God will use people who’s not necessarily for you, to elevate you.

God will use a person who’s not necessarily for you, to elevate you. It’s called favor. They may be plotting your destruction, but God has planned your restoration, restitution and elevation. What the enemy meant for evil, God will work it for your good. He loves you! With an emphasis on LOVE. No one can stop God’s plans for those He loves. Those who are called according to His purpose. When God uses certain people or a person to elevate you, be grateful and humble, but never make that person your god. Remember, they’re not your source, they’re a resource! You’re grateful for them, even if they were trying to sabotage you! You’re remain grateful because in it, God shows you that His grace is sufficient. They may have plotted your downfall, but God has sealed you with destiny! You will be EVERYTHING, God has PREDESTINED you to be! In Jesus name… Read my book, ‘How to let go and let God’. 🙌🏾

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