The blame game and comfortably struggling.

I might step on some toes, but here goes…

Sometimes it’s not the enemy… it’s you, but blaming the enemy keeps YOU from being accountable for your actions, and it keeps YOU comfortable in your mess. Now, that mess could mean anything. It could be YOUR own ways, a lack of faith, living with a victims mentality, and so many other things people are comfortably struggling with. You would think that struggling is uncomfortable, but some people have gotten so accustomed to it that it has become their way of life. They blame the enemy for showing up to the fight, but they don’t take accountability for being unprepared. Instead, they just lay there and take the punches and complain, when God has equipped them with everything they need to fight their battles.

This battle is not for the faint of heart, and Jesus said, we each have to carry our cross. If you claim to be a child of God, stop living with a defeated mindset. As long as YOU continue to live with a defeated mindset, you’ll continue to lose, because in your mind, your situations or what you see has already won… You better come out of that and get back in the game. Stop taking punch, after punch, after punch and put on the whole armor of God and fight back.

God doesn’t have any cowardly soldiers. Get out of YOUR feelings! I purposely capitalized YOU and YOUR because when you choose to blame people, or even the enemy for your lack of faith, success, or anything else you feel you lack in your life, it’s not really about them, it’s about you. Everything else should be a non factor, because you should be confident in who you are and whose you are. The enemy only have the power you give him.

Take your power back by getting out of your feelings. At some point you must learn to let go… Quit comfortably struggling and get my new book, “How to let go and let God.” Click below! ❤️

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