Dear strong friend, are you good?

Make sure you’re equally pouring into that strong friend or family member. Oftentimes, the strong person fights their battles quietly because they’re so busy attending to everyone else. They’ll say that they’re okay. They’ll smile. They’ll do things to make you more comfortable and yet, they’ll be struggling or in pain.
The sad thing is that they feel like they’ve got this! They feel like they have everything under control when deep inside, they are falling apart. Instead of asking for favors, do a favor for that strong person in your life. Call and check on them. Pray for them.
Send them some flowers while they’re still in the land of the living. Mail them a appreciation card. Do something to let them know that they’re valued and appreciated. Let them know that they’re loved in words and actions. You get to know a person by what they show and tell you, but if you pay attention to what they don’t tell you, you’ll find out so much more.
Some people pretend to be strong because others expect them to be. Some people pretend to be strong because if they don’t take up the mantle, their family will fall apart. Some people pretend to be strong because if they show a sign of weakness, they fear no one will understand. Remember, we’re all going through something. Some people are going through small trials, while others are facing big tests. No one has it together all the battles.
So, check on that person who’s always good. Make sure that they’re really good, and if not, be there in whatever way God leads you. If you’re the strong friend, talk to someone if you need to. Your thoughts aren’t small. They’re just as important as everyone else’s.
Don’t hold everything in until you lose control. Your peace of mind is necessary for a healthy life. So, how’re you doing? You good? If not, let’s talk about it or I can simply be a listening ear. ❤️ Love you.

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