Heal first. Love is freedom, not control.

Some people try to “control” their current relationship because they were hurt in the past and that pain left them feeling powerless. So, they build walls, become uncompromising, manipulative or even run, in order to protect themselves from being hurt again; but truth is, they’ve never healed. They are hurting themselves by dwelling on the pain and allowing what should have been a lesson to become their life. You can’t “control” love. Love is freeing, and it’s organic. People mess it up when they move too fast, or interfere with the natural growth process of the relationship by trying to make their new relationship what the old one should’ve been. Look, this isn’t a “do over” with your ex. Give your current relationship a chance to grow and prosper. You can’t set unhealthy boundaries and come up with all these restrictions if you want someone to get close enough to truly get to know you. Get over what didn’t work out in the past and give your future a chance. For more insight, listen to my podcast by clicking the link below.⬇️⬇️⬇️

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