Don’t tell me what YOU THINK I want to hear… 🗣🗣🗣 Tell me the truth.

First impressions matter folks, and not just in the business world, but in the dating world as well. The energy you carry speaks more about who you are than your appearance. What’s so crazy about energy is, you may not always see it but you can always vibe it. I talk to singles all the time, and one of the most common things they have in common is, at one point or another, someone lied or betrayed their trust now or in the past. Someone used their vulnerability as a means to take advantage of their kindness or weaknesses, and that person or people used manipulation to selfishly satisfy their personal desires or to pacify their very own insecurities. You see, when a person betrays your love or trust, it’s rarely about you, and more often about them. Sometimes the part of them that’s weak, seeks out individuals who are also weak or in a vulnerable state, and in order to make them feel like they have power over their situation, they seek to control other people… particularly the ones fighting the same demons they are, or worse. So, when people meet you for the first time, they can pretty much read between the lines of what kind of person you are, regardless to what you say. Then, overtime and them getting to know you, what they thought will either be confirmed or denied by your actions. Unfortunately, the wrong person takes mental notes of your weaknesses or vulnerable state, and sells you a dream. It may not even be your dream right now, but they sell you an idea of that dream just to get you to open up more and trust them. Sometimes, they do sell you your dream, and the crazy thing is, you never even have to verbally mention that it’s exactly what you want! Ain’t that bout a 🤬!! Anyway, the wrong one will begin to tell you what THEY THINK, you want to hear, whether it’s your truth or not, instead of telling you their truth. For them, it’s all about gaining control over you, because again they have no self control, so controlling the way you think or controlling your feelings, makes them feel powerful in some twisted way. My advice is to be mindful of the vibes you’re giving off. Your energy is your truth. What is it saying about you? You can’t control that some people are just butt holes, but you can control the crap you choose to listen to. Just like they’re reading your energy, read theirs and stop falling for people’s lies. If you’re seeking security, and most importantly, love… then seek God first and everything else will be added to you. (See Matthew 6:33) ❤️ If you’re dealing with the repercussion of being betrayed by a lover, friend, family or even business partner. My Book “Betrayed with a Kiss” can help you pick up the pieces, and with the help of God, rebuild something beautiful! 💕 Get your copy here:

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