If ornaments could talk. (Part 2)

Hey, y’all! Be sure to read part one first! Thanks! Hope you enjoy!

Ornament number two is a snow globe ornament that Mrs. Jones found at a yard sale while she and Mr. Jones were supposed to be buying a nice set of lawn chairs. “How is it that when we go somewhere to get one specific item, you also find an ornament?” Mr. Jones said. “Oh, I don’t know. I just have a gift for finding things I guess,” Mrs. Jones said with a smile. “Specifically ornaments,” Mr. Jones smiled back before paying for both ornament and lawn chairs. Ornament number three was purchased by Mr. Jones. Mrs. Jones had given birth to their first born child a few weeks before Christmas. As they both put up the tree and hung the decorations, Mr. Jones gave Mrs. Jones a gift. When she opened it, she was thrilled. It was an ornament with a photo of him, Mrs. Jones and their newborn baby inside. It was engraved on the outside as “First Christmas”, signifying the baby’s first Christmas and their first Christmas as parents. Ornament number four was found in a parking lot outside a department store. Four was about to get ran over, until Mrs. Jones yelled, “Stop,” to a driver who was backing up. She quickly grabbed the ornament that was an inch away from being crushed. Are you insane,” Mr. Jones said running behind her. “You could’ve gotten ran over. What was it that’s so important that it could’ve cost you your life?” he said. Mrs. Jones slowly lifted the hotdog ornament in the air. “I know you did not just risk your life over a hot dog… ornament!” he said. Mrs. Jones thought the hot dog was worth the risk. Mr. Jones was shook because she came within an inch of being flattened like a pancake and he almost had a heart attack, because he thought he was about to lose his wife. Ornaments five through nine were unique Christmas ornaments all purchased at various stores. Ornament number ten was made by their first born at school. Ten was a stick snowman made out of sticks, glue, buttons and ribbon. Throughout the years, Mrs. Jones would find ornaments in the wildest places. She found a couple in her neighbors trash. She took one that was chipped from out of a dust pan that a store clerk was sweeping up. By then Mrs. and Mr. Jones had three kids and the kids would be embarrassed at what they mom would go through to make an ornament her very own. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure I guess,” the store clerk said. Each year one special ornament continued to be added to the tree. There was a Humpty Dumpty ornament that couldn’t be put back together again, so one of the kids taped it together. “Oh, Lord. Not my kids too Jesus,” Mr. Jones said as he looked to Heaven. There were ornaments that light up, only they didn’t… and Mrs. Jones took them home and hung them on their tree anyway. There were special ornaments from the discount store. Tiny angels, nativity scenes, stars, Christmas trees, ornaments that were handmade by the kids and more. “Mom, why can’t we just be like everyone else and buy the boxes of multiple ornaments?” the oldest kid asked. “Well,” Mrs. Jones said. “There’s something special about being different. It may be harder than following the crowd, but it always pays off in the end. Also, we don’t want a tree like everyone else’s,” she said. “We don’t?” the kids asked. “Of course not. Our tree has meaning because it’s filled with ornaments that tells a story. Our ornaments has purpose,” she said with a smile. “Yeah, the purpose of ornaments is to hang on the tree and look pretty,” the youngest Jones said. “No, my little one. That may be the purpose of everything else we put on the tree, but the purpose of the ornaments is to tell a story and to give us fond memories and hope. Isn’t it fun when we sit fireside and tell each ornament story?” “Yeah,” the kids agreed. “It makes it special,” the middle child said. “Yes. Exactly,” Mrs. Jones smiled.

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