Unforgettable: A short story by Shubricca L Bell. (Chapter 2)

Hey y’all, if you haven’t read chapter one, read it first and come back here. You can access it here ⬇️ https://wp.me/p7ouah-rl

Chapter 2
This is too much

“So, what did you want to talk about now?” Mark said, as he zipped and buttoned his jeans. “Nothing,” Jess said, in an exhaustingly satisfied tone. “It had to be something, you said it was urgent when we were on the phone. What’s up? Talk to me,” Mark said, while putting his feet in his Jordan’s. He grabbed his shirt off the floor and put it on. “Where are you about to go?” Jess asked. “I gotta handle some business right quick, baby. I’ll be back later on tonight,” he said. “What type of business, Mark?” “I just need to take care of some business real quick. Don’t worry, I’ll be right back,” Mark said. “Okay, I guess,” Jess said. “Come on baby, don’t be like that,” Mark said, before giving Jess a kiss on the cheek. “I love you. I’ll see you when I get back home,” Mark said, while grabbing his phone off the dresser. “Oh, this is home now? I like how you just slid that in there, Jess said, with a smile. “Oh, you caught how I slid that in there?” “Yeah, I did.” “I mean, why not? Don’t you think it’s time? I mean, you did give me a key,” Mark said. “Baby steps, Mark. Baby steps,” Jess said. “We’ve been baby stepping for the past year. I think it’s time for us to take our relationship to the next level. But we will get into all that later on tonight, when I get back, but before I go, are you sure that you didn’t need to talk to me about whatever you had on your mind earlier?” “No, I’m good. I was just having a bad day, but I’m better now,” Jess said. “Are you sure?” Mark asked. “Text me and let me know what you want for take out, tonight,” he said. “Yes, I’m sure, now go to wherever it is that you need to go, and tonight I’m cooking dinner,” Jess said. “Whaaat? You cooking today? I put it down like that?” Mark said. “You’re so silly. Yeah, you did, but don’t get used to it. You know I hate to cook, but I feel generous today, so you’re in luck,” Jess said. Mark smiled and shook his head. How are you going to be my wife and the mother of our ten kids one day, and you hate to cook?” Mark joked. “Boy, bye. Ten kids? You’ve lost your mind. I’ll see you when you get home,” Jess said. Mark smiled, “I like the sound of that.” Jess got up and took a shower, and afterwards she started dinner. She called Shante on speaker phone. “Hello,” Shante said. “Girl, I’m sorry about that,” Jess said. “Girl, you and Mark are so nasty. Anyway, what happened? I thought you were getting your key back,” Shante said. “Girl, I’m not taking my key back. I was just moody. You know how I get sometimes,” Jess said. “Yeah, I know. Poor Mark. I’m not sure if he knows what he’s gotten himself into,” Shante said. “He’ll be alright, but what’s up with you? Is everything okay? What did you want to talk about earlier? Was it Curtis trifling behind?” “Girl, no. I wasn’t playing earlier. I am done with Curt, but I am going on a date tomorrow night with Travis,” Shante said. “Travis? Who’s that?” Jess asked. “Just this fine brother who came to clean my carpets today,” Shante said. “Lord. Shante it hasn’t even been twelve hours since you and Curt broke up. Are you sure about going on a date?” Jess said. “Of course. It’s just a date,” Shante said. “Are you sure this isn’t some man you’ve called over to clean the cobwebs off that coochie? I mean, you have been celibate for six months. I can’t even blame Curt for acting crazy lately. Y’all used to go at it every day and then one day, out of the blue, you just choose to be celibate without even talking to him,” Jess said. “Yeah, well the relationship was pretty much about the sex. My celibacy proved it. He switched up on me when I became celibate. I knew that he had been cheating and when that little twenty one year old girl called playing on my phone, that was all the proof I needed to cut him loose,” Shante said. “Girl, well, good luck with that. I love the Lord, but I love some good wood too,” Jess said. “Lord, forgive this child,” Shante said. “What? At least I’m honest. Look, God ain’t through with me yet,” Jess said. “Yeah, we’re all dealing with something, honey. None of us are perfect, that’s for sure,” Shante said. “Speaking of perfect, Mrs. Karen is on the other line. I’m about to add her to our call,” Shante said. “Oh, Lord. I hope everything went well at the doctor’s appointment today,” Jess said. “Hey y’all! So, Chris and I have some exciting news,” Karen said. “Hello Shante, Hi sis,” Chris said over the speaker. “Hey, Chris,” Shante said. “What’s up my brother, mayor of Atlanta,” Jess said. “Okay, y’all listen. You know that Chris and I began in vitro a few months ago. Well, guess what?” Karen said. “We’re pregnant!” both Karen and Chris yelled, with excitement. “Oh my goodness, congratulations! I know how bad the both of you wanted this. I am so happy for the two of you,” Shante said. “Yes, I’m so happy for y’all. Congratulations! I’m going to be an auntie,” Jess yelled. “So, how far along are you?” Shante asked. “Three weeks,” Karen said. “I’m so excited y’all, but I’m kind of scared at the same time because I’m forty one, so it’s a high risk due to my age and the in vitro. So, I have to pretty much work from home, when I’m not in the courtroom, and I have to take it easy, but I don’t care. I will do whatever it takes,” Karen said. “Aww, we know sis. And Shante and I will be right there every step of the way to support you and bruh through this,” Jess said. “We appreciate it, sis,” Chris said. “No problem, bruh. You know I got you. Oh, momma said, call her too,” Jess said. “I know. She called us earlier while we were at the doctor’s, but we’re calling her next. Hey, are you straight? Karen told me that you needed to borrow some money,” Chris said. “No, I’m good bruh. I just like to mess with y’all. But it’s good to know that if I fall off, y’all got my back,” Jess said. “Of course. You’re my baby sister,” Chris said. “How are they treating you over at the bank?” Chris said. “I just got promoted to branch manager last week,” Jess said. “I know. Karen told me. Congratulations. I know we don’t talk often but I’m proud of you, and I love you, sis,” Chris said. “I love you more, brother,” Jess said. “Okay, we have a million other people who we need to call, so I’ll talk to the two of you later,” Karen said. “Okay, bye,” both Shante and Jess said. Jess began to hear what sounded like an argument outside of her apartment. She looked out of her kitchen window and that’s when she saw a guy point a gun at Mark and shoot him in the chest. Mark fell to the ground. The guy took money out of Mark’s pocket and got into the passenger seat of a car and the car drove off. Jess ran outside and fell to her knees and pulled Mark close to her. The neighbors were outside looking. “Somebody please! Call 911! Stop standing there staring, and call the police. Please, please,” she cried. Mark began to close his eyes. “ Baby wake up. “No, no, no. Please, baby don’t you leave me.” she said. The smoke alarm began to go off in her kitchen. The steak was burning on top of the stove. One of her neighbors went into her apartment to turn off the stove, and then she came back out and realized Mark was gone. She bent beside Jess and tried to console her. “Baby, he’s gone,” the woman said. Jess sat there with Mark’s lifeless body in her arms. “Nooo!” she yelled. “God please. God please bring him back,” she said. Shante could hear that something was going on, but she didn’t know what. “Hello? Jess? Jessica? What’s going on?” Shante said, over the speaker phone. Shante immediately left her house and drove over to Jessica’s apartment. When she got there, the paramedics were trying to resuscitate Mark, but he was already gone. Shante ran over to console her friend. Later on that night, at the hospital, the coroner gave Jess Mark’s things, and there was an engagement ring found inside his coat pocket. Jess broke down all over again. “I can’t do this, Shante. They say that God won’t put more on us than we can bear, but this is too much,” Jess said. Karen and Chris arrived at the hospital. “Sis, I’m so sorry,” Chris said, as he hugged Jess. She began to cry hard. “I know, sis. I know. I’m here for you. I’m right here. I promise to find out who it was that did this, and handle it. You have my word. I got you. I love you,” Chris said. “I saw him. I don’t know who he is, but I saw him kill Mark,” Jess said. Two officers came over to try to talk to Jessica. Not right now guys, please,” Chris said. “Yes, sir Mayor,” they said. The officers began to talk to Shante and they left their card with her. “What happened, Shante?” Karen asked. “I don’t know,” Shante began to cry. “I called you guys when we got here. I’m sorry that I didn’t call sooner but I can’t even think straight. We had just ended our call with you and then I heard something in the background like screaming and a gun shot. I heard her smoke alarm and I thought maybe something had happened to her, but it was Mark. Someone robbed and killed him and he was going to propose to to her,” Shante said. “What?” Karen said. “Yes,” Shante said. “Jesus,” Karen said.

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