The Word of today is, balance.

Balance. Balance. Balance. This is the word of the day! I’m the type of person that likes to start a project and don’t stop until it’s completed.

I’m the same way when I drive. If I’m traveling from my current home in North Carolina to my hometown Atlanta, Georgia; I don’t like to stop. Thank God my car is so good on gas, that I don’t have to fill up but once. It irks me when I’m riding with someone else to a destination that’s a few hours away, and they have to take five pee breaks, four snack breaks, three fuel breaks, two breaks to sleep and a partridge in a pear treee! 😂 No, but seriously.

I’m currently neither riding or driving right now, but I have A LOT going on! I’ve been working on two books since the beginning of this year. One book I completed back in 2017, and I really didn’t know if I wanted to publish it until last year. I have less than a month to have the book that I began to write this year, finished, and I have less than two months to finish editing the book I wrote in 2017. So, yeah, I’ve been pushing myself, because like I’ve said, I don’t like to stop anything until I’m finished.

The Holy Spirit has been teaching me balance lately, though. I can’t put everything I have into my books without replenishing myself. Believe it or not, blogging is a way that I replenish myself. It gives me time to reflect, meditate and truly hear from God. Probably because there’s no deadlines, minimum edits compared to writing books, and I’m basically writing how I feel.

I’m realizing the importance of getting proper rest, and giving my mind a break. I’m learning that it’s okay to take a chill pill sometimes, so that I can recuperate and come back, better than ever. I’ve noticed that I’ve been having mood swings. I haven’t went off on anyone or anything, but anxiety from trying to get these books done has been making me feel… let’s just say imbalanced. 


Although I feel the weight of anxiety sometimes, I ask God to give me peace and order my steps, and you know what He’s been saying lately, “Take a break.” When I take a break, I come back more cool, calm and collected, until I write until I’m tired again. So, I’m going to start taking better care of my mental wellbeing, by incorporating more balance in my life. I will not write until I am drained mentally and physically. I will pace myself and set breaks for myself.

“I WILL!” That’s me, trying to convince myself. Anyway, that’s what’s going on with me today, on this Terrific Tuesday! If you’ve been trying to do too much because you’re thinking you have too little time, I encourage you to take a break. Let’s stand in agreement to trust God with our time and with our tasks.

Let’s not wreck our brains trying to figure out how, and let’s not run our health in the ground, by trying to make things happen on our own. Remember, Jess is our help! 🙂 Let’s agree to do our best and trust God will the rest. I know, I am!

I feel the weight of trying to do it all myself, lifting already! Can I get an Amen? A-MEN! 🙌🏾 Glory! Love y’all! Take care. ❤️ 

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