Unforgettable: A short story by Shubricca L Bell. Chapter 5

😂🤣😭 Aye, make sure you’ve read 1-4. Whew Chile.. I crack myself up. I’m a little throwed y’all, but anyway… Enjoy!

Chapter 5

Smurf coochie

Curt, what the hell are you doing here?” Shante said, after opening the door for an angry Corey. Corey barged into her house. “Excuse you,” she said. “You’re no longer welcomed here, and why were you banging on my door like the police?” Shante said. 

I’ve been gone two weeks and you already got someone else up in here? Where he at?” Corey said. “Excuse you? Curt, get out. Now!” Shante said. 

Travis came from the kitchen to the front door. “Is there a problem?” Travis said. Corey mocked him, “iS tHeRe A pRoBlEm? Hell yeah, tHeRe’S a PrObLeM. 

Who the hell are you?” Corey said. “I’m Travis, and you are?” “I’m the nigga that’s about to put you out,” Corey said. “Curt!” Shante said. Travis smiled, and scratched his nose. 

“I’d like to see you try,” Travis said, calmly, while looking Corey in the eye. “Okay, Curt it’s time for you to go,” Shante said. “I ain’t going no where until this fool bounce,” Corey said. “Corey Jamal Curtis Jr,” Shante said, before Travis interrupted with a laugh. He began to cry laughing. 

“I’m the fool? But you’re the one with three first names,” Travis said, before continuing to laugh. “Hold up. Your name is Corey Jamal Curtis? Or is Shante just playing?” Travis said. 

“Shante, please tell me that you’re just playing. No wonder this cat is talking out the side of his neck, he has three different dudes in his ear. Who are you? Corey, Jamal or Curtis?” Travis said. “Keep trying me, and you’re going to get your ass whipped three different ways,” Corey said. 

Travis continued to insult Corey with laughter. “That’s it, I’m calling the police,” Shante said. “Oh, it’s like that?” Corey said. “Oh, it’s just like that,” Shante said. “What about this clown?

Are you going to put him out too?” Corey said. What are you? Six? Get out of my house and stop worrying about what I have going on. You made your bed, now go lay in it. Goodbye,” Shante said, pushing Corey back out the door.

And here I was being concerned about you, but I see now that you’re good,” Corey said, while standing in the doorway. He shoved the roses into Shante’s arms. She grabbed them with one hand. “Leave Curt,” she said. Corey turned and said to Travis, “I better not see you or that raggedy ass Honda round town, or it’s your ass potna,” Corey said. “You ain’t going to do nothing Curt. You’re on probation. 

Go home,” Shante said, before closing the door. “Wow, I am so sorry Travis. I had no idea my ex was coming by,” Shante said. “It’s all good, I can handle my own,” Travis said, as they both walked to the kitchen. Shante threw the roses in the trash.

“I don’t know why things keep interfering, with our dates. Every time you and I try to get to know each other more, something crazy happens. Is this a bad sign? Are these red flags, telling us that it’s not going to work?” Shante said. “Listen, Shante. 

I’m a patient man, especially if I know something or someone is worth it. To me, you’re worth it. I’ve never met a woman like you. You’re confident, smart, beautiful, strong, you love God and you can hold your own. Not only are you all that but you’re an amazing cook. 

I love the fact that we both have common goals when it comes to a relationship, and I just want you to know that I’m not quick to leave when things get a little rocky,” Travis said. “You seem to good to be true. 

Why aren’t you married yet? I’m not trying to sound mean or skeptical. I’m just intrigued,” Shante said. 

“Well, I haven’t always been the way I am, but the past two years of celibacy has transformed my thinking,” Travis said. “Wait what? You’ve been celibate for two years?” Shante said. “Yes, I hope that’s not a problem,” Travis said. “No, I’m just. 

Wow. I didn’t know that men actually did that. I’ve never known a guy that could go more than a week without sex. I’ve been celibate for  over six months myself,” Shante said. “Really?” Travis said. 

“Yes,” Shante said. “Man, I’m relieved, because I really like you and I didn’t want that to be a problem. Sex can keep you from really getting to know a person. It clouds your judgement. It’s like you have tunnel vision, and you’re only really focused on one thing, and the closer I got to God, the more I realized that I no longer wanted that type of life for myself. 

I can’t find a wife that way. Those thoughts I had before becoming celibate only landed me a girl, and not a woman. 

I’m tired of having friends with benefits, I want a wife. It’s hard to find a wife when you’re a celibate man, though. You would be surprised at the amount of women who has a problem with a guy being celibate,” he said. 

“Really?” Shante said. “Yeah. They don’t trust it. It’s hard for them to believe that an attractive guy, with a successful business, can be celibate. It was hard at first, but everyday I make a decision to honor God.

I know that if I delight myself in the Lord, he will give me the desires of my heart, and at this point of my life, my desire is to have a wife and a family,” Travis said. I’ve ran the streets. I know what’s out there, and to be honest, it’s a whole lot of nothing. I need something real. When sex is out of the equation your whole perspective about love and life changes, because it’s easy to see a person’s true colors.

“I totally understand. I think it’s awesome, but you had me weak earlier Mr. Minister. You were just telling me that you’ve been preaching for two years, then when Curt showed up, you got a little petty,” Shante said. “I know, you’re right, but I wasn’t going to sit there and allow him to disrespect you. I feel like I would be less than a man if I didn’t check old dude,” Travis said. 

“Aht, aht. That is not scriptural, at all. What happened to turning the other cheek?” Shante said. “You’re absolutely correct. See, I rock with you. 

I need someone on my team that will hold me accountable.” he said. Shante began to clear the table, and Travis helped. “But just know, I’m not the type of guy who turns the other cheek when it comes to anyone trying to attack my woman, be it verbally or physically. I’m going to protect mine. That’s just how my father raised me, and he’s a bishop,” Travis said.

“I understand, but I can handle Curt. He’s all bark and no bite,” Shante said. “I know that you can hold your own, but I want you to know that your man, has your back,” Travis said. “My man?” Shante said. “Wait a minute. 

I think you may be moving a little too fast, Travis,” she said. I just ended a long term relationship with Curt, two weeks ago. I don’t know if I’m ready to be in a relationship yet. I think we should date for a while and we can see where it goes from there,” Shante said. “And, I respect that,” Travis said.

“But I’m one hundred percent certain that you will be my wife. We can date, that’s fine, but I’d rather court you,” Travis said. “Isn’t that the same thing?” Shante said. “No, it isn’t.

When a man courts a woman he’s intentional. He’s investing in the relationship because he sees something long term. It’s more than dating, in which you’re pretty much going out with randoms to escape boredom, or loneliness or some international issues. Not all the time, but most times. Have you seen the dating pool lately?

It’s hard to find a decent date these days. It seems like no one is thinking long term anymore. It’s pretty much all about being friends, but there’s really not a solid foundation for friendship there. It’s not always something meaningful behind a ‘date’ but when you’re courting someone, again it’s an investment. You’re thinking more long term. 

A date could be a waste of time, but when you’re courting, you’re actually building. So, I don’t consider you a ‘date,’ I’d rather you be my woman, but I’ll give you time. If you want to test the waters to see what’s out there, then we can date. I’m a patient man, but you’ll just be out there wasting time,” Travis said. “You’re kind of cocky, Mr. Minister.

How do you figure I’d be wasting my time,” Shante said. “I’m not cocky, just confident. I told you. You’re going to be my wife,” Travis said. There was a brief moment of awkward silence. 

“So, I made dessert, but after that fiasco with Curt, I no longer have an appetite, but I will fix you something to go,” Shante said. “Are you kicking me out? Listen, I apologize if I’m coming on strong. I just believe in keeping it real,” Travis said. “I’m not kicking you out, and you’re not coming on too strong.

It’s actually really refreshing that you speak your mind because a lot of people hide what they’re truly feeling these days. I remember what dating was like before I got into a serious relationship. It was like pulling teeth when trying to figure out who a person was. It’s like people work overtime to hide their feelings, so you never know their true intentions. So, I get it.

Anyway, you’re more than welcome to stay,” Shante said, as she finished loading the dishes into the dish washer. “What would you like to do? We can watch a movie or,” Shante said, before Travis cut her off. “I have an idea. I see that you have a karaoke system. 

Do you use it?” Travis said. “Sure, but I haven’t in a while. Me and my friends use it whenever we have girls night, but we haven’t used it in a while. Wait, can you sing?” Shante said.

“Can I?” Travis said, with a boost of confidence. I think that I can show you better than I can tell you. Set it up. We’re about to turn up,” Travis said, with a slight yell. “Okay, then. 

Let me grab my wine. I’m ready for this,” Shante said. “Oh, you’re ready for this serenade, baby?” Travis said. Shante smiled, “Oh, I’m ready. Let me see what you’ve got,” she said, while Travis tailed her to the living room. 

While Travis began to serenade Shante with an old school classic of “My girl,” by the Temptations, class was now in session for Chris and Karen who were at home reading about what to expect when expecting your first born. “Eww, baby. It says here that some women vaginas develop a blueish color due to increased blood flow, as early as six weeks. “Baby, I’m six weeks today. Can you look down there and see if I have a blue vagina?” Karen said. 

“Eww, a blue coodie cat?” Chris joked. Nah, baby. I’m not going anywhere  near that,” Chris said. “Chris,” Karen said with a pout. “I was just playing. 

Let me see,” Chris said, before lifting up Karen’s silk chemise and taking a peek. “Oh my God,” Chris said, in a panic. “What Chris? What? Is it blue? 

Oh my God!” Karen said, before throwing the book down and jumping out of bed, almost kneeing Chris in the face. “Oh my God, I have a blue vagina,” she panicked even more as she headed to the full mirror in their master bathroom. Chris was laughing until his stomach began to hurt. He got up and went after Karen, stopping her before she could look.

“Baby, baby,” Chris said. “What Chris? Why are you laughing? It’s not funny,” Karen said. “Baby, your vagina is completely normal,” Chris said, while trying to contain the laughter. 

“Come back to bed,” he said. “Chris, you play too much. I can’t stand you,” Karen said, giving Chris a gentle push. “Baby, you’re worrying too much. Everything is going to work out fine, and if you do get a little blue down there, the experts are telling you, it’s completely normal,” Chris said, before they both climbed back into bed. 

“Now, come give daddy some of that Smurf coochie,” Chris joked. Karen hopped back out of bed, faster than lightning, and went to check for herself, for real this time. Chris started laughing, “Baby, I’m just playing. Baby come back,” he said. “No, Chris. 

You play too darn much,” Karen said, examining herself. Chris’s cell phone ring. It was Atlanta police, calling to tell him that they’d found the man who robbed and killed Mark, and he was now in police custody. “That’s good news. Thank you for calling. 

I’m on my way,” Chris said, before ending the call. “I’m on my way to the station,” Chris said, to Karen. “Why? What’s going on? It’s ten o’clock at night,” Karen said, coming out of the bathroom.

“They found the punk who killed Mark,” he said. “Okay, that’s good. But why are you going down to the police station?” Karen said. “Because, I want to make sure that justice is served,” Chris said. “And it will be, baby. 

Come back to bed. Let the police do their job. You know that the media is all over this, and they’ll want you to make a statement. You’re still upset by this, as you should be, but don’t go down there while you’re angry. Wait until tomorrow. Okay?” Karen said. 

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