Sometimes, forgiveness takes time…

When someone makes a small mistake like cut in front of you (because they didn’t see you) in line, but then they apologize and move behind you, that’s easy to forgive. Why? Because no real damage is done and the person not only apologized, but corrected their mistake, which is a true apology.
On the other hand, let’s say that someone who’s supposed to be your friend is gossiping and spreading rumors about you. You would be hurt because one, this was supposed to be your friend, and two, they betrayed your trust. The person could apologize, you could forgive them, but the damage is done. You will never look at that person the same way again because you know what they’re capable of. This wouldn’t be something you quickly forget about. It could even cause you not to trust people like you’ve done in the past, and if you remain friends with the person, the friendship will never be the same.
Now, you may think, it’s possible to forgive someone and never trust them again. I agree. You may say, it’s possible to forgive someone and never forget what they’ve done. Sure, I’d agree. What I am saying is, in situations like the one above or worse, real forgiveness takes time. Why? Because you’re human for one. You’re going to go through the motions of being mad, sad, indifferent, confused and more. You will be affected in some way mentally and emotionally, but you don’t have to allow the betrayal to ruin or dictate how you live your life. You don’t have to allow the pain of your past to become your present reality. You don’t have to allow what happened to you to leave you broken, bitter and defensive. You may go through these things, but you don’t have to live your lifetime in it. Jesus can show you how! After all, He went through the exact situation stated above and worse. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I’ve written a book that can help anyone who has been through any type of betrayal or who needs help with forgiveness and healing. My book “Betrayed with a kiss”, will give you the tools you need to forgive, completely let go of the bondage of your past, walk in the freedom God has given us through Christ and show you how your pain can lead you to your purpose in life. Get your copy here ➡️

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