Actively waiting & The cost of preparation.

When something is prepared, that means it’s made ready. You don’t have to wait for it. It’s already there. The promises of God are here. Oftentimes, it’s not Him who we need to wait for, it’s our own lack of preparation that’s keeping us from receiving those promises. Think about it this way. When you go to a buffet, the food is already prepared for you, most times there’s no waiting period. The cooks can eyeball the food before it runs out and bring out a fresh pan of food so that customers aren’t waiting. Now, if a person doesn’t have any money (prepared) to receive those food items, no matter how close they are to the items and no matter how many items are there for the taking… that person will not receive a meal. No matter how hungry they are. They can look at the items from far off. They can smell the food. They can desire it all day long. It can be right within their grasp, but if they’re not prepared to pay for it, it will go to someone who’s “prepared” to pay. Thank God we don’t have to pay for his grace with monetary value, however, we do have to pay in preparation. The Word prepare literally means before-make ready. God’s promises to us are here and ready for the taking, but oftentimes our mind and spirit aren’t prepared (made ready) to receive those promises, so we say things like, “I’m waiting on God.” Now, don’t get me wrong, there are times we must wait on God, but those are times when things are out of our control and those are also times when our faith is being tested. God has given us power to do, and when we don’t… then we are no longer waiting on God, He’s waiting on us. Thank God for His goodness and mercy! We must be good stewards over our blessings. God is not in the business of preparing blessings for those who’ll misuse or mismanage them. His Word says, if you’re faithful over a few things, He will put you in charge of many things, and you will share His happiness! (Read Matthew 25:23) So, in conclusion; if you’re waiting on a blessing, you’ll wait a lifetime if you’re not prepared. It’s a harsh truth, but it’s an honest truth. Preparing for what you’re praying for is called, “actively waiting”. Are you actively waiting? Or are you just wasting time? If you want to do more than see the promises of God from afar, then you have to pay the cost of preparation which may be the cost of some lonely days and nights, or a hefty sacrifice, or losing people who you may think are your friends but really aren’t for you! Too many people settle for less than God’s plans for them because preparation on their end, costs too much. It’s just not a price they’re unwilling to pay. They don’t want to be self disciplined, they don’t want to lose “friends,” they don’t want to go through anything. Don’t be that person. You are not alone. God has sent His Spirit to help you with your weaknesses, and to help you overcome them and even prepare you, so that you’re able to receive all He has planned for you! ❤️ 57AB6B99-F4D5-4566-B3B5-E01AD088D946

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