Back in focus.

So, today marks day two of me significantly reducing the time that I spend on social media. I am happy to say that yesterday I spent twenty minutes max on Facebook, and today I’ve spent, ten minutes or less. I feel great! I will say, I scrolled down my feed longer than I should have and saw something that made me cringe and that was a sign from God to immediately log off… I’ve learned to cut off anything that attacks my peace, right at the source.

Those are distractions, and let me tell you, I used to have time. I would entertain distractions out of boredom, or even for the hell of it, to be honest, but I’m learning to value my time. If it doesn’t grow me or make a positive impact in my life in some kind of way, then deuces. I don’t have time. The thing is, I would  go to Facebook to post something inspirational, but after I posted, there would be stories that Facebook post in the feed, or there would be something negative I’d see somewhere else, and eventually all the negativity and random distractions caused me to become unfocused. 

When I became unfocused, I started to feel frustrated, angry, and in some instances unsure of myself, but that didn’t last long, at all, because again, I got rid of the source of the problem. This made me think about life in general. I have no control over what Facebook automatically puts into the Feed, or what other individuals within the Facebook community posts, but I do have control over what I choose to pay attention to, or focus on. This applies in life. We have no control over people or some situations life throws our way, but we have control over our focus.

I also thought about how I go to Facebook to do something God has called me to do, but then, I get distracted by what other people have going on, most of which isn’t beneficial to me at all, and really just a waste of time. Life is the same way. We get on the straight and narrow but we get distracted by what’s going on over in the “other lane” if you will. Most of the time the distractions aren’t helpful at all, it’s just keeping us from what we’re supposed to be doing. In limiting my time on social media, I had to limit the time I’m interacting with my supporters, who I LOVE!

Normally, I’d like every comment and respond to most, but I stopped yesterday. It wasn’t because of anything they did, it’s because every time I log on to like or comment in response to my supporters, I’d scroll down to see what my “Friends” were doing, or get caught up in whatever else was on Facebook. I have let my supporters know that I’m available via messenger or even text, because I do care about them and want to help them in whatever way God leads me to, and they’ve been really understanding. They are the BOMB! I don’t know if people still say that, but whatever.

Anyway, a part of taking care of other people is first, taking care of yourself. If my head isn’t where it’s supposed to be, or if I’m seeing my distractions more than I’m focused on what God is trying to do through me, then what’s the point, right? I must stay focused on my purpose, and to do that, my mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical parts of me, MUST be at peace. 

*** Check out my book, “The Verdict,” it’s a great read about purpose and fulfilling your destiny! ❤️*** God bless! 

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