I’m just here for the wings. Chapter 3

“I just wish I could go back to simpler times, you know? Entertaining babies in their cribs was much simpler than playing love connection with adults,” Aleah told Brodie. “I have spent so much time learning about Autumn, and I still can’t figure her out. It’s like all she’s meant to do is be there for Tim and do what she love, which is making her handcrafted accessories. She absolutely loves it, and you should see the smiles on peoples faces and the joy it brings to them when they walk in her store, and her spirit is so beautiful, she can brighten up any room. 

She knows how to make people feel at home,” she said. ” “Sounds like you’ve grown very fond of Autumn,” Brodie said. “I have, she’s a sweetheart, and Tim… Tim he’s…” Aleah, said with a smile before sitting on her couch. ”He’s amazing,” she said. 

“You and Tim have been spending a lot of time together since he and his ex girlfriend broke up,” Brodie said. “I know he’s a great guy. I still can’t believe his ex stood him up on Thanksgiving, only to be with, Larry the lazy guy,” Aleah said. ”Well, with Tim’s schedule, he and his ex didn’t have much time to spend together, but she found someone who had a lot of time on his hands. She’s happier, because she’s with her person,” Brodie said. 

“Are you kidding me? The guy who stays at home and plays video games all day, is her person?  But Tim is a whole doctor!” Aleah said. “ True love isn’t about positions and titles, you know that! What matters is, what’s in a person’s heart, and how they connect with others,” Brodie said. 

“That’s true,” Aleah said. ”But enough about his ex. Something tells me that you want to be his new,” Brodie said. Aleah laughed, “That’s ridiculous. An angel can’t be with a human. 

We learned that in angel school remember? Remember what happened in the past? That was a disaster! But somehow when I’m with him I feel like I can fly. It’s as if, I have my wings,” she said. 

“You are in love with him,” Brodie said, with shock and excitement. “I am n- n-,” Aleah said, trying to get the word not, out. “Remember, we can’t lie,” Brodie said. “I am? I’m in love with Tim? 

Oh my goodness. What will the boss think? I’m never getting my wings. Brodie, help!” “Aleah, look!” 

“What?” she said, not realizing she had wings and was floating in the air. “You’re fl-,” Brodie said, before Aleah finished his sentence. “Flying. I’m flying! But how?” she said as she floated in the air. 

“You did it! See!” Brodie said, before making a movement with his hand and showing what was currently going on with Autumn. ”Hi, are you closing the coffee shop early today?” Autumn said, to the vendor next to her. “Yes, my son has a football game today, and I promised him that I’d be there,” the woman said. “Oh, well can I get two coffees before you go?” Autumn said. 

“Of course,” the woman said. After the lady locked up her café for the day and left, one of her regulars came in at his same time as usual, before his night shift at work. “Aww man, she’s closed?” the man said. ”Yeah, she went to her son’s football game, but, I got you,” Autumn said, handing the man a coffee. “Black right?” she asked. 

“No sugar, no cream,” he said. “I told you, I got you,” Autumn said, in a flirtatious tone. “Wow, thank you. How did you know what I like?” he said,  with a smile. “ I pay attention,” she said. 

“I see! Well, what do I owe you?” “Nothing,” Autumn said. “Now go! I know that you rush in here every evening on your way to work,” she said. 

“Wow you do pay attention. Well, at least let me take you out to dinner. I know you love the Mediterranean place down the street, and I’m off work tomorrow. I can pick you up tomorrow night around eight, if that’s cool?” the man said. “Seems like you’ve been paying attention as well,” Autumn said. 

“I’ve seen the delivery guy bringing you food a couple of times,” he said, before they both shared a laugh. “I’m Adam by the way,” he said, before they exchanged information. “Well, I have to go. See you tomorrow night,” he said. “Bye,” Autumn said, in a flirty tone. 

Then Brodie made a hand movement and the visual went away. Aleah came down and stood on the floor. Wow! She did it! I knew she liked that guy. 

I told her to go for it,” she said. “And she did. Adam is Autumn’s person,” Brodie said. “Wow! That’s so amazing,” Aleah said, but then she didn’t look so happy.  “Oh no! 

What’s wrong?” You have your wings! You can move up to guardian status now,” Brodie said. “I. I just feel like.” 

“Like you and Tim are meant to be, huh? I know. Well, it’s not as ridiculous or impossible as it may seem. You have a choice. You can keep your wings and move up to a guardian angel position, or with a snap of my finger, you can forget your present life as an angel, and become mortal. 

There is no guarantee that you and Tim will work out, but with love, you must be willing to take that chance, but it’s completely up to you,” Brodie said. “But won’t I like mess up a divine plan or something? Everybody has a person right? I love him too much to come between that. I don’t want to bring confusion into his life. 

He’s already going to be spending Christmas alone, well, not alone, but at work. That has to be pretty depressing, considering that he lost his ex because he’s always at work. I just don’t know,” Aleah said. “Well, you have until 11:59 pm on Christmas Eve, because Christmas Day, the guardian angel position has to be filled, and if you decide to keep your wings, you will lose your memory of Tim forever,” Brodie said. “Wait. 

What? Why?” Aleah said. “Because, the love you feel for him could be a distraction, and it could keep you from doing your next job,” Brodie said. This was a tough decision. Aleah had thirty hours to decide if she wanted to keep her wings or take a chance at love, which had no guarantees. 

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