Is your idea or expectations of love holding you back from experiencing real love?

We all have an idea of the type of spouse we want. We know what personality type we want, we know that we have to be physically attracted to them, we know what type of qualities we want them to have and so on and so forth. I don’t think it’s anything wrong with knowing what you want, but I do think that sometimes, if you only stick to a specific criteria of what you’re looking for, you could miss a great catch and potential life partner. If you are dating someone and the two of you have a strong connection, share mutual goals about love and life, you both are God fearing, and the two of you have what each other’s looking for in terms of values, character, and all the qualities one may look for in a spouse, then pursue that relationship. There will be flaws in that person, just like you and I have flaws, but just because they don’t line up exactly how your mental notes of how your future husband/wife should be, doesn’t mean they’re not the one for you. They very well could be. It just means you have to be reasonable in your expectations and you may have to compromise on some things. Why? Because again, no one is perfect. Compromising doesn’t mean lowering your standards, it means being understanding, compassionate and patient. This person in your life may have great qualities for the most part, but lacks communication skills. If the two of you want to build a great relationship, then you will need to work on that together, especially if you’re a great communicator, you would need to show them how. Trust would need to be established so that this person can begin to open up to you. You may have to put in some work, but relationships take work from both parties. It’s a team effort. I think that when we make these mental notes of what we want our future spouse to be, we should also jot down in our minds, the things we’re willing to work with our spouse on. Of course, they must be willing to work on these things as well, in order to have the relationship that the two of you desire. In this day and time, no one wants to help build each other up anymore. We pretty much want a perfect partner or at least the one that checks all the boxes in our heads of what the perfect partner should be. We don’t want to teach people how to love us, instead we say, their momma or daddy should’ve did it. Okay, yes, but sadly that doesn’t always happen or life gets in the way and emotionally mess some people up. The truth is, and some people may not agree, but you have to teach some people how to love you. Their definition of love and yours may vary depending on your background and life experiences. So, if you really like someone and they like you, and the two of you believe something real and great could come from you developing a relationship, then don’t be afraid to take a chance. You just might find love, even if you have to adjust your checklist for it. 😀 1 Thessalonians 5:11, “So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.” ❤️

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