I’m just here for the wings. Chapter 4. (Final chapter)

Hey loves! Hope you’ve enjoyed this short story so far! This is the final chapter of “I’m just here for the wings.” Be sure to check out my other holiday short stories here 👇🏾


Chapter 4

Aleah couldn’t stand the thought of suddenly disappearing from Tim’s life after they’d gotten so close. They had enjoyed the last month together, but did Tim feel the same way about her that she felt about him? She wasn’t sure. She didn’t want to be a rebound, but their connection felt genuine. It had to be genuine right? 

After all, she was never looking for love. She’s an Angel!.. but love happened. Tim definitely wasn’t looking for love, seeing that his heart had recently been broken. This decision was tough, and either way, she had to speak with Tim. She called him and told him that she was offered a job position, and she would leave her apartment at 11:59 pm on Christmas Eve.

Tim thought that it would be a great opportunity for her, and encouraged her to take the job, although it was far away, and there was a possibility they’d never see each other again. Although he wanted her to pursue this career opportunity, deep down inside he wanted her to stay, but he didn’t want to tell her that. How could he ask her to choose him over this great opportunity, and he’s only known her for a month? He knew how much this job opportunity meant to Aleah and he supported and respected that above his feelings.

Tim called Autumn on Christmas Eve morning to tell her about Aleah’s job offer. “Mom, I really like this girl. She’s fun, quirky, beautiful, intelligent. I just never thought I’d fall head over heels for someone this fast, and now she’s leaving to accept a job in God knows where.” “Tim, have you told Aleah how you feel about her?” Autumn said. 

“No, because I don’t know if she feels the same way. I mean, how do I know that what I feel for her is real. Maybe I’m just lonely,” Tim said. “Only you can answer those questions son, but if what you feel for her is real, tell her. I’m sure that somehow the two of you can make it work.” 

“How mom? She really wants this job, and I can’t take that from her. I can’t ask her to stay here and be a delivery driver when she has an opportunity to travel the world, and follow her dreams.” “What exactly is this job?” Autumn asked. “I don’t know. 

I think she’s going to be a flight attendant or something. She mentioned something about flying. I can’t remember,” Tim said. “Well, Tim. You can do one of two things. 

You can stay here and let her go, or you can go with her,” Autumn said. “Mom, that’s insane. I’ve only known her a month. Why would I follow her to Timbuktu or wherever she’s going? What if it doesn’t work out? 

What about my career?” “Tim you’re a doctor. People will always need a doctor. You will always have a job,” Autumn said. “Yeah, but what about you? 

I can’t leave you here,” Tim said. “Tim, I’ll be fine. Besides, I met someone.” “What? Who? 

Old dude from the dating site?” he said. “Heck no. His name is Adam. He’s actually coming to dinner tomorrow night.” “Over grandma’s and grandpa’s?” 

“Yep,” Autumn said, in a matter of fact tone. “Too bad you’ll be working,” Autumn said. “Hey, if Aleah has to make a decision today, when does she leave?” “That’s the thing mom, she’s leaving her apartment at 11:59 tonight,” Tim said. “But I thought she was coming over for Christmas dinner tomorrow.

We were looking forward to having her. I guess it’s too bad… Well, what are you going to do?” “ I don’t know mom. I just don’t know…” 

Hours seemed to fly by. Aleah or Tim hadn’t heard from each other all day. Ten minutes before midnight on Christmas, Tim got a break, and rushed over to Aleah’s apartment and knocked on her door. He looked at his watch and the it had just turned midnight. He knocked again, but no answer.

“I’m too late. She’s already gone,” he said. He had been trying to call her for the last hour, but she hadn’t answered. He went back to work. Later on in the afternoon on Christmas Day, Tim’s boss told him that he could get off early, but there was a possibility that he’d need him later on tomorrow night. 

“Go home and enjoy Christmas with your family,” his boss said. “Brent, thank you so much. I really need this,” Tim said. “I know. Merry Christmas,” Brent said. 

“Merry Christmas,” Tim said, before leaving. Tim went home and showered before going to dinner at his grandparents. When he got there, they all exchanged gifts, and sat down for dinner. “Have you heard from Aleah?” grandma said. “No grandma, she was offered a job, and she went for it. 

She left last night,” Tim said. “Oh, Tim. I’m so sorry. She was such a sweetheart too. Well, babe, you want to say grace before we eat,” grandma said to grandpa. 

“Sure,” grandpa said. Just then, the door bell rang. Who could that be on Christmas Day? I’ll get it,” Tim said. When he opened the door, it was Aleah. 

“Delivery for Tim,” she said, with a smile. “Get in here,” he said, with excitement before grabbing her with one arm and holding her close. The two of them shared a kiss beneath the mistletoe that hung above the front door. Everyone was excited to see Aleah. She sat down at the table and grandpa prayed over the food and they all enjoyed Christmas dinner together.

Brodie sat on a cloud and watched from the sky while eating a sweet potato pie. “Well done Aleah,” he said, with a smile. “Well done,” he said, again, before flying away and disappearing into the sky.

The End.

True love comes when we least expect it. Don’t give up hope and don’t ever stop loving. Your person is out there. ❤️

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