Falsehood: A short story by Shubricca L Bell (pt.2)

“Jackson! We’re going to be late for church,” Kerrie yelled up the stairs to a rushing Jackson. The Bennet’s were faithful members at the mega church that they attended, but Jackson would rather sleep in on Sunday mornings if he could. However, he was a man of image, so regularly attending Sunday services with his family was a must. After church, Kerrie and Jackson were socializing with a few other members as usual, when the kids came running towards Kerrie. “The two of you have that little girl so much, she’s beginning to look like your kids,” an older lady said, who was conversing with the couple. “Mommy Kerrie, can we have ice cream?” Jakayla asked, as her younger siblings yanked on Kerrie’s dress, and begged her for ice cream. “Hey, no running in church remember?” Kerrie said. “Wow, she calls you mommy?” the older lady asked. Well, of course. I am, her god mother. I don’t mind. Do you?” Kerrie asked. “No. Not at all, the older Caucasian woman said, as she held her nose in the air and walked away. “Kerrie, you didn’t have to be rude to the lady,” Jackson said. “And she doesn’t have to be nosey, but she is,” Kerrie said to Jackson. “Anyway, kids, who wants ice cream?” Kerrie said, as she and the kids headed to the church cafe. Jackson stood in the lobby conversing with other members until Kerrie and the kids came back. When they got home, Carrie put on dinner and later the kids helped her make homemade cinnamon rolls. Kacely came to pick Jakayla up later on that night.
Monday morning, the board of directors met with Jackson. “Basically, Jackson. Her interest doesn’t suit the direction in which Eboda Tech is heading. The board has voted that Kacely Abimbola’s termination is effective immediately,” the Executive Chairman Mr. Wyatt, said. “Good morning,” Kacely said to everyone as she passed by. She saw Jackson and the other board members in a meeting. “We have a meeting this morning?” she asked herself as she waved to the board members on the other side of the glass, as she prepared to go in. “I’m sorry, Ms. Abimbola,” her executive assistant said, as she rushed out of her chair to try to stop Kacely from entering the meeting. “Hello everyone. I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware that there was a meeting this morning,” Kacely said. “Everyone was quiet. Then, they each got out of their seats and left, until there was no one left in the meeting room except Jackson and Kacely. Kacely looked out the glass at the board members as they went onto the elevator, then she straighten her blazer and looked at Jackson and said, “Okay, what was that all about?” Jackson remained quiet. “Jackson. Jackson!” she yelled. “Sit down Kace,” Jackson said gently. “I’m good,” she said. “What was that all about?” she said. “They want me to fire you,” Jackson said, as he stood with his back facing Kacely, and pouring himself some bourbon. “What?” Kacely said, not clearly hearing what he’d said. Jackson took a shot of the bourbon, and sat the glass down. “Kacely, you’re fired,” he said, still unable to look her in the eyes. Kacely walked up to him, and stood in front of him and shook her head. “I thought you’d never do anything to hurt me or your daughter? I thought you’d never allow anyone else to hurt us? Everything you’ve ever told me was a lie. You only care about yourself, Jackson.” “Kace, I’m out numbered here. What was I supposed to do?” Jackson said. “Did you even put up a fight?” she shook her head. “Who am I kidding, I already know you didn’t even raise a finger to question them. You know what. Maybe it’s for the best.
A couple weeks later, Jackson came by Kacely’s house to pick up Jakayla. “Thank you for allowing me to come and get her,” Jackson said. “Why wouldn’t I allow you to come pick up your daughter? She doesn’t have anything to do with you being a dick,” Kacely said. “I deserve that, and more,” Jackson said. “What can I do to make this up to you? I’m leaving Kerrie, you know?” he said. “Pleease, Jackson. You’ve been leaving Kerrie since you married her. I don’t want you to leave Kerrie, but I do want half of your Eboda shares,” Kacely said. “How will that look if I conveniently gift you with stock after I fire you? I’ll tell you what. You can buy half, for this amount,” Jackson said, showing Kacely the dollar amount on his phone. “Done. What is that child doing? She’s going to make me late for my guest appearance on the Winnie Wilcox show,” Kacely said. “That messy talk show host? Why are you going on there?” “To promote my hair care line,” Kacely said. “That’s great, and how’s it coming?” Jackson said. “Products will be exclusively in Target, this weekend,” Kacely said. “Wow, I had no idea that things were moving this fast. Congratulations, Kace. “Thanks, and yes. The last two weeks has given me a lot more free time so yeah, we moved things up by a couple of months in just two weeks.” “Good for you. I’m proud of you,” Jackson said, as Jakayla ran to him. “Daddy!” “Hey pumpkin,” Jackson said, as he grabbed her back pack with one hand and put it on his shoulder before picking Jakayla up. “Well, it’s about time. What were you doing for so long?” Kacely said, to Jakayla. “I couldn’t find my pink blankie,” Jakayla said, in a sad tone. “Aww, you left your pink blankie at my house sweetie, remember? Don’t worry. Mommy Kerrie has taken good care of it for you,” Jackson said. “Okay,” Jakayla said, with a smile. “Okay,” Jackson said, as he tickled her. “Okay, okay,” Jakayla laughed. Jackson and Kerrie took the kids to Disney Land, while Kacely went on the Winnie Wilcox show.
Winnie: Audience, please give a warm welcome to not only a smart ass, but a bad ass, who’s worked Wall Street, she’s former CFO of Eboda Tech, and has now launched her own organic haircare line for African American women. Give it up for Ms. Beauty and Brains, Kacely Abimbola!
(Audience cheers as Kacely walks out)
Winnie: So, Kacely. It’s no secret who you are, from Wall Street to the world of Technology, everyone knows who you are, but recently your story has caught the attention of many who may not have known who you were in the past. So, let me get this straight. You were fired from a company that your father founded, because you didn’t “fit” into the direction in which the company was going. What exactly, does that mean?
Kacely: Well, Winnie. First of all, it’s an honor to be on your show. Thank you for the opportunity. You know. Yes. My father founded Eboda Tech some thirty odd years ago, God rest his soul. He had a vision for this company, and I believe he’d be proud of the impact it has made on Technology, today. I was fired from Eboda Tech. I’m not sure as to why, but if you all don’t know, employers has the right to terminate employees without reason as long as it doesn’t violate federal, local or state anti-discrimination laws.
Winnie: But they were discriminating against you. The tea is, they knew that you were launching your own African American haircare line and they didn’t want any connections with that.
Kacely: I’m not sure about any of that, but it all worked out for the good.
Winnie: Yeah, well if I were you I’d hit Eboda Tech with a huge discrimination lawsuit.
(Audience applauds)
Winnie: Has anyone else been terminated recently?
Kacely: I’m not sure. I’ve been minding my own business and spending more time with my little princess.
Winnie: Yes, and she’s the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen. Is her hair naturally that, I guess we’d call it strawberry blonde color?
Kacely: (laughs) Of course! She’s six.
Winnie: I’m just saying, obviously, we’re black. So we’re not born with blonde hair.
Kacely: Wait a minute, Winnie. There are people, black people in some parts of the world who are born with blonde hair.
Winnie: Well honey, we’re not talking about those parts of the world. We’re talking about the United States were black people with blonde hair has either dyed it or are wearing wigs. Okay? (Winnie sips her tea)
(Audience agrees and laughs)
Winnie: So, you’re very smart and attractive.
Kacely: Thank you.
Winnie: Is there a special guy in your life? Are you still in a relationship with Jakayla’s dad? Who is her father, by the way? You know, you’re very private when it comes to your personal life, but me and my audience just has to know, who are you boo’d up with these days?
Kacely: (laughs) I’m single. Jakayla’s father and I coparent well. You know, I’ve been focused on work for so long, I haven’t had time to date, but who knows? Now, that I have more flexibility in my schedule, maybe I’ll start dating again. As far as who the father of my child is, we’d both like to keep that between us.
Winnie: Um. Well, I have my own opinions about who she looks like. I know that Jackson, the CEO over at Eboda Tech is your daughter’s god father. We see her out with his family all the time, but if you ask me. The two of them look alike. I don’t know, what do you think audience?
(Audiences gasp and talk amongst themselves in response to picture of side by side photos of Jackson and Jakayla)
Winnie: Anyway, enough about that. Tell us about your haircare line, where we can find it, and how can people find out more about your products.
Kacely felt humiliated, but she hid it well. She smiled, and held her head high as she talked about her products. After the show was over, she thought to herself, “Damnit. Jackson said that Winnie was messy. I had no idea that she would get this messy though.
A week later when the show aired, Eboda Tech, Jackson and Kacely was trending in response to the photos Winnie had posted. The news was out and there wasn’t anymore hiding it.

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