Proverbs 16:3: Embracing God’s plan for your life.

Sometimes, our plans and God’s will are very different. We may plan our lives one way, but God knows how to get us to where we need to be within His will. Even if we go left when we’re supposed to go right, or if we keep going where we’re supposed to stop, God’s navigation system knows how to get us exactly where we’re supposed to be.

This can be frustrating, because sometimes our will and God’s plans for us clash and leaves us anxious, disappointed, hurt and confused. Why? Because our way of thinking without Christ being the center of our thoughts, will always come back to bite us on the behind. When we make our plans, we need to make sure that God has checked off on it. F6E18742-B448-4C1D-BDB6-A778E518AD52
We also need to make sure that we prepare for what we plan for. A person can plan on taking a vacation, but if they don’t have a destination booked, if they don’t pack, or plan a way to and from that destination, and actually go to that destination, then you’re just a person with a plan.

A plan is nothing without preparation.

So, we can’t just say, “I will do this, that and the third, if we haven’t counted the cost. Many times we don’t count the cost when making plans. We just see how great the outcome is in our heads, and we run with that thought, when all along God is on something else. There are many times you may be on one accord with the will of God for your life, but maybe, you’ve gone about it the wrong way. See, God doesn’t want what was supposed to be your blessing, to turn into your burden.

We may see the end result of our desires in our minds; which consists of success, a family, good health, or whatever your heart desires. Seldom do we think about the steps it takes to get there. So we may be thinking about a husband, but God may be thinking about the steps you need to take in order to become a wife, because we become wives long before we walk down the isle. Maybe you need to work on your patience; Lord knows you will need it in a marriage. Maybe you need to deal with some emotional issues. God will allow us to go through certain things, and oftentimes we became frustrated because again, we are focused on the end result. We want to jump to the end, without going through. So we become upset with God because He’s not responding in our timing. Listen, you must count it all joy, like the Bible tells us! The things you go through are working within you and leading you to where God purposed you to be, but you must make peace with God’s will. You make peace by realizing He knows what’s best and trusting Him in everything. We must trust His no, just as much as we celebrate His yes!

It’s all about letting our will for our lives go, and embracing God’s plan for our lives.

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