So… this evening, me and God had a talk… This is how it went.

I was talking to God about something and before I talked to him about that matter, I was thanking him for the way in which he chooses to bless me and my family. You see, I’m not picky. I accept any way God chooses to bless me, but the crazy thing is, as I was talking to God I said, “You’ve been blessing my family in many ways but mostly via one way. That one way has been the glue that has been holding our family together. Although you’ve used this one particular way to bless our family, you have many ways, not just “one way” and I know if my family’s blessings stop coming in via the previous way then you will bless us another way. So, I’m not going to ask you why I’ve been going through a certain test or trial for so long, and why my family is now going through some of the same things. I’m going to ask you, “What do you want from me? What do you want from my family? What are you trying to tell us?” Then, I told him straight up. “I’m afraid of what your answer may be, because as I’m praying this prayer, I know you’ve already answered me. You answer prayers quickly. I just need to calm my anxieties, so that my heart and mind can receive what you say.” Not even two seconds after I prayed, God said, “Wait.” When He said it, I had peace with His answer, because I’d already gotten my personal feelings out of the way. HAD I NOT, then anxiety would have said, I’ve been waiting for almost five years, and then I would have start stressing about how to control a situation that I have ZERO control over… A couple more seconds later, God said, “I AM the glue that has been holding you and your family together. This is why you’ve been going through. I am taking you through this, to show you, I AM.” (I could have took off running 🏃🏾‍♀️) Now, I don’t know if you understand the significance of what He told me, because there’s a message in there for you too. Sometimes, we think of the glue that holds our family together as a spouse, parents, grandparents, ourselves and our own strengths, talents or abilities. We even think of the “glue” as being our jobs, church, connections, etc… Take a minute to truly think about what I’m saying. Think about the things or people that are most important to you… You may be thinking of those people or that thing/things as your “glue”. God is saying, “No. I may use people and things to get blessings to you, but don’t get too comfortable and think it’s the people or things that are blessing you.” (Jesus, I could shout right there, because I know this 🙌🏾) Sometimes, it’s necessary for God to physically remove some things or people away from you, so that He can deposit something greater within you! 💃🏾 He has to literally, SIT US DOWN, so that we have no choice but to look up and recognize that HE IS! Your job isn’t keeping you from being on the streets, HE IS! Your spouse isn’t the one who has been holding you and your family down, HE IS! Your own strength and abilities hasn’t kept you going, HE IS! It’s a shame that sometimes, we have to lose a lot, if not all, in order for God to show us that it’s not by the hands of people or ourselves, that we’re blessed, it’s by the hands of God! Don’t get too comfortable, if He’s blessed you a particular way for so long, it’s a test, to see where your faith really is! The truth will come out, when it all falls apart! Believe that! 💯 Let’s be more conscious about where our treasure is! Jesus tells us, in Matthew 6:21, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Remember, God judges the heart. So, we can sing, shout, and run back and forth saying, “Jesus is my help,” all day long, but where is our focus? Are we focused on Him? Again, where is our treasure (where is our heart)? Is Jesus driving, or subconsciously, we are? Also, don’t be boastful… 1 Corinthians 4:7, “Who made you superior to others? Didn’t God give you everything you have? Well, then, how can you boast, as if what you have were not a gift?” Listen, my good people. The Lord gives, and He takes away (see Job 1:21). Let’s not get too comfortable and think we’ve attained anything we have, by ourselves. If you’re doing it by yourself, you will lose yourself… Point. Blank. Period.

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