False expectations kills relationships.

One of the main reasons relationships fail is because people try to change the person that they’re with, or they get into relationships with a person and think that person will change for them… Lol There’s a good laugh. Listen up folks, when you commit to someone, you need to commit to who that person is, and not their potential. You see, that’s how many people get their hearts broken. They fall in love with a person’s words, or the good parts of a person, you know, the parts they choose to love, and they ignore the not so pretty parts of a person, thinking that they can either overlook it for the rest of their life or change it… until they find out that some things you just can’t overlook and some things you can’t change… 🗣🗣🗣 LIKE OTHER PEOPLE! It’s hard enough wrestling with ourselves and trying to change who we are. What on earth makes you think that you can change someone else? You can’t! And… going into a relationship thinking that because you have the right background, education, looks, religion, money, love, patience or anything valuable or of value to make a person change is an ignorant and dangerous way of thinking and you may want to examine your motives. You shouldn’t get with someone and treat them as if they’re broken and you’re going to “fix” them. Just as God accepts us for who we are when we come to Him, if you find a potential husband or wife, accept that person for who they are and then guess what, love will do it’s work within the relationship. That person may never change, and that may change you, and help you grow in areas you didn’t know needed growth! You just never know with love, but I do know that love makes the people in it, better. Not by force or manipulation though. Love starts off as a seed and with time and proper care of that seed it grows into something even more beautiful and amazing. So, learn to accept people for who they are, and if you can’t accept them, leave them alone. The potential you see in them may be great, but that may not be their vision for their life. Your best for them may not be their best or God’s best for them, and sometimes you may not be the best for them and you need to accept that. If you go around trying to “fix-a-person,” or “build-a-man,” or “build-a-woman,” guess who’s always going to be the one broken and disappointed in the end… You. So, instead of trying to make someone change or thinking that your difference will cause them to change, how about putting that time and energy into getting to know yourself, loving yourself and changing yourself for the better, because when you do, you’ll know exactly what you want in life. You’ll know what you’re willing to entertain and what you will not. You’ll be secure within yourself, and you won’t look for validation from someone else. So, I’m just going to end with, know what you’re getting yourself into, be it good or bad and make an intelligent decision about whether you’re going to move forward into something serious with a person based on who they are as a whole (right now), and not who you hope they’ll become later.

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  1. All facts provided. We can help people praying or giving them advice but it’s on them to follow


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