The strong one…

Everybody knows the strong one as… THE STRONG ONE. You can see the strength and courage in THE STRONG ONE’S eyes.

THE STRONG ONE fights battles and conquers them. THE STRONG ONE walks through hell and isn’t bothered by the flames. THE STRONG ONE is a prayer warrior, and a great adviser. THE STRONG ONE puts others before themselves. “THE STRONG ONE will know what to do,” they said. “What did THE STRONG ONE say?” they asked. “Let THE STRONG ONE handle it,” they all agreed. So they kept coming from here and there, from everywhere, to see THE STRONG ONE. They’d place everything they didn’t want on THE STRONG ONE’S back, some even put more than they should, but it was all good because THE STRONG ONE was built with a “strong” back. In the people’s minds they said, “THE STRONG ONE will be okay, look how far they’ve come, they can carry more weight.” So nobody checked to make sure that THE STRONG ONE was straight. After all THE STRONG ONE has been through hell and didn’t get scorched by the flames. THE STRONG ONE gets GOD’S attention. He shows favor to THE STRONG ONE. “THE STRONG ONE is STRONG,” they all proclaimed. Until one day they came to draw wisdom from the well of the strong one, and the strong one was drained. “What happened, strong one?” they asked, as the strong one lay on the ground, not making a sound. Smothered beneath the weight of their pile. Not to mention, their own weight that they’d been carrying all alone, with no one to help them… because they were STRONG.

***If you have a strong friend, check on them. Don’t assume that they’re always okay. They are human too, and are in desperate need of someone to pour into them as well. We all need each other. Even the strong have weaknesses…***

Proverbs 27:17 (NIV)

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

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