A prayer for focus.

God give your people clear vision so that we have the right focus despite what we go through. Help us see past the pain, pressures of life, distractions, sickness, insecurities, losses, distractions, uncertainties and fill us with your Spirit continuously, so that all we see is you! For this world is not our home. The world and everything in it is temporary, but you oh, God… The power and glory is yours forever. We take comfort in you. You are our confidence and our hope. We know you’re a good Father and you never disappoint. Give us the heart and mind to look to you in the good and bad times, happy and sad times. For you are our constant, in a world of uncertainties. We know that we can depend on you, and we know you’re still God, no matter what changes in our life, you remain the same. Give us the strength, increase our faith and grant us wisdom so that no matter what we will not be moved. We thank you for all these things and decree and declare, PERFECT VISION. In Jesus name. Amen.

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  1. joe_mandiya says:

    Follow back dear beloved


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