Stirring the pot.

Pot stirrers! Don’t you just love them? Of course you do, because we gotta love them, but I’m going to be honest, I can do without their company. I’m talking about people who’s always minding everybody’s business except theirs, because according to them they are experts at life and has it all figured out, while (in their minds) everyone else is doing life, wrong. These people are always brewing up something, that’s never good, and it stinks.68068625-327D-4876-9C3E-74A1B8501935

I’ve found it best to love these individuals from a distance. Pray for them over there, because if you get too close, the wrong spirit may jump on you! I’m an optimist. I consider myself positive and upbeat, so negativity doesn’t sit well with me. If the vibe is off, I’m usually out, without a second thought. I make sure that I do a self check on myself to make sure I’m not tripping, because if it’s me, I have no issues correcting myself. Wisdom has taught me that entertaining foolishness only makes you foolish. If someone gets off at stirring up trouble or confusion, there’s something mental going on with them. I’m not talking about people who speak truth and make some people uncomfortable, those aren’t pot stirrers, they’re just speaking facts. I’m talking about people who listen to respond and not to understand. People who thinks that their point of view supersedes everyone else’s opinion because of their title, social standing or personal life experience; without taking in regards to other people’s feelings, life or point of view. I’ve learned that people who love to stir the pot, are usually unhappy with their personal life. I’ve seen it. They put on a real good front to the world, but behind closed doors, they’re miserable, and we all know misery loves company. So, in order to keep their minds off their b.s. they start 💩 with everyone else. If someone you know is always being negative towards you or others, the best thing for you to do is ignore them. If you work directly with them, just continue to mind your business. Continue to be kind, loving and unbiased towards them, without being a part of their nonsense. They won’t continue to stir the pot if they don’t have anything to put in it! 🤷🏾‍♀️ Proverbs 20:3 Avoiding strife brings a man honor, but every fool is quarrelsome.

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