See my human/Hear my blackness.

They commit inhumane acts against us, as if we’re not human-
They say justice for all, but we are the exclusion-
It wasn’t enough, to steal us for trade-
to rob us of our identities and make us their slaves-
to break the structure of our families and rape our women-
to deny our men their birthright by locking them away in prison.
They have no sympathy and no shame-
these streets are like the hunger games-
when being black makes you a target-
they call us criminals, but they’re the ones who plotted-
They shoot us dead in the streets and then call us the monster-
but who’s really the beast, when you’re the hunter?
We’ve prayed and cried-
sacrificed and died-
the land of the free… and police brutality-
there’s no land of the free, when they’d rather see us six feet deep-
and if this doesn’t apply to you don’t get offended-
just respect my position-
if it was your son, your brother or mother, how would you deal with it?
Excuse my frustrations, but I won’t apologize-
until you see my human and hear my blackness, I will continue to scream BLACK LIVES-

See my human/Hear my blackness: A poem by Shubricca L Bell

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  1. Pete says:

    We whites experience the same things but we usually don’t mention it. I myself carry the scars in my body, something surgery cannot cure, inflicted by racist black policemen in my country while I committed no crime, I didn’t sue as they have wives and children to feed. For every black slave caught by his/her own chiefs in Africa, four whites were raided by Arabs and Islamic Africans from Europe. 4:1 but do we whites whine? Most likely, few ever even heard of this, I guess some love to justify a victim mentality which isn’t a road to victory.


    1. This has nothing to do with a victim mentality, and everything to do with our truth. Why are you offended by our truth, sir? If you’re not a part of the solution, you are a part of THE PROBLEM! There is no comparison to the amount of oppression and persecution black people have to endure. No matter how much you believe it’s no big deal, it is! Perhaps you can’t see past your privilege, and your blindness leaves you insensitive and unbothered because it’s not YOUR problem, but I do thank you for reading my post. I’m glad it stirred something in you. Be blessed! ✌🏾

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