten you all wet,” Lisa said. “It wouldn’t be the first time,” TJ said, with a smirk. Lisa laughed, “Bye babe.” 

“I’ll see you, tomorrow night,” TJ said. “Yes you will,” Lisa said. Later on that day, Lisa’s best friends stopped by her house for a couple of hours, for some girl talk, which was also the name of Lisa’s popular podcast, in which she produces from her home studio. Lisa told the girls how she’d fallen in love in just six weeks, and she told them about the designer bags, and jewelry that TJ has graced her with. Two of her best friends advised her to slow things down a bit, but Janita, her other best friend, disagreed, and praised Lisa for whatever she had done to bag a man like TJ in the first place.

“Girl, aht aht! Don’t enable her! She already has the ‘big head’ every since she landed Mr. Cardiologist,” Tinesha said. “You mean, Mr. Cardiothoracic Surgeon,” Lisa said, referring to her new boo. “What’s the difference?” Tinesha asked. “Um, about eighty thousand dollars,” Lisa said, before giving Koreyn a high five, and taking a sip of her champagne. 

“Yes, boo. Enjoy your life. If you like it, I love it, and forget what Tinesha says. If this man wants to take you on trips, buy you expensive gifts, and spoil you, then enjoy it. It’s not like you can’t take care of yourself, but there’s nothing wrong with a man who wants to make sure that his woman is straight too. 

See, the problem is, so many of us women aren’t used to this type of treatment. It’s rare these days,” Janita said. “Oh, Lord. She’s about to preach,” Tanesha said. “I’m not about to preach, but I will say this; there’s way too many women out here taking care of these man boys,”Janita said. 

“A-men,” Koreyn said, agreeing by putting her glass of champagne in the air. “Janita… if you don’t like men, just say that,” Tanesha said. “Oop,” Lisa said. Janita threw a throw pillow at Tanesha, who sat on the sofa to her right. “I like men…” Janita said, before clearing her throat, and scratching the side of her head. 

“Sometimes… Twice on Sunday’s,” she said, before the four besties shared a laugh. “Anyway, I want the three of you to come to this Christmas party he’s having tomorrow,” Lisa said. “What Christmas party?” Koreyn said. “Right.” Tanesha said. “Listen, ladies, I know it’s last minute, but I just found out about the party a couple of days ago. 

I know that you all are normally working or busy, but if you could pull some strings in order to go with me to this party, it would mean the world to me. All of his friends are fine, intelligent, and successful. Who knows, maybe one of y’all can bag a doctor or lawyer too,” Lisa said. “Um, was that shade?” Tanesha said. “Um, yeah, that comment gave me very much shade vibes,” Koreyn said. 

“Yeah, me too, like umberella shade vibes,” Janita said. “Nah, sis. More like oak tree shade,” Tanesha said. Koreyn put on her Ray-Bans. “Not Ray-Ban, shade. 

I didn’t mean it like that y’all. I just want the three of you to be happy too, and… I don’t want to go to this party by myself,” Lisa said. “See, now that’s something that I can get with… the truth,” Tanesha said. “Come with me please, besties. I feel like I’m going to stick out like a sore thumb in a room full of all those uppity rich people,” Lisa said. 

“Oh, so you don’t want to look bad by yourself. Gotcha,” Janita said. “Girl please. I look good, even on my bad days. I’m not worrying about my physical appearance. 

“Girl they’re just people. What are you nervous about?” Koreyn said. “Yeah, but I’m more of an introvert, and I don’t want to seem awkward around his people. If the three of you are there, it will give me the confidence I need to mingle,” Lisa said. Janita rolled her eyes and said, I guess I could pull some strings, and have my assistant come in a couple hours early tomorrow.” 

“Yeah, I’ll see if the sitter can stay late tomorrow,” Koreyn said. “Koreyn, they’re cats. You act as if they’re real children,” Tanesha said. “They are my children. Don’t talk about my babies,” Koreyn said. 

“Okay, cat lady. On that note, yes, I’ll be there, because Koreyn is slowly turning into the scary, crazy lady with a house full of cats. She needs a man asap. I am off tomorrow, and I had no plans, other than Christmas shopping, so it’s all good,” Tanesha said. “Perfect. 

Thank you ladies,” Lisa said. “Yeah, yeah. Listen, I’m running late for that thing. Love you, but I gotta go,” Tanesha said, as she put her champagne glass on the coffee table and stood up. “Wait. 

What thing?” Lisa said. “She doesn’t have a thing,” Koreyn said, shaking her head. “She’s right. I’m just ready to go. I’m hungry, and Lisa I love you, but I also love meat. 

I can’t get down with the vegan thing,” Tanesha said, before giving Lisa a hug and a kiss on each side of her cheeks. Then she gave Koreyn and Janita a hug and a couple of kisses and left. “I’m out too, sis. I have to get home to my kitties,” Koreyn said. “Okay,” Lisa said. 

Koreyn gave Lisa and Janita a couple of kisses and a hug before leaving. Janita yawned and stretched, then said, “Well it’s getting late. I better head out too.” “No, not you too Janita, and it’s only five o clock,” Lisa said. “Yeah, but it’s dark at five thirty, and if I’m not at work, my body thinks that five thirty means it’s almost bedtime, so I have to go,” Janita said. 

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