If ornaments could talk. (Pt. 3)

Hi everyone! This is part 3 of “If ornaments could talk”. If you haven’t read part 1 and 2, stop and read those first! ❤️ This is the last part of this story.

“Wow, these stories are really fascinating,” the bride inside the crystal ornament said. Then the ornaments attention was focused on Mr. Jones who was tapping his fork against his wine glass. “Everyone, I’d like to make a toast,” Mr. Jones said. “To family and friends. Thank you for joining us for our annual Christmas party. Your love and support over the years means everything to us. We’re so very blessed to have you all in our lives. Some of you we’ve known for a very long time and some, not very long, but we are grateful for each and every one of you. We love you, we appreciate you, and we pray God’s continued blessings over your lives,” he held up his glass of Chardonnay. “To family and friends, because love is what life’s all about,” he said looking around at everyone. “To family and friends,” everyone said as they made a toast. “Mr. and Mrs. Jones has come a long way from where they began,” the groom in the crystal ornament said. “Yes they have,” Red said. “That is why they’re so grateful, but surely you and the bride have a story of your own. We’ve all shared our stories with the two of you, how about telling us your story?” “I don’t know, Red.” The groom in the crystal ornament said, as he scratched his tiny crystal head. “Our story isn’t as deep or meaningful as everyone else’s. In fact, I feel kind of bad, because we’ve always had it easy. I’d rather not share our story because I don’t want it to sound as if I’m boasting. You all deserve to be here. You’ve all went through something. Red, you felt invisible before Mrs. Jones saw you. Some of you were broken, thrown in the trash, or abandoned in department store parking lots before the Jones’s found you. Others were personally created out of love or given as gift. I’m starting to wonder, why are we even here. I don’t feel like we deserve to hang beside you guys. We haven’t earned our place on this beautiful tree,” the crystal groom said. The crystal bride rubbed the crystal grooms back. “It’s okay honey,” the crystal bride said. We must be here for a reason. I believe the reason has nothing to do with us earning a spot on this magnificent tree. I believe we are here because we are chosen to be here. None of us are here because of who we are. We are here because the Jones’s chose us! We’re all chosen, whether we have a good story, bad story, happy or even sad story to tell. Our story reminds us of how far we’ve come, and like the Jones’s, our stories keep humble and grateful. Without the Jones’s, where would any of us be? Me and the groom would probably be somewhere where we didn’t even know awesome ornaments like you exist. We’d probably take our position on the tree for granted because we’d think we deserved the spot because we’re desired, loved and valuable. But here, we’re all desired, loved and valuable. Our past doesn’t matter as much as this very moment. We each represent something special to the Jones’s and we are what makes their Christmas tree. When they look at us, they see love. So, let’s continue to make them happy and loved by sharing in their Christmas traditions for as long as we can, because without them, there’s no guarantee where any of us would be,” the crystal bride said. The crystal groom smiled and hugged the crystal bride. “See, that’s why I married you,” the crystal groom said as he embraced the crystal bride and gave her a kiss. “Well, now we know why the Jones’s chose you. You’re humble, wise, grateful and you have a heart of Gold. Much like the Jones’s. I see much of them in you. They must have seen it too,” Red said to the crystal bride and groom ornament. “This may just be one of the very best Christmas’s yet,” Red said. The other ornaments agreed. Then Mr. and Mrs. Jones came over to their tree and began to look at all the ornaments. They laughed and even wiped a few happy tears as each ornament brought back loving memories of Christmas past. Merry Christmas baby,” Mrs. Jones said standing beside Mr. Jones. She took one arm and wrapped it around Mr. Jones back. He wrapped his arm around her back and pulled her close to his side, then he kissed her on the cheek. “Merry Christmas,” he said, as the two of them continued to admire every single ornament on their tree. The End. 🎄

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