I’m just here for the wings. Chapter 2

After Tim’s girlfriend stood him up without explanation on Thanksgiving Day, the next day, she came to his job and broke up with him. He had the ring in his pocket and was going to propose, until he saw Larry, her new boyfriend standing beside her. She had been secretly seeing Larry on the side and had fallen in love with him. Tim was heartbroken, but he held his composure and wished her well. Later that night, he went to Autumn’s house and cried. 

He was crushed, and vowed never to fall in love again and to stay focused on his work. “Son, don’t allow this to turn your heart cold. Never regret loving someone. Continue to love, and do it with all of your heart. The right one will come along and appreciate the man you are, and love you for you,” Autumn said. 

“Okay, but I’m not looking for love anymore. If it happens great. If it doesn’t great. I’m only focusing on me and my career right now,” Tim said. “As you should,” Autumn said. 

“Now help your mom put up this tree and decorations. Are you still coming over for Christmas?” she said. “Unfortunately, I will be working Christmas mom. I had a choice of taking off Thanksgiving or Christmas, and I chose Thanksgiving because that was the day I was going to propose,” Tim said. “Well, it’s okay. 

I understand. Listen, don’t beat yourself up about any of this. We all live and we learn. When your father died, I vowed to never remarry, but it’s been twenty six years, and it’s something about your forties that have you reconsidering a lot of things you may have sworn you weren’t going to do back in your twenties. It’s time for momma to get her groove back. 

I’ll always love your father, but I believe he’d want me to be happy, so I’m going to start dating. I’ve been on this dating site, and I’m going on a date tomorrow,” Autumn said. “Dating site? What dating site? Oh, no mom. 

Most of the guys on dating sites are looking for one thing,” Tim said. “How would you know?” Autumn said. “Because, I used to be one of those guys in my late teens and early twenties before I met, you know who,” Tim said. “Yeah, well your momma can handle herself. Okay?” 

“Yeah, well I still need to check this guy out before you go on a date with him,” Tim said. Autumn laughed, and then she went over to the mantle on top of the fireplace and grabbed the first picture Timmy took with Santa. “Remember this day?” she said. “Yeah, it was torture, and the only reason I did it was because you promised me hot chocolate and cookies,” Tim said. “Oh, the cookies,” Autumn said, as she put the picture down and ran to the stove to quickly take the sugar cookies out of the oven. 

“Perfect,” she said. Tim picked up the picture and smiled at his six year old self. “I can’t wait to have a Tim jr. so that I can continue the tradition of torturing him with a big fat guy with a big white beard in a big red suit, just so I can get a holiday portrait. Autumn laughed. They continued to decorate the tree and eat cookies and drink hot chocolate, with lots of marshmallows. 

Two days after Thanksgiving, Aleah went to shop at Autumns store and noticed she was smiling at a man at the cafe next door. “He’s cute. You should go for it,” Aleah said. The man smiled at Autumn, checked his watch and grabbed his cup of coffee and rushed out of the mall. “He was checking you out too, you know,” Aleah said. 

“Yeah, but he’s always in a rush, but um, honey, he is fine,” Autumn smiled with delight, as she watched the man leave. “Anyway, I’m sorry baby. What can I help you with?” “Your mom gave me your card and told me to check out your boutique. This jewelry is amazing. 

You made all of this yourself?” Aleah said. “I sure did. I love making jewelry. Always have since I was a little girl.” A couple of regulars walked in. 

“Honey, I’m home,” one woman said. Hi Autumn. What do you have new for me?” another said.  “Excuse me sweetie, I’ll be right back,” Autumn told Aleah. “Sure go ahead. 

I’m just browsing.” After an our in the store, Aleah left with hundreds of dollars of accessories. Autumn was getting ready to close the shop when Tim walked in to surprise her with take out from her favorite Mediterranean restaurant. Autumn introduced Tim to Aleah, and immediately they hit it off. Aleah was supposed to help Autumn find love, but it seems that Autumn was the one playing match maker. 

Tim and Aleah went on several dates and talked on the phone every day for the past month. Tim was such a great guy and Aleah couldn’t believe that his ex would dump him for a guy that literally stayed home most days playing video games. Aleah enjoyed spending time with Tim and wanted to help him find love, but that wasn’t her job. Autumn was her person, and she had to help her find the one for her. A couple of days before Christmas, Aleah went to buy more accessories for Christmas gifts. 

“Oh, hi Aleah,” Autumn said. “Hi Autumn. You know it’s something about this place that makes me feel at home whenever I’m here,” Aleah said. “That’s love you feel,” Autumn said. “It sure is. 

You can tell that you love what you do, and you love people too,” Aleah said. “I do,” Autumn said. “Speaking of love. Have you and Mr. Dark Chocolate and black coffee went on a date yet?” “Mr. Dark chocolate?” Autumn asked. 

“Don’t pretend as if you don’t know who I’m talking about. You know that tall dark and handsome guy who comes here all the time to get a coffee from next door.” “Oh, him,” Autumn smiled. “He’ll be here soon. Speaking of dark chocolate…

I’m not the only one who likes my man tall, dark, and handsome. Tim told me that the two of you have been spending a lot of time together,” Autumn said. “We have. Tim is a great guy. You did well with him, but we’re just friends,” Aleah said. 

“What? You’re not down with the swirl?” Autumn said. “Huh? What? Of course I am. 

I mean, I don’t think of Tim in that way. Truly, we’re just friends,” Aleah said. “Okay,” Autumn said, throwing up her hands and then ringing up Aleah’s items. “If you say so, but the best relationships begin with friendship. Tim’s dad and I started as just friends.

Next thing you know, we were married. Shortly after I gave birth he was called to war, and lost his life in battle, God rest his soul.” “You miss him, don’t you?” Aleah said. “I do. Even after twenty six years, but lately, especially the last month, I’ve really been feeling as if it’s finally time for me to move on. 

It’s like, I suddenly had the urge to just, move on with my life. I wonder what’s up with that.” “I know right. Well, I have to go,” Aleah said, grabbing her bags of accessories. “Okay, see you at grandma’s for Christmas dinner, right?” Autumn said. 

“I’ll be there,” Aleah said, throwing up her hand to say bye as she rushed out of the door. “Strange child. She’s sweet though, but strange,” Autumn said, before humming to the tunes of “Let it snow that played on the radio.” The cafe owner next door was moping the floor an hour earlier than usual. Autumn knew that she usually does that around 6:55 because she closes at seven in the evening. 

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