Evidence of growth.

That moment when you handle a situation well and God is like…


Our response to the things we experience in life, tells us where we are in life. It tells us how mature minded we are, areas that could use growth, how far we’ve come in life, and how far we have to go. When I was younger, I wore a chip on my shoulder. I stayed in defense mode, because I grew up in an environment where there was more hate and animosity than it was understanding and love. My family was great, and I’ve always had a loving supportive family, but outside of our home, the neighborhood that I grew up in was cut throat.

It taught me to be tough. You always have something to prove in that type of environment, but as I got older, God taught me how to get understanding first, how to be patient, humble, and most importantly, how to love people. I learned that I don’t have anything to prove to people, because I am confident in who I am in Christ. Jesus inspired me! People hatred, mockery, and insults didn’t faze Him, because He knows who He is!

I’ve taken notes from His life and applied them to my life. I want to have the amount of focus, and security within who I am in Christ, that what I go through doesn’t bother me, and for a while now, I’ve been living that way! People’s insults don’t bother me. Rejection doesn’t bother me. Negativity doesn’t bother me.

Whenever I’m faced with any of these things, it’s as if I am not. I continue to have a great day, and I continue to focus on what God has called me to do, because my calling is more important than what people call me, how they see me, and any weapons they form against me! Nothing can stop me from reaching my destiny in Christ, and the feeling I get when I know I’ve pleased God is greater than any feelings of trying to please myself or trying to prove a point to people. So, always respond in love my good people, especially when someone comes at you with hate for no reason. You can do more with kindness than you can by allowing someone to cause you to step out of character and stoop to their level of misery.

Misery loves company, but don’t entertain it!

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