Falsehood: A short story by Shubricca L Bell (pt.1)

Jackson Bennet was everyone’s dream man. He and his wife were definitely couples goals. They had two children, one boy and one girl who both had natural blonde hair and blue eyes. Jackson’s family lived in a mansion in Beverly Hills, not too far from his company in L.A, where he was currently CEO, of Eboda Tech. Eboda Tech is the leader in computer software across the globe, and was founded by Jackson’s dad’s late best friend, Mr. Eboda Abimbola. Mr. Eboda parent’s are from Ghana, but he was born in San Diego, and met Jackson’s dad during college. After Mr. Eboda’s mysterious death thirty years ago, Jackson’s dad immediately went from COO to CEO. Jackson’s dad retired nine years ago, and Jackson has been successfully running the company ever since, with Mr. Eboda’s daughter as CFO. Meet Kacely Abimbola, Howard university graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Finance, and an MBA from Yale. Former Financial Analyst at Wall Street, and current CFO of Eboda Tech. Mother of one daughter, vegan, fitness enthusiast, and currently working on an organic haircare line designed specifically for natural African American women.
“Kace,” Jackson said with a smile, as he stared at the elevator doors closing in front of him. Kacely stood beside him with a slight grin, “Mr. Bennet,” she said, as she looked directly in front of her at the numbers on the elevator. They went up a couple of floors and a few people got on the elevator and greeted them. They both got off at the top floor and went to their respective offices. “Ms. Abimbola, Mr. Jackson would like to remind you of the lunch meeting at twelve,” Kacely’s executive assistant said, as she came in and sat in a chair in front of Kacely’s desk, giving her a list of her schedule for the day. Kacely began to tackle her day. At noon, a driver came to pick up her and Jackson, to take them to their lunch meeting. On the way to the restaurant, they discussed business as usual. The meeting was a success. Afterwards they went back to their offices to finish the day. After work, Kacely went to pick her daughter up from after school care and they went home. As Kacely began to prep some asparagus for sautéing, her six year old daughter said, “Mom, is dad coming to get me this weekend? I miss him.” “Aww, I know honey. Daddy has been working a lot, but he misses you too. Would you like to call him?” Kacely said. “Yeah,” her daughter said, throwing up her hands with excitement. Just then, Kacely’s house phone rang. “Hello. Oh, hi Kerrie,” Kacely said. “Mommy Kerrie,” Kacely’s daughter said, as she reached for the phone. “Let me talk to her. I want to talk to her,” the eager little girl said. “Okay, honey. Wait a minute,” Kacely said to her daughter. “Kerrie she wants to talk to her god mother. Okay, just a moment. I’m going to give her the phone,” Kacely said to Kerrie, before handing her daughter the phone. After a couple of minutes, Kacely got the phone back. “I haven’t heard anything from Jackson since before his lunch meeting. He’s usually home by now. Have you heard anything from him?” Kerrie said. “No, I’m sorry. I haven’t heard anything, Kerrie. Is everything okay?” Kacely said. “Oh, yes. It’s nothing. Me and the kids are fine. He’s not that late. He’ll probably be here any second. Wait, this is him calling my cell now. Thanks,” Kerrie said. “And tell our god daughter that we love her, and we’ll see her soon,” Kerrie said. “Okay, and no problem. Goodnight,” Kacely said. “Goodnight,” Kerrie said. They ended the call. “Hey babe. I’m sorry, but I’ve been swamped at work. I have a lot of things I need to take care of before tomorrow, so I’ll be working late. Don’t wait up, okay?” Jackson said. After talking to his wife and kids for a few minutes, Jackson ended the call. “Ding dong,” Kacely’s front door bell ring. She looked on her cell, and it was Jackson. “Jakayla, guess who’s here?” Kacely said. Her daughter looked on the phone. “Daddy,” she said, as she ran to the door. Kacely opened the door, and welcomed Jackson in, with a peck on the lips. “She was just talking about you, you know?” Kacely said. “Oh, yeah?” Jackson said, as he picked Jakayla up, and gave her a big hug and kiss. “I miss you daddy,” she said. “I miss you too pumpkin,” he said, as he put her down. “So, what has daddy’s little girl been up to the last two weeks?” he said. Jackson and Jakayla caught up while Kacely continued to make dinner. After dinner, Jackson put Jakayla to bed. “Goodnight my love,” he said, as he closed her door. As he came back into the kitchen, Kacely was putting away the dishes. “Kerrie called,” Kacely said. “When?” Jackson said, as he went into the refrigerator, grabbed a few organic red grapes and popped them into his mouth. “Just before you got here, actually. You don’t think,” Kacely said, before Jackson interrupted. “No. It’s not that. You worry too much. Come here,” Jackson said, as he pulled Kacely close to him. “You don’t have anything to worry about,” he said, looking deep into her eyes. “I know this sounds crazy, but I care about Kerrie. She’s a good mom, and I love your kids, and not just because they’re Jakayla’s siblings. I know you’re saying, not to worry, but if any of this ever gets out, our daughter is going to be the one who suffers the most. She knows the truth, but the world doesn’t,” Kacely said. “I’ll never allow anything to happen to her,” Jackson said. “Jackson, there are some things that you just don’t understand and have no control over. You can’t stop the way the world is. If you could, we wouldn’t be your little secret in the first place, and let’s not get into the real reason you married Kerrie because that doesn’t matter now. Listen, we’ve been secretly doing this for an entire decade, even before you met Kerrie. We should’ve stopped this a long time ago. What will be the consequences of our sins? What will happen to Jakayla, or me, or you or your company if anyone ever finds out that you have a child with your CFO, who happens to be African American. People are going to have a field day with this. Not only that, but this will crush Kerrie, who thinks that the two of you are only Jakayla’s god parents. What will she do if she finds out my daughter is her children’s older sister? God, what was I thinking? Jackson, as much as I hate that we’re your little secret family, this secret can never, and I mean, never get out. Jakayla is our top priority, but our business reputation is also on the line,” Kacely said. “I love you. You know that. I would never do anything or allow anyone to harm you or my daughter in any way. Don’t worry about anything. Look, I have to go, but we’ll be by to pick Jakayla up this weekend,” Jackson said. “Okay,” Kacely said, as Jackson left. Kacely went into Jakayla’s room to check on her before going to bed. She turned on the light and she could clearly see Jackson’s features in Jakayla, and wondered if anyone else saw it too. She wanted to protect her daughter more than anything in the world. Sure, her reputation was on the line, but so was her daughter’s physiological well being.

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