Torn: A fictional love story by Shubricca L Bell (Pt. 2)

After Marcus dropped the girls off, he headed back to Brenda’s place, but not before stopping to fill her tank. He took the boys inside to buy them a snack and he grabbed Brenda’s favorite candy bar. As they were walking to the car, Eric was looking inside Brenda’s car. “Daddy,” the twins ran up to Eric, hugging him on his legs. “Hey, I thought that was your moms car. Where’s your mom?” “At home,” one of the twins said. “Oh,” Eric said, looking Marcus up and down. “Look what Marcus bought us,” the little boy said, holding up a pack of gummy worms. “Marcus is the best,” the other twin said, as he bit into one of his gummies. “Yeah, that’s great, kiddo,” Eric said opening the back door for the twins to get inside. “Put on your seat belts,” Eric said. Then he closed the door. “Say, man. Let me holla at you for a minute,” he said. “Maybe another time. Not in front of the kids,” Marcus said. “Nah, we gone talk right now. You out here riding around with my kids. I need to know who you is, homeboy,” Eric said. Marcus laughed, “Look, home-boy… I said, maybe another time,” Marcus said standing in front of Eric and looking him straight in the eyes. Eric sucked his teeth, and smirked. “Yeah, you’re right. Another time,” Eric said to Marcus. “Just let me know when,” Marcus said, as he got into the car. “Bye, daddy,” the twins said. “Alright lil men. Daddy will see y’all later. Later sucka,” he said to Marcus, with a mean mug. Marcus, didn’t want to entertain Eric’s foolishness, especially in front of the kids, so he ignored Eric’s petty comment and drove off. Eric called Brenda. “So you got this sucka out here in the streets with my sons?” he said. “What? What are you talking about?” Brenda said. “I just seen old dude in the car that I bought you, with my kids,” Eric said. “So, what? Wait? Are you stalking me or something?” she said. “Nah, I’m on my way to the airport to get my girl, and I stopped to get gas and seen your car,” Eric said. “Look, Eric. Please don’t call my phone anymore with the foolishness,” Brenda said before ending the call.
The next morning, Brenda kissed Marcus goodbye as she rushed to work. Marcus was outside putting on the spare tire. Are you sure that you don’t need me to drop the twins off at your parents house for you?” he asked. “No, I’m good. See you tonight,” she said. “Okay, don’t forget, the event begins at eight, so I’ll pick you up around seven thirty,” Marcus said. “Okay, I’ll be waiting. Byeee,” Brenda said before waving her fingers goodbye and driving off. That night, Brenda was excited to go with Marcus to the formal event that his job was hosting. “Girl, we’re going to a Charity Gala Ball,” Brenda said to Tonya who was on the other end of the call, also getting dressed to go out on a date. “Girl, what? So, he has a legit job?” Tonya asked. “I guess so,” Brenda said. Brenda received a text message from Marcus. “Girl, I gotta go. He’s outside,” she said. “Of course. Let me know how the ball goes,” Tonya said. “Okay, I will. Bye.” “Bye,” Tonya said. Brenda had never seen Marcus clean up like this, he looked scrumptious. He had his crinkled locs tied back and his lineup was flawless. Those deep eyes and thick eyelashes always made her loose control, and those soft thick lips, made it hard for her to contain herself. “Whew, Lord. You showed out when you made this six foot two, hunk of fine chocolate. She couldn’t help but smile, he was so fine. “Nice tux,” she said. “You look really handsome, tonight.” “Thank you babe, and you look amazing. All eyes are going to be on you tonight,” Marcus said. Brenda wore a coffee colored satin beaded V-neck ball gown. “Look at you, looking like a tall glass of caramel macchiato. Um, um, umm,” he said, admiring the way the dress complimented Brenda’s flawless brown skin. Marcus opened the car door for Brenda to get inside. “I love your hair too,” he said. “You should wear it down more often.” “Thanks,” Brenda said. It had taken her hours to get that swoop bang, and those body wave curls to act right. She was pleased that Marcus was impressed. The ball was amazing. Brenda felt like Cinderella, and Marcus was her prince. They danced, shared great conversation with each other and other guests. Marcus only left Brenda’s side once, for a few minutes, but most of the night they were inseparable. Marcus introduced Brenda to a few of his coworkers. “Nice to finally meet you,” one lady said. “Marcus has told us all about you.” “Really?” Brenda said. She was surprised to hear that, seeing that Marcus kept his job a secret. “So, what exactly do you all do?” Brenda asked the lady. “Well, we’re in the security & sales business. I’m afraid that I’m not at liberty to say anything else.” Okay, things were really weird. Not even the coworkers could tell exactly what they did. Brenda didn’t worry about it too much though, seeing that the ball was hosted by the Governor. He did say, his job was hosting the event; which means, he worked for the governor. “As long as he’s legit,“ she thought to herself, making a sigh of relief. At least she had a little more peace.

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