Torn: A fictional love story by Shubricca L Bell (Part 3)

A year had gone by since Brenda and Marcus began to date. They were now engaged, and on Valentine’s Day, he surprised her and the kids with a beautiful new home. “We’re here,” Marcus said with a smile. “Wooow, this house is beautiful,” Brenda’s oldest daughter said. “Okay, this house is amazing, Marcus. Where are we?” Brenda asked. “Is this a mansion?” the youngest daughter asked. Marcus laughed. “Everyone, get out of the car and let me welcome you, to our new home,” he said. “What? No,” Brenda said in disbelief. Baby, you didn’t,” she said with tears of happiness coming down her face. She covered her mouth with one hand. “Oh my gosh,” she shook her head. “Baby, this house must’ve cost a fortune,” she said as she turned to give Marcus the biggest hug ever. “Something like that,” he said. The house was a beautiful six bedroom, seven bathroom, luxury mansion castle designed home. “I love it. It’s huge. Wow,” Brenda said, as Marcus began to take her and the kids on a inside tour of their new home. “It’s perfect, Marcus,” Brenda said admiring the massive grand foyer, with a twin staircase and waterfall chandeliers on each side. “I can’t wait to have your babies,” Brenda said. “Well, we need to hurry up and get married, so we can get started, while you’re making a brother wait,” Marcus said jokingly. “I know, you’ve been so patient with me baby, and I’m grateful. It’s just that I want to do things the right way this time,” Brenda said. “I know love. I’m not tripping. You know I love you, woman. Now come here, and give me some of that brown sugar,” he said before playfully kissing Brenda on her lips, cheeks and neck. The kids loved the house and the fact that they each had their own rooms. It was a huge upgrade from the two bedroom home, they all lived in, where the kids shared one room with two bunk beds. Marcus cell ring. “Baby, I gotta make a quick run, it’s a work thing, but stay here. Who wants pizza?” he asked. “Me! Me!” the kids yelled. “Is everything okay?” Brenda asked. “Yeah babe,” he said trying to hide his nervousness. “I’ll be right back,” he gave Brenda a kiss on the cheek and rushed out the door. Brenda knew something was wrong, but she let him go. As Marcus was about to get in his car, the police pulled up. Brenda got a text from Eric. “Ya man’s not who you think he is,” the text read. “What the hell does this supposed to mean?” she thought. Brenda looked out of the window and she saw two cop cars, and an officer placing Marcus under arrest. “What is going on?” she said, as she flew out the door. “It’s okay babe,” Marcus said. I’ll be back home tonight. It’s just a misunderstanding. The kids began to come outside. “Why are the police locking up Marcus?” the oldest daughter asked. The twins began to cry,” Marcus,” they said reaching their hands towards him. “It’s okay,” kids. “Babe, take the kids inside, please,” he said. “No,” Brenda said. “Officer, can you please tell me what is going on?” she asked the other officer. “Ma’am I think it’s best if you and the kids go inside,” I’ll be happy to talk with you in a second. Brenda sent the kids inside, but she stayed outside the door. “Lord what is going on?” she said with her head towards Heaven. How could one of the best days of her life, turn out to be one of the worst.

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