Birthday post!

Yes, it’s my birthday! Sagittarius season! Ayeee! Lol
Seriously though, I am grateful. At midnight I began to reflect on the past year, and thank God for where He has brought me. I would say the past year has taught me how to be more patient, understanding, compassionate and vulnerable. It has also taught me to love others despite how they love you or even if they don’t love you, it’s okay, be fearless enough to love them anyway, with the love of Christ. I’ve learned to know when to fight and when to walk away. I’ve learned to appreciate what I have, and forget what I don’t, because God’s grace is truly sufficient and if it’s His will for me to have something, then I will receive it in His timing. I’ve learned long suffering and to trust the process and even more importantly, trust God in the process. I’ve learned to keep working, even when you don’t see immediate results, because if you work consistently the results will not only come, but they will last. I’ve learned what it means to tell God, His will be done. That’s one I think we don’t give much thought to, we just say it without realizing the significance of it! So often we want God to get on board with our plans, but asking Him to let His will be done in our lives could mean the end for our plans, and that was a hard pill for me to swallow. Nevertheless, I will trust Him and His will for me. 38 wasn’t perfect, but it definitely taught me many lessons and I can truly say, it worked for my good. Today God has graced me with 39 years of life. Again, I’m just grateful y’all. The last couple of years on my birthday, I’ve set goals on something or some things I want to accomplish within the next year. Looking forward, 39 will be a year of fruitful choices. Not that I made a ton of mistakes this past year, but today and everyday moving forward, I want to remind myself to choose happiness, choose love, choose faith and all the other fruits of the Spirit. I don’t have to succumb to every feeling, thought, situation or hardship that comes my way. I have a choice, and I choose to stand on God’s promises and allow His joy to be my strength. I choose to focus Heavenward. I choose to be obedient to God’s Word. I choose to walk by faith, doing what I can, and trusting God with what I can’t. I choose purpose over pleasure. I choose God’s will instead of the easy way. So, yeah. That’s what I’m on. I do want to thank all of you for your love and support. I love you with the love of Christ and I pray God’s best in all of your lives. Thanks for rocking with me, and for sharing this journey of love and life through Christ. Much love! ❤️ Now, I have a party to prepare for! 🥳🎉🎂

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