Underneath the mistletoe. (Pt.4)

Hey y’all! This is part 4. If you haven’t done so, go read 1-3 before you proceed or you’re going to miss some good stuff! Smooches! ❤️
“Listen Fe. I think that we’ve both been worried about each other so much that it’s stopped us from truly living our own lives. I’ve been so overly protective of you because I don’t want to see you hurt and I don’t want to lose my baby, but you’re not a baby, you’re a grown woman. You’re a wise, smart, driven, beautiful and compassionate grown woman and I love you. Losing your mother and your grandfather was devastating and I’ve been holding on to you so tightly out of fear that if I let go, I’d lose you too. Now, I don’t think it’s anything wrong with holding on to those we love, but if we do it out of fear, it’s wrong, and I apologize. I’ve also learned that holding on too tight, will either run your loved ones away or it will cause them to be unhappy because they’re trying to please you instead of living their best life. We must allow our loved ones to find out who they are outside of us, and you have, but I feel like your worries about me, has also held you back. I let you go physically, almost a decade ago, but I never truly released you, but today I am. I’m trusting God that you will be okay, just as you’ve been. It hasn’t been me protecting you all these years, even though I’ve been quite overly protective. It’s been God, and I release you to Him and trust His will for your life. With that being said, I promise to mind my business and start living my life. I’m sixty eight and I have another shot at real love, and I’m going to take it, now that I’ve made room. It’s just a shame that it took this long for me to realize everything, but I’m glad that it’s not too late because your grandma is getting her groove back,” she laughed. “Okay first of all, yuck grandma. Secondly, thank you for that. I feel the same way and agree with you one hundred percent. I don’t think I’ve ever made room in my heart for anyone except you, since Devin… well, you know. It’s been almost ten years and even though he broke my heart, I still love him. But, I don’t want to be with him. I’ll probably always love him, but my heart belongs to someone else. It always has. I just wish it wasn’t too late for us,” Fiona said sadly. Her grandmother placed her index finger beneath Fiona’s chin and lifted her chin up. “Who says it’s too late?” her grandmother said softly and looking into her eyes. “Tell Deandre how you feel. He can’t read your mind, baby,” she said. “Grandma, how did you,” Fiona said before her grandmother cut her off. “I know. Like you’ve said, your heart has always belonged to him, and I knew it ever since you brought his little twelve year old big headed behind in my house tracking mud all over my carpets, and you asking, “Grandma, can my friend Deandre stay over until his momma get home from work?” her grandmother said in a girly tone. They both laughed. “I started to say no, but it was raining outside. I had just gotten my carpets cleaned the day before that too,” her grandmother said jokingly. They both laughed again. “But he was such a good, well mannered little boy. Cute too. I couldn’t help but love him,” her grandmother said with a smile. “Yeah, you’re right grandma. I’m going to go over there right now and tell him how I feel. When I get back, we’re going to talk about how I’ve always known you loved Mr. Harold too,” Fiona said while running upstairs. to get dressed. Mr. Harold was walking in the door as Fiona was talking. He came into the kitchen and said, “I’m back, and I love you too.” He took Ms. Cat’s hand and kissed it. She smiled. “Oh, you heard that huh?” Ms. Cat said. “Of course, I did,” Mr. Harold said. “I told you years ago, I’m gonna make you love me, like Diana Ross and the Supremes and the Temptations, baby,” he said before snapping his fingers in the air and proceeding to cut a rug. Ms. Cat joined in the dance with him for a minute, then she said, “Hey, we got some cakes and pies to bake. We can’t dance the day away.” They both laughed, then Harold said, “You’re right. I got my secret ingredient for the sweet potato pie too,” he said with a smile and shaking a spice container labeled secret ingredient, in the air. “Yeah, what’s the secret ingredient?” Mrs. Cat asked. “The secret ingredient is a secret,” Harold replied. Then Fiona ran downstairs and before running out the door, she said. “Wish me luck, grandma!” Ms. Cat said, “You don’t need luck baby, you got his heart.” Fiona didn’t see Deandre’s truck parked at his parents house, but she went over anyway. His mom said that He and his dad went to get firewood and few other things for the house, but they should be back soon. She asked Fiona if she wanted to wait, but Fiona said no. Instead, she called him as she walked back to her grandmother’s house, but he didn’t answer. She left a voice message telling him that she needed to talk to him about something important and to call her back or come by her grandmother’s house as soon as possible. As she hung up, Devin pulled up. “Ready to go?” he said still seated in his SUV, with the window down. “Yeah, about that,” Fiona said, as she walked up to the driver’s side window where he was seated. “Devin, I’m sorry, but I’m not going ice skating with you today.” “Why not? What’s wrong? he asked with a concerned look. “Do we need to postpone?” he asked. “No, there won’t be a date number two. I’m in love with someone,” she said. Devin held his head down and nodded. “Deandre, right?” “Yes,” she said with a nod. “I can’t do anything but respect it,” he said. “It was good seeing you again Fefe,” he said. “Take care of yourself,” he said, before pulling off. Fiona went back into the house. “Hi honey, how did it go?” her grandmother asked. “He’s not home yet,” Fiona said. It smells so good in here,” she said walking into the kitchen. “I’m going to go to the mall right quick, to find a dress to wear tomorrow,” Fiona said. “It’s going to be crazy out there today,” her grandmother said. “You didn’t pack anything to wear for Christmas?” “I did, but I want to dress up tomorrow. I packed something casual, but I want to wear something fancy tomorrow. “Uhh, fancy huh,” her grandmother said. You want to look extra saucy for Deandre huh?” her grandmother said. “Grandma,” Fiona said shyly. Then she turned around and threw one hand in the air waving goodbye, “I’ll see y’all later,” Fiona said. “Okay, be safe out there,” her grandmother said. “Bye Fiona,” Harold said. When Fiona got to the mall she went into a couple department stores and then she went into a boutique, where she found a fitted sequin robe dress. As she was coming out the boutique, she saw Deandre and his dad. She waved to them and they waved back. They all began walking towards each other right before Carol Porter walked up to Deandre. She hugged him and then kissed him on the lips. Fiona immediately turned around and went the opposite way. “Fe, wait,” Deandre yelled, but Fiona did not stop. Deandre began to follow Fiona but Carol stopped him by grabbing his hand and saying, “Just let her go. You know, we gotta stop meeting like this,” she said playing in her long waving tresses with one of her hands and holding Deandre’s hand with the other. First the grocery store, now the mall. I think fate’s trying to tell us something, don’t you?” she said. “Yeah,” Deandre said. “I think it’s trying to tell you to know when to quit. Look Carol, ten years ago we were two different people. I’m just not that guy anymore,” Deandre said. “What guy? The guy who loved me? Come on baby, I was your first love. You’re never going to get over me,” Carol said holding Deandre’s hand. “Watch me,” Deandre said as he turned away from Carol. “Come on pop. Let’s go,” he said to his dad. When Fiona got back to her grandmother’s house, she wiped her eyes from crying, and put on a happy face before walking in. She pretended as if nothing happened at the mall. She went inside and hung out with her grandmother and Harold all day, but she went to bed early. Her grandmother knew something was wrong though, because Fiona’s energy was off. She didn’t bother her though, she gave her space. It was all a part of letting go. She knew that if Fiona wanted to talk to her about whatever issue she had, then she would. So, she waited. The next morning was Christmas.

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