Unfinished business: Ghosting 👻

I decided to do a post on “Ghosting” this evening, and oh, how befitting since it’s Halloween. 👻 Scary, right? No one wants to be ghosted, but it seems like more and more people use ghosting as a means to avoid confrontation or they use it as a “get out of jail free card” if you will, when they no longer want to be in a relationship. They just leave… They believe they’re making a clean cut. No questions asked, no answers given… Believe it or not, these “ghosters” also believe that they’re sparing the other person’s feelings by ghosting them! 🤔 Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? I think so, too. The harsh truth is, they just don’t care. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take the truth any day. The truth may hurt, but it’s appreciated. At least you’re not left with questions and confusion.When you ghost someone, that person becomes haunted by you. You may get off easy, but the other person is being emotionally tormented. The unfinished business between the two of you, “haunts” them, if you will. Well, somebody call Ghost Busters because I’m calling all these ghosts out! What ever happened to honesty,  being a decent human being and following the golden rule; “Treat others as you want them to treat you.” – Matthew 7:12.  It’s time to put away selfishness and walk in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14, “Do everything in love.” There’s no love in ghosting people. Leaving a relationship this way leaves people emotionally damaged. I’ve heard insane stories of marriages lasting decades and then one of the people just leaving the marriage without warning and the next thing you know, the spouse is being hit with divorce papers. I’ve heard of relationships that we’re going well and then poof like a magician, someone disappears. Listen folks, if there’s an issue, address it like an adult by communicating with your partner.  Or, before even getting into a relationship, be honest about what you’re looking for. Don’t tell a lie because it’s convenient and lead people on, and then ghost them because you can’t keep your end of the bargain. If you’ve ever been ghosted, I just want you to know that your life isn’t over. Count it as a lesson learned. No you can’t look at a person and tell if they’re a ghoster or not, but you can look back over the relationship and reexamine some things and learn from them. Nine times out of ten, there was something there that you ignored. Look y’all, God doesn’t keep us in the dark about anything. Sometimes we’re just too busy listening to our flesh, or our feelings, or time, or what everybody else is doing that we overlook red flags. Don’t spend your life looking for closure. Sometimes you have to close that chapter yourself in order to move forward. Don’t allow a ghost to cause you to become fearful of love and relationships. Keep being the person you were before the relationship. If you came into the relationship with it, don’t leave the relationship without it. Keep your smile, your kind heart, your peace of mind and loving spirit in tact. The right one will come along and not only appreciate it, but cherish and match those qualities. Being ghosted may be a scary ordeal, but remember, God knows your beginning and your end, and sometimes He removes the wrong people out of your life because He knows if it’s up to us, we’d keep holding on, for every reason except the right one. When someone ghost you, it’s a blessing in disguise because more than likely that person was just a hindrance or distraction to you. They didn’t serve any other purpose other than to teach you a lesson. So, tonight or any time that your creepy ex who ghosted you, begin to haunt your mind with what did or didn’t happen. Or, if you’re feeling confused or down as to why they vanished, tell those ghostly thoughts to be gone in the name of Jesus. You will not remain stuck on the past. You’re moving on, and the ghost of ex’s past will no longer emotionally taunt you. You’re over it, you can’t change it, but you can change how you respond to it! You will not live bitter, fearful, angry and left with unresolved issues any longer. You accept it for what it is, because you know, what God has for you, is for you. Think of it this way, you may have thought you had a good thing, but God has something better. Perhaps you were settling and God was like, nah, you can do better! ❤️

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