Underneath the mistletoe. (Pt.3)

This is part three guys! So make sure you’ve read both one and two. It’s getting good! Lol enjoy!
It was five days before Christmas, which meant Fiona had five days to make a decision. She got a phone call from the executive’s assistant to see if she’d made a decision about the job offer. She told the assistant no, but she’d have an answer by Christmas, as planned. The assistant said, “Well, that’s why I’m calling. The other candidate is ready to accept the offer. She has the same experience as you and she’s already living in South Carolina. So, we need for you to make a decision today. If not now, then before five ‘o’clock this evening. We’d love to have you on our team. You made an impressive interview. I know it’s Christmas, but we need someone in that position by December twenty third, so that we can get them up to speed. You’d have Christmas Eve and Christmas off, but the day after Christmas is when the presentation to the board of directors has to be made, and we are confident that your knowledge, experience and confidence will win them over. Think about it. Mr. Charles is willing to raise your annual salary by ten percent,” the woman said. “Wow, okay. I’ll call you back shortly. Thank you so much,” Fiona said. Today was the day that Fiona planned on taking her grandmother out to be pampered and have dinner. They both got ready, and they began with a full body massage. Then they got their hair and nails done. They both enjoyed themselves, but at dinner, her grandmother could tell that something was on her mind. Fiona kept looking at her phone. It was four fifteen in the afternoon. “What’s wrong Fe? You’ve looked at your phone a hundred times in the last hour. Are you expecting a phone call?” her grandmother asked. “No. Well, actually I need to make a phone call but I need some advice,” Fiona said. “How would you feel if I moved back home?” “I’d love it. You know that Fe. But why? Isn’t everything going great in NewYork?” her grandmother asked. “Yes. It is. I just miss being near you grandma. I worry about you.” “Fiona, I’m fine. How many times do I have to tell you that? If you’re going to make a big decision like this, don’t let it be on account of me. You need to make sure that it’s the right move for you,” her grandmother said. “I know grandma. I just don’t want you to be alone.” “Listen, honey. God got me. I’m good. And your aunt and uncle only lives an hour away. And did you forget, Harold lives next door. I’m never really alone. I stay thoroughly entertained,” she said with a laugh. “Yes,” I guess you’re right,” Fiona said. “If you’re not okay up there, you know that you always have a home here. Be honest with yourself though. Don’t make it about me. What are your thoughts? How do you feel? Have you talked to God about it? What did He say?” her grandmother said. “Well, uhm.” Before Fiona could finish speaking, Deandre and his first love walked in the restaurant. Fiona blinked several times. “Wow. Carol Porter?” she said. “Fiona?” Carol said. “Yes, hi. What are you guys doing here?” Fiona asked. “Hey Fefe. I saw Carol in the supermarket yesterday,” Deandre said. “Yes,” Carol interrupted. “And he asked me out to dinner. I said yes,” she said giddily. The hostess told Deandre and Carol that the wait would be thirty minutes. “Oh, please join us. There’s two extra chairs here,” Fiona said. “Is that okay?” Fiona asked the hostess. “Of course,” the hostess said. They all sat and talked. Carol kept rubbing Deandre’s muscular arms, flirting with him and smiling in his face. Fiona was a bit bothered but she brushed it off. After all, Deandre was her childhood bestie, and nothing more. At least that’s what she told herself. Deandre really seemed to be into Carol as well. “I guess old loves die hard,” she said to herself. She looked at her phone it was four fifty eight. She quickly excused herself from the table and went into the restroom to tell the executive assistant her decision.
The next day was Sunday. Fiona and her grandmother got up and went to church. Everyone was happy to see Fiona. She’d grown up in this church, and everyone knew that she’d moved to NewYork. It was nice for Fiona to see her pastor, members and people that she grew up with. Then, he walked through the door. The pastor’s son, Devin Mitchell. Fiona’s first love and the man who also broke her heart by dumping her for guess who? Yes, Carol Porter. “Fiona,” he said holding out his arms for a hug. Her grandmother stood in the middle of them with her arms folded. “Devin,” her grandmother said with her arms folded and a serious look on her face. “Ms. Cat,” Devin said hugging Fiona’s grandmother, with her arms still folded. She rolled her eyes. “It’s okay, grandma,” Fiona said. Fiona knew her grandmother still felt some type of way about Devin breaking her heart. Fiona also knew that her grandmother knew that Fiona really attended college in NewYork because she wanted to get as far away from Devin as possible. Fiona never said it, but her grandmother was right. Had Fiona and Devin stayed together, Fiona would’ve never left Greenville. “Devin,” Fiona said with a casual greet. “Dang, a brother can’t get a hug?” Devin said to Fiona. She gave him a little church hug. Then service began. After church, Devin asked Fiona out on a date. “I don’t know. Grandma and I have a lot to do for Christmas. I’m going to be pretty busy, but maybe another time,” Fiona said. “Fefe, please,” Devin said. “I haven’t seen you in a decade. Just one date and if you don’t want me to, I’ll never bother you again. “Give him the date so he’ll leave you alone child,” her grandmother said. Fiona and Devin both laughed. “Okay, one date,” Fiona agreed. “Cool, I’ll pick you up tomorrow around seven,” Devin said. “Okay,” Fiona said. The next day was Monday, December twenty third, and two days before Christmas. “Grandma, I’ll see you later, love ya, bye!” Fiona said rushing out of the door. Her grandmother said, “Hey. Good morning, but where are you,” the door shut behind Fiona. “Going?” her grandmother said finishing her question. Fiona’s grandmother called Deandre to see if he could take her Christmas shopping while Fiona was out. While they were on the way to the mall she said, “She just left without warning. I don’t know why or where to,” she said. “Ms. Cat, she’s probably out Christmas shopping too. She’s probably buying gifts for you and didn’t want you to come along and ruin the surprise,” Deandre said, trying to ease Ms. Cat’s worries. “That makes sense. You’re right,” she agreed. The day went by and Fiona didn’t get home until midnight, and she arrived with Devin. She was bearing a car full of gifts. “So, this is where you’ve been all day? With him?” her grandmother said. “Grandma?” Fiona said, like really? “Okay, you’re right. You’re a grown woman,” her grandmother said as she walked into the kitchen to fix herself something to drink. Devin and Fiona had to make three trips to the car. Fiona had all the gifts wrapped at the stores. “Well since you’re bearing gifts, I won’t fuss,” her grandmother said, as she went upstairs. Deandre saw Fiona’s car parked outside and decided to come over to see if everything was okay, since Ms. Cat was worried most of the day. When he came up to the porch, Fiona and Devin was at the top of the stairs laughing and hugging. Then Devin said, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” “Okay. Bye,” Fiona said like a school girl with a crush. Deandre slowly walked up the steps looking Devin up and down as Devin jogged downstairs. Hey, my main man Deandre,” Devin said pausing at the bottom of the steps extending his hand to shake Deandre’s. “Devin,” Deandre said looking at Devin’s hand and turning around to continue up the stairs. “That was rude, Deandre,” Fiona said opening the screen door and walking inside with Deandre fast on her tracks. “Rude? That dude tore your heart into pieces and you’re out here lollygagging all day with this cat, while me and your grandma are here worried about you?” he said. “Awww,” Fiona laughed. That’s sweet. You were worried about me? Give me a hug,” she said welcoming Deandre with both hands. “Come on. Bring it in,” she said. “No,” Deandre said like a pouting kid. “Aww,” Fiona laughed. “Why? Come here. You know you want to.” Then she looked into Deandre eyes and stepped back. “Wait a minute. Do I detect a bit of jealousy?” she asked. “Pssh. What? Jealous? Of who? That cat?” Deandre asked trying to hide his true emotions. “Yeah,” Fiona said walking closer. “That cat,” she said smiling in amusement of how cute Deandre was when he was jealous. She hugged him and he couldn’t help but hug her back. “I love you Fefe,” he said while Fiona was in his embrace. “I,” Fiona said, before her grandmother came back downstairs interrupting. “I can’t sleep. I don’t know why I even went upstairs. I want to know what happened on this date,” her grandmother said. I know you’re glad that it’s over with. Now his annoying behind can leave you alone,” she said. Deandre laughed, sarcastically. “What? What did I miss?” her grandmother asked. “Well, he’s definitely not going anywhere. That’s for sure,” Deandre said. “Really, Deandre? What about you and Carol?” “What about me and Carol? That was a one time thing where two old friends caught up. Wait? Is that why you went on a date with Devin?” “Ah, no. Don’t be a moron Deandre. My life doesn’t revolve around you. I went on a date with Devin because I wanted to,” Fiona said. “And you’re seeing him again tomorrow?” he asked. “Sure,” Fiona said. “Okay,” he said. “I gotta go. I have to get up early to help my dad with something. Goodnight,” he said before walking out the door. “Well that went left real quick. What is going on?” her grandmother asked. “Not tonight grandma. If you don’t mind, I’ve had a long day, and I just need some rest,” Fiona said before kissing her grandmother on the cheek and then walking upstairs to her bedroom. The next morning, Fiona woke up to Christmas music and her grandmother dancing and baking all of her desserts on Christmas Eve as usual. “Good morning,” Fiona smiled while tying her robe. Then she gave her grandmother a kiss on the cheek. “Good morning baby doll,” her grandmother said while rolling out a pie crust. “Someone’s in a good mood,” Fiona said getting a bowl out of the cabinet and a spoon out the drawer, about to make her some cereal. Mr. Harold came into the kitchen. “Mr. Harold? Wait a minute. Where did you come from?” “I came over to show your grandmother how to really throw down in the kitchen,” he said. “Wait,” so you’re just here to cook. You didn’t.” Her grandmother interrupted, “What? Spend a night. Please, Fe. You know me better than that,” her grandmother said. “Why would you think that anyway?” her grandmother asked. “I don’t know grandma. You’re right. Sorry. My mind has been all over the place. I wasn’t thinking clearly. I do know you better than that,” Fiona said poring her bran flakes. Are you going to tell her or am I going to tell her,” Harold said. “Tell me what grandma?” Fiona asked. “Well, Harold and I are officially dating,” her grandmother said. “What? That’s great. When did this happen?” Fiona asked. “Actually, a few minutes ago. He called me and asked me out. I said yes, I’d go on a date with him. Then I invited him over,” her grandmother said. “Well, it’s about time,” Fiona said. “Persistence is key,” Harold said. “Wait, I forgot my secret ingredient. I’ll be right back,” Harold said leaving out the front door. “Secret ingredient,” Fiona and her grandmother said simultaneously. I wonder what that is?” Fiona said. “Who knows,” Fiona’s grandmother said. They both laughed.

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