I’m just here for the wings: A short story by Shubricca L Bell.

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited because it’s that time of year when I write Holiday short stories! I began this last year because usually during this time of year I’m cuddled up with some hot cocoa or wine, and I’m watching the Hallmark Channel, but I was inspired to start writing my own stories! The truth is, I write more than anything else, so why not combine my love for writing with my favorite time of year, and put out something that will put a smile on people’s face and hopefully lighten the load they’ve been carrying all year? This year has been a challenge for all of us, but by the grace of God we’re still here. 🙌🏾 I thank God for keeping us, and pray for the families that have lost loved ones this year.

May God comfort your hearts and bring peace to your mind this holiday season and forever more. Hopefully the stories I write will uplift your spirit and inspire you in some way. Now, without further ado, I introduce my first short story for this holiday season. Oh, and stay tuned by signing up for email notifications, so that you won’t miss anything! Here’s chapter 1 of, “I’m just here for the wings,” by yours truly, enjoy! ❤️

(Winter wonderland plays in the background as people shop in the mall. Music fades)

“No mommy, no! Please don’t make me go,” Little Timmy cried, as he tightly grabbed his mother’s trench coat. “Autumn, maybe this was a mistake,” Timmy’s grandmother said. “No, he’s fine,” Autumn said, as she adjusted her purse strap on her shoulder and bent down. “Timmy, remember we talked about this? 

There’s nothing to be afraid of. Santa’s your friend. See, look at all of the other little girls and boys. They’re happy to see Santa because they know that he’s going to bring them whatever they want on Christmas Day! See how big they’re smiling,” she pointed to a brother and sister who sat on both sides of Santa’s lap? 

“All you have to do is sit on Santa’s lap for two seconds and tell him what you want for Christmas, and afterwards, we will go and get some hot chocolate,” Autumn said. “With lots of marshmallows?” Timmy asked. “With lots of marshmallows,” Autumn said. “Can we get cookies, too?” Timmy asked. “Sure, but you have to go talk to Santa, quick, so he’ll know what to bring you.” 

“Okay,” Timmy said. “That’s my big boy,” Autumn smiled, and stood back up. A woman dressed in an elf costume came to greet Timmy and walk him to Santa. Autumn’s mom began giggle. “You are determined to get this picture, aren’t you?” she said. 

“By any means necessary, mom. He’s growing up so fast, and I just want to capture every moment,” Autumn said. “I know, but you were scared of Santa when you were his age too, remember?” Autumn’s mom said. “I know, and in order to get me to take the picture, I remember you told me the same thing I just told him,” Autumn said. “I remember,” Autumn’s mom said, with a smile.

“Awww. Look at him mom! He’s already six,” Autumn said, while looking lovingly at Timmy talking to Santa and then taking his picture. “Yes, time flies. Before you know it, he’ll be graduating high school, off to college, getting married, and you’ll be grandma Autumn,” her mom said. “Whoa mom, slow down. 

I don’t even want to think about being a grandma right now. I’m still young and fine,” Autumn said. “Yeah, well keep living,” her mom said. The elf began to walk Timmy back to Autumn. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Autumn asked her mom. “Hey, big guy! 

You did so good,” Autumn said, as she took Timmy’s hand and the three of them began to walk. “Honey, all I’m saying is, enjoy being young and fine, because one day young and fine will turn into old and ouch!” “Old and ouch?” Autumn said, with a laugh. “Yeah, the older you get, the more ouch you get. Ouch!” her mom said. 

“Grandma, are you okay?” Timmy said. “Yeah baby, grandma’s just old. Let’s go and get that hot chocolate and those cookies you were asking for,” she said. After they went by the grocery store, they went home to bake Christmas cookies and make hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows! “Grandpa!” Timmy said, as he ran to greet his grandpa who had just walked through the front door. 

Hey, my favorite guy! How was your visit with Santa?” he asked. Grandma and Autumn greeted Grandpa as well. “I brought firewood, and it looks like I’m just in time for cookies and hot chocolate,” he said. Grandma turned on a Christmas movie and Autumn was asleep on the couch in ten minutes. 

Her dad went to get a blanket and put it over her. When he came back to sit on the other couch between Grandma and Timmy, Timmy said, “Grandpa, want to know what I asked Santa for?” “Sure buddy. What did you ask Santa for?” his grandpa said. “I asked him to bring mom someone, so she won’t be lonely,” Timmy said. 

“But your mom isn’t lonely, bud. She has you, and she has me, and grandma,” Grandpa said. “I know, but, you know what I mean, grandpa. You and grandma have each other, and one day I’m going to have someone and I don’t want mommy to be alone,” Timmy said. “Well bud, you don’t have to worry about that for a long time. You’re just a kid right now,” Grandpa said. 

“Yeah, but I have a girlfriend, and I bought her a Christmas gift today,” Timmy said. “A girlfriend?” grandpa asked, while looking at Timmy, then grandma. “A girlfriend? What do you even know about a girlfriend? You’re in kindergarten,” grandpa said. 

“I know, but I grew up! I’m a big boy now,” Timmy said. Grandma and grandpa laughed.” “Yes you are Timmy. Yes you are,” grandma said. 

That was twenty years ago, and today was Thanksgiving Day. The day that Timmy had planned on proposing to his girlfriend of two years. “So what does all of this have to do with me?” Aleah, said. Aleah is the newest Angel on a team of Angel’s who’s job is to bring soul mates together. “You mean to tell me that God really does make someone for everyone?” Aleah asked. 

“Of course, but not in the way that you may think. Not everyone wants to be married, but everyone needs love, and family, even if they’re not blood related. So, it’s our job to help people find their person or purpose, if you will,” Brodie said. “You mean to tell me that this poor woman has been waiting on me to play matchmaker for twenty six years? Why couldn’t one of you have hooked her up with someone?” Aleah said. 

“Because, everyone has someone, and Autumn is your someone,” Brodie said. “Oh, no. Sorry. I don’t get down like that. I’m just here for the wings. 

I was told that I had to come here to get them, so, if you’d just point me in the right direction,” Aleah said. Brodie laughed, “Not like that silly. I’m talking about your mission. You are assigned to Autumn. Help her find whatever’s missing in her life, and you will find your wings,” Brodie said. 

“Well that’s easy. She needs a husband. Her son said it twenty years ago. I’ll just send someone her way and set the chemistry, they’ll fall in love, and I’ll get my wings,” Aleah said. “Yeah, except you can’t interfere in that way. 

It has to happen naturally, and she may or may not be missing a husband, but it’s up to you to find out that missing puzzle piece, in her life, guide her to it, and hope for the best,” Brodie said. “Wait? Hope for the best? If someone is made for someone else, why would I have to hope for the best?” Aleah asked. “Because, many people allow distractions, life, pride and many other things to get in the way, but it’s up to us to try our best to make it happen without making it happen,” Brodie said. 

“I don’t understand,” Aleah said. “You will. Now, off you go,” Brodie said. “Wait, if I fail, does that mean I won’t get my wings?” Aleah said, to a vanishing Brodie. “You won’t fail. 

Have faith,” he said, before completely disappearing. After Brodie disappeared, Aleah found herself at Grandma’s door delivering a package. She rung the door bell. Grandma looked into the peephole. “Oh, thank goodness! 

Honey, it’s here,” grandma said, as she signed for the brand new turkey fryer. “Happy Thanksgiving,” grandma said, to Aleah. “Same to you, ma’am,” Aleah said, before she walked away. “Hey, those earrings are nice,” grandma said. Aleah turned around.

“My daughter makes earrings similar to the ones you have on,” grandma said. “Oh, these?” Aleah said, touching one of the handmade dangling earrings. I can’t remember where I got these, but I love the design. They’re my favorite,” Aleah said. “Wait a minute,” grandma said, as she went into the house and came back out with one of Autumn’s business cards. 

“Check out my daughter’s website. She has a boutique downtown as well,” she said, while handing Aleah the card. “Okay, I will. Thank you,” Aleah said. “Thank you. 

Happy Thanksgiving. Hey, are you the new delivery driver? What happened to what’s his name… Brodie?” grandma said. “I’m not sure ma’am. He just… disappeared,” Aleah said. 

“Oh, that’s too bad. I liked him. Well, I’m grandma. What’s your name?” “I’m Aleah.” 

“Nice to meet you, Aleah. Well, I won’t hold you any longer, I have to finish up dinner before my family gets here. I’ll see you later,” grandma said. “Okay, nice to meet you grandma, and whatever you’re cooking, sure does smell good,” Aleah said. “Thank you. 

“Hey, I’d made a sweet potato custard for Brodie, but since he’s no longer around, would you like to have it?” grandma said. “Sure, thanks!” Grandma went inside to get the pie and brought it back out to Aleah. Aleah thanked her, said goodbye, and drove away. Later that night Aleah was about to cut her a piece of pie, when she saw Brodie in her kitchen. 

“How did it go, today?” he said. Great,” Aleah said. “Anything interesting happen?” he said. “Yes! Autumn’s grandmother is a talker, and she also asked about you.” 

“Did she? What did she say?” “She asked what happened to you, and I told her that you just disappeared… like my pie. Brodie, where’s my pie?” Aleah said. “You mean, my pie,” Brodie said, before burping. 

“Excuse me. That was delicious.” He then went to Aleah’s refrigerator and began to drink the milk out of the carton. “Brodie!” “Huh?” 

“What are you doing, coming into my house and eating and drinking everything?” “Aleah, you don’t even like sweet potato pie. You like pumpkin pie. I brought you a pumpkin pie. It’s on the table, and you don’t drink regular milk, you drink almond milk,” he said, before opening the fridge. 

“Your almond milk is in here. Oh… Okay. You’re right. Sorry. 

I just thou-.” Brodie cut her off. “Listen, I got you. We’re all on the same team, but right now, I have to check on another amateur. See you later?” he said. 

“Sure,” Aleah said. “Goodnight,” he said, before vanishing into thin air. “Goodnight.” Aleah grabbed a fork and began to dig into her pumpkin pie. “Wow, this pie is heavenly,” she thought, as she took another bite.

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