If you feel like giving up! Read this‼️

The fact that you can’t see a way, is a supernatural sign that God is on the way!

Struggle is not your end 🚫
Pain is not your end ❌
Disappointment is not your end 🛑
Death is not your end ⛔️

Does it feel like Jesus is taking His sweet time? 🥴 He might be! Want to know why? Because 🗣 THIS IS NOT YOUR END‼️

It may hurt… ALOT 😢
May be uncomfortable… a bit 😣
Gets lonely… sometimes 😶

Listen, God is on the way and He never disappoints! He doesn’t meet your expectations because there would be no room to exceed them! So, keep the faith! Hold on, change is coming! Your current situation is not your final destination! This too shall past! Make this declaration over your life that:
This is NOT my end! In Jesus name! 🙏🏾

For scripture reading, click link below… ⬇️

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