Difficulties: A necessary ingredient for change.

Sometimes, going through a difficulty is necessary, in order to gain perspective, and in order to achieve lasting change. Sometimes we get too comfortable in our own little bubbles and our realities become hazy. When this happens, God is like, “No, I have way too much in store for you. You can’t stay here in this comfortable place.” Oftentimes that comfortable place is not God’s best, but our best. God’s best for our lives, challenges our comfort zones. I’m reminded of a song by Kirk Franklin. The song’s entitled, “Just For Me”. The chorus to this song says, “It don’t feel good
But growing never does
It don’t seem fair
For you to call this love
But if necessary pain
Is the ingredient for change
Even when life may be bittersweet
It’s working
Just for me.”
Lord, have mercy. If this isn’t the truth, I don’t know what is… More often than not, it’s our pain that leads us to our purpose. It’s those seasons of difficulty that reveals our true character and the truth of those around us. It’s a shame that sometimes, we have to lose some things, in order for God to show us who are really for us and who’s not. It hurts that sometimes we must lose what we perceive as best for us, in order for God to show us, we can do better. It’s terrible that we can know the truth about a matter, but live a lie until we’re negatively impacted as a result of us turning our heads. Then, we finally wake up when the truth slaps us in the face, because the truth hurts, which is why we don’t like facing it in the first place… The fact of the matter is, we can all do and be better, but as long as we do and be whatever’s in our comfort zone or within our power, we will remain beneath the level in which God has called us. So, he has to burst our bubble, and take us through. He has to stir the winds and seas of our lives a little bit or a lot of bit, 😂 and He has to rock our boats, just so that we find ourselves in Him. (Read Matthew 8:24-27) God has to disturb what we consider peace, in order to stir our faith. Think about it. If you didn’t go through something, you wouldn’t be who you are today. You may have hated what you were going through then, but you’re thankful for it now. Going through teaches us to trust God. It teaches us to get out of the comfort zones of our lives, just as Peter got out of the boat, and it teaches us to step out on faith in Christ, if we want to achieve the impossible in life; just as Peter did, when He focused on Jesus and walked on water. (See Matthew 14:25-31) Whether life pushed us out of our comfort zones or we stepped out on faith, I believe that if we really think about what we went through, we can all agree that with Jesus, the worst parts of our lives made us better. 💪🏾 Romans 8:18, “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” You should shout, “I’m better for it! In Jesus name!”

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